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IN the passion of Christ, when Jesus faced the famous Pilate, whose worldly name is the only name placed in the Catholic Creed for reasons known to basic theologians, posed a question to Christ the Messiah, “What is truth?” (John 18:38). This comes after Jesus identifying himself as truth, truth which is love. 
If you asked people why Jesus was born, probably few would include the answer, “To testify to the truth;” however, Jesus told Pilate that He came into the world to communicate and demonstrate the truth. Believers may give a variety of reasons for why they became Christians, but they need to include, “Because Christianity is true.”
Most people wonder why are former students who have passed through the Catholic seminaries very smart and honest in whatever they do? Ultimately, the purpose of seminary is to help students understand and rely upon the teachings and atonement of Jesus Christ. 
The crux of the philosophy spread in the seminaries all over the world is truth as noticed in the bible. No community you will fail to meet an ex-seminarian, who will serve selflessly in all faculties he is occupying with an honest heart and mind. The very reason is that truth is the prime philosophy planted in them.
We have had many schools in the country basing their teaching on academic excellency than teaching students to live the life defined for truth. The ultimate goal of man is happiness, and this happiness is attained after bearing truth in one’s life. Its amazing that Kitabi Seminary has almost the largest number of parliamentarians in the 11th Parliament compared to secular other secular schools! Most old boys of the seminary have been seen standing with an honest mind to defend what is wrong. 
The Eyrie Writers have a famous saying, ‘a school can’t be better than its students’. We are also used to a saying “you can never build a community with no unity”. All these words should ring in our ears to portray how truth is a fundamental philosophy to make arrive to prosperous social life. 
What makes seminary students profound persons in our communities is that in what ever they do they make sure being honest, humble and generous are the key factors to live a well-defined life. For the meaning of the word truth extends from honesty, good faith, and sincerity in general, to agreement with fact or reality in particular.
Without truth, there is no achievement we can arrive at. It’s now fifteen years on the road while in the seminary, I have found out that most ex-seminarians are trusted because of the formation they underwent through. Unless other schools borrow the same formation system plus the government making it a point to spread the gospel of truth in schools, we shall continue having corrupt leaders. People also question why Catholics are always entrusted with financial offices and judicious offices is only because they are truthful. It is a fallacy to say all Catholics are truthful but the fact is that even the most trusted Catholics were once seminarians.
Truth enables us to extend our power, in the sense of our ability to get things done, successfully. At the seminary, there is much conviction in students themselves that they must stand for the good of their brothers. The slogan has risen amongst current seminarians that each student must see his brother as a brother on a death bed. It’s is with this theory that we should also build our way of leaving. We cannot go on leaving on the theory for God and my stomach. Truth is the only law that makes us free from error.

The writer Robert Bigwarugaba is a Seminarian. 
email; robertbigabwarugaba@gmail.com




THE Kyabazinga of Busoga Kingdom His Highness Isebantu William Wilberforce Kadhumbula Gabula Nadiope IV  together with Rt. Hon. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga Speaker Parliament of Uganda have launched the Busoga Covid-19 rescue food package programme to feed millions of hungry Busoga People during the lockdown.

Kadaga, the benevolent Kamuli dustrict woman member of Parliament donated 40 tonnes of Maize flour alongside other contributions worth millions.

Kyabazinga and Speaker Kadaga arrive for the function

Later, Speaker Kadaga, Busoga’s iron lady said, “Instead of waiting for government largesse, we opted to be proactive; to rescue the most vulnerable in our sub region’s urban centres from starvation. Personally, I contributed 20 tonnes of maize flour worth UGX 40M. In total, including goodwill from the sub region, we marshalled items worth UGX 200M.”

Busoga people have massively welcomed the idea saluting Kyabazinga and Speaker Kadaga for this move.

Annet Emetak posted on Speaker Kadaga’s Facebook page and said, “Yes this is what we were supposed to do in the first place. Actually you can also pick our money that the kyabazinga gave to the Covid -19 National task force such that it can help the people of Busoga.”

The Kyabazinga of Busoga contributed UGX 85M to the Covid-19 National Taskforce. 

Busoga Katukiro Dr. Muvawala delivering Kyabazinga cheque of UGX 85M to Hon. Mary Karoro Okrut of Covid-19 National Taskforce in the presence of Speaker Kadaga

It was delivered by Katukiro Dr. Joseph Muvawala, accompanied by the Kingdom ministers to minister Mary Karooro Okurut, in the presence of Speaker Kadaga. 

On this function, Kadaga urged the central government to hatch out plans to feed the urban poor in other parts of the country.

Emetak says, “I wonder how u can give money to the task force yet busoga region has people suffering too.”

Still on launching Busoga Covid-19 Busoga relief food package, Prof Aminsi Menya said, “Nice move, instead of waiting for the government of Kampala and Wakiso we as Basoga can save our people.”

Henry Munaaba Dhikusoka wrote,  “We appreciate the effort and initiative by the Kingdom and the office of Rt. Hon Speaker Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga. Keep it up.”

In Parliament, MPs echoed the need for the Covid-19 Food Relief Programme to be rolled across the country and key among these legislators was Kasese Woman MP Winnie Kiiza.

However, 1st Deputy Premier, Gen. Moses Ali said emphatically that this will not be possible!

Analysts say, because of the slowness exhibited by the Covid-19 National Taskforce in the distribution of the relief food and because other parts of the country have been left out in this program, leaders have resorted to plan B. Donating specifically for their people.

It is not known whether this doesn’t contradict with the president’s directive in which he banned politicians and other leaders giving out foodstuffs to people saying, they can only donate to the Task force.

In fact Museveni ordered police to arrest such leaders and charge them with attempted murder.

On Sunday, Mityana Municipality MP Francis Butebi Zaake was arrested on allegations of distributing food to hungry Mityana people.

On Sunday, while reading out those who donated to the Task Force, President Museveni read out Ssenninde Foundation owned by Wakiso district woman MP who doubles as State minister for Primary Education Rosemary Nansubuga Ssenninde. She donated food stuffs but clearly marked  them, “For Wakiso district.”

Other leaders like Hon. Fred Mukasa Mbidde, Hon. Haruna Kasolo, Hon. Latif Ssebaggala Ssengendo (Kawempe North) have also contributed foodstuffs clearly marked for their constituents.    




ON TUESDAY, the Federation of Motor Sports clubs of Uganda (FMU) under the Central Motor Club- one of it’s 15 member clubs donated 1 tonne of maize flour, rice and beans as well as laundry soap to the Covid-19 task force.

Mr. Sayeed Ali Kakeeto, the incoming Vice President of Central Motor Club had this to say, “As a sport and as motor sport and as a human, at Central Motor Club and even at the FMU, we are concerned with the pandemic and what’s going on in the country! We know somewhere some how our fans are affected, first because of the lockdown where people stay in doors.”

Ali Kakeeto with a dummy cheque

He urged the motor sport fraternity to adhere to the government call of staying home to stay safe, as well as following the SOPs in the fight against the Corona virus to be able to enjoy the game once the situation normalizes.

The emergence response ambulance

In a related development, the FMU under the stewardship of the new FMU President Dipu Ruparelia, fundraised Enduro Club’s emergency ambulance response, to equip the ambulance with medical staff and equipment in which Central Motor Club raised one million shillings toward the cause.
Salutations to Central Motor Club boosts of drivers like Rajiv Ruparelia, Yasin Nasser and other members who includes Dr. Ashraf Ahmed




BUSIRO East legislator Hon. Medard Sseggona Lubega who happens to be the lawyer for his colleague Hon. Francis Butebi Zaake has called on Ugandans to stand with this Mityana Municipality MP who was arrested on Sunday evening on accusations of giving out food to hungry people.

Hon. Zaake carrying packed rice which policealleges that he distributed it out to hungry people

MP Zaake is opposition People Power National Youth cordinator, with very close links to Hon. Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi, 2021 presidential aspirant.

Hon. Sseggona has said, “Hon Francis Zaake has been been arrested from his residence in Buswabulongo – Mityana and taken to an unknown destination. Keep him in your prayers.”

He is likely to face charges of attempted murder as directed by His Excellency the President which is being highly contested by lawyers who include Male Mabirizi saying the president has no powers to make such a law.

Museveni has repeatedly warned politicians and other people from distributing food to hungry people during  Covid-19 lockdown saying those arrested will be charged with attempted murder.

In his address, Museveni told police, “In the meantime, arrest the opportunistic and irresponsible politicians who try to distribute food for cheap popularity. Those are very dangerous to the health of the people.”

“When you try to distribute food or money in such a situation, people gather around you. Many people can be infected in that process. You will, therefore, have caused the sickness or death of those people. Anybody involved in that effort should be arrested and charged with attempted murder.” ordered the President.

However Lawyers are saying, the President has no mandate to ammend the laws.

It’s alleged, Hon. Zaake on Sunday distributed food to hungry Mityana Municipality people.
Our investigation team tells us, a team of security officers raided Hon. Zaake’s Buswabulongo Mityana residence, broke into his house and forcefully arrested him for feeding his people.

“Hon. Zaake will now face it in courts of law on charges of defying Presidential orders and attempted murder.” Said a top police officer in Mityana.

Security is said to have forced itself into his house

We are told,  MP Zaake is being detained at Kunywa Police post, a few miles from Mityana. 
His lawyers are doing everything to trace their client.

“Ammendment of statutes is a preserve of the legislature. He is not a member of the National assembly therefore, he has no mandate to amend the laws.” Said counsel Moses Kabuusu, former Kyamuswa member of Parliament.

City lawyer Male Mabirizi when approached to interprete the law had this to say: “It is President Museveni’s illegal speech orders which amount to attempted murder.”

Challenging President Museveni on attempted murder charges, Lawyer Mabirizi said, “President Museveni did not cite any law under which the politicians would be charged with attempted murder yet he was addressing the Nation and illegally directing the Police Force which both the Constitutional and Supreme Courts have found to be incompetent and partisan going by the way they harassed Ugandans in 2017 over the age limit removal”.

For lawyer Kabuusu, “The principle of legality as enshrined in Article 28(7) presupposes no person shall be charged and or convicted of an offence not prescribed by any law with its penalty prescribed there of.”

He says: For the offence of attempted murder to stand it has ingredients that must be fulfilled

  1. Attempt to (murder)
    And for murder there are ingredients to be fulfilled thus;
  2. Death or a dead body/corpse
  3. Unlawfully executed
  4. With Malice aforethought
  5. Liability of the accused Those ingredients are not very easy to prove against a politician giving out food to hungry and angry people.




PRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni yesterday Sunday survived an accident when his speedy car knocked dead a stray he-goat on Jinja road, thanks to his commando super driver who perfectly controlled this car not to over-turn or veer off the road!

Senior drivers like Abdulnooh Nsimbe,  commonly known as Jjaja at Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) Headquaters Old Kampala says, it’s  very easy for a speeding car to over-turn and cause a fatal accident even if it knocks a dog.

“Unless the driver is steadfast and controls the steering, this can end in a fatal accident! Anything that is knocked by a speeding car, can easily bring it down and instantly kill the occupants.” Added Jjaja Nsimbe.

The president was heading to State House Nakasero for his 11th televised address about Covid -19 updates.
The goat, whose owner the president wants to be traced by Director General Internal Security Organisation (ISO) Col. Franklin Kaka Bagyenda for what Muzeeyi referred to as compensation, took off. It is unfortunate that the Mpaya couldn’t survive after it was knocked down by Museveni’s armoured car.

Museveni inspecting Nalubaale dam before driving back to Kampala

Addressing the Country on Sunday night, Museveni ordered State House Comptroller Lucy Nakyobe to compensate the goat owner.However the president jokingly mentioned that it would have instead been him to be compensated because the goat knocked his car and nearly caused him an accident.

The president said, “I appeal to the DISO of that area to get in touch with Director General ISO Kaka who will in turn get in touch with State House Controller Nakyobe to compensate the man whose goat was knocked. I don’t know whether it survived because I didn’t wait for details. According to him, the owner of the goat will be compensated according to the UPDF doctrine.

The President was on his way from Owen falls dam – Jinja  where he had gone to inspect the extent of damage caused by a 16-acre moving island that partly blocked Nalubaale Bridge and also moved towards the dam causing a power blackout at the start of this week.

On surviving this accident, residents wanted the president to stop and they congratulate him, but he refused and ordered his driver to drive off.

The president reminded Ugandans about the dangers of gathering in groups which easen’s the spread of Coronavirus.

According to our UPDF doctrine, I would have stopped to compensate the man of a he goat although he was breaking the law himself besides. But I couldn’t stop because I knew that stopping,  again people will gather to look at the He goat, I just continued.”

According to Local Governments (Kampala City Council Livestock Ordinance 7 and companion Animals) Ordinance 2006 section 7. (1) Any stray livestock found in the jurisdiction of the Council shall be impounded and kept at a designated place for atleast seven days and the owner of the Impounded animal shall be notified, if possible.

On disposal of impounded livestock Section 8. reads, “Subject to the special provisions in this Ordinance in respect of livestock, the Council may arrange for the sale or disposal of any stray livestock which remains unclaimed after having been impounded for a period of not less than seven consecutive days.”

Section 10. Says, “No compensation shall be payable to any person in connection with the lawful seizure, detention, impounding, sale or disposal of any livestock under the Ordinance.”

Under the Local Governments Ordinance the owner of this goat would not deserve any compensation if it was not for the President’s good heart.


Museveni started his Sunday address by reminding Ugandans about how Covid -19 spreads and how the virus can easily be fought and defeated.

The President saluted Doctors and health officers who have worked tooth and nail to contain the virus.

“I inspected the ongoing works at Nalubaale dam aimed at clearing the 16-acre floating island that invaded and blocked the power dam early this week causing a nationwide power blackout.” Said Museveni.

Earlier on his facebook page, Museveni said, “The islands previously located at Kirinya side of the lake broke into two. The first is the one that blocked Nalubale bridge.  The larger part also moved out enroute the dam on Friday night but got anchored opposite the Jinja pier.This situation has been attributed to the rising water levels which have reached the second highest ever since we started keeping records. The highest having been recorded in 1964.”

Museveni talked about the salaries of scientists saying they are doing a wonderful job.

About those hoarding and hiking good prices, a tough speaking Museveni warned that,  he will import food. 
Calling them crooks, Museveni said, “Your food will rot in the stores. I will import food from Mexico and other countries. Please,  no games. Am used to wars. Am warning you. I will give them billions. Any hoarding,  we will import. Any bad food, we will come for you.”

Museveni softened on bodabodas carrying foodstuffs and extended their hours of operation from 2pm to 5pm.
On being reminded by Trade minister Amelia Kyambadde how many bodabodas were impounded, the president gave amnesty and ordered Police to let them go.
Museveni directed that cargo trucks should have only the driver and warned those using fake stickers that their cars will be impounded.




TIGHTEN your belts countrymen, stock more maize flour and beans, it won’t be business as usual!  

Army chiefs get new operation briefing which document has leaked to The News Editor Media, ahead of tonight’s President Museveni’s ‘State of the Nation’ address that is expected to be a tough one!

Journalists in a Media car with a sticker denied access to Kampala by Nateete OC traffic boss

According to the leaked notes as given to Joint Operations Command (JOC) headed by Chief Of Defence Forces where all Security Forces meet and work together, fighting Covid-19 is now a real war, no more jokes. 

“The army in this war is without mercy. It is without any milk of human kindness. It is indiscriminate – it has no respect for children, women, or places of worship.” Says the leaked Army briefing notes.

It goes futher to say, “During a war, you don’t argue about opening your business. You close your shop (if you have the time), and run for your life. You pray to outlive the war so that you can return to your business (that’s if it has not been looted or destroyed by mortar fire.”

“During a war, you are thankful to God for seeing another day in the land of the living. During a war, you don’t worry about your children not going to school. You pray that the government does not forcefully enlist them as soldiers to be trained in the school premises now turned military depot.” Joint Operation Command told.

The Head of State tonight is set to give fresh directives banning accessibility to Kampala Capital City and other major cities, stopping most cars falling in essential services, bodabodas and mobility of People especially youth.

Only food trucks cleared

Museveni wants to see an empty Kampala, no one standing near arcades during the lockdown which is likely to go until late June 2021, all roads must be cleared, no shops opened and gatherings dismantled.

Kampala, today Sunday

On Saturday night, there was a high profile security meeting which recommended tough terms saying, there is too much reluctance in the measurements given out by the president so no more jokes, army must now bite.


“This army is not interested in spoils of war. It has no intention of regime change.” Says JOC dossier, just a few days to the extended 21 more days of the lockdown.

It adds, “The army is not concerned about the rich mineral resources underneath the earth. It is not even interested in religious, ethnic or ideological hegemony. Its ambition has nothing to do with racial superiority. It is an invisible, fleetfooted, and ruthlessly effective army.”

Joint Command Operations dossier says, in a war situation, nobody asks anyone to stay indoors. 

“You stay indoors by choice. In fact, if you have a basement, you hide there for as long as hostilities persist. During a war, you don’t insist on your freedom. You willingly give it up in exchange for survival. During a war, you don’t complain of hunger. You bear hunger and pray that you live to eat again.” Reads the leaked document.

It futher says, “The world is currently in a state of war. A war without guns and bullets. A war without human soldiers. A war without borders. A war without cease-fire agreements. A war without a war room. A war without sacred zones.”

“This army is not interested in spoils of war. It has no intention of regime change. It is not concerned about the rich mineral resources underneath the earth. It is not even interested in religious, ethnic or ideological hegemony. Its ambition has nothing to do with racial superiority. It is an invisible, fleetfooted, and ruthlessly effective army.”Reads communication to JOC.

JOC was briefed that, “Coronavirus agenda is a harvest of death. It is only satiated after turning the world into one big death field. Its capacity to achieve its aim is not in doubt.”

“Without ground, amphibious and aeriel machines, it has bases in almost every country of the world. Its movement is not governed by any war convention or protocol. In short, it is a law unto itself. It is Covid 19.” Forces briefed.

Not taking chances, forces were told that, “Thankfully, this army has a weakness and it can be defeated. It only requires our collective action, discipline and forbearance. COVID-19 cannot survive social and physical distancing. It only thrives when you confront it.”

” It loves to be confronted. It capitulates in the face of collective social and physical distancing. It bows before good personal hygiene. It is helpless when you take your destiny in your own hands by keeping them sanitized as often as possible.” Forces warned. 

“This is not a time to cry about bread and butter like spoilt children. After all, the  Holy book tells us that man shall not live by bread alone. Let’s obey and follow the instructions of the authorities. Let’s flatten the COVID-19 curve. Let’s exercise patience. Let’s be our brothers’ keeper. In no time, we shall regain our freedom, enterprise and socializing.” Joint Operations Command briefed.




ADAMANT Sembabule Residential District Commissioner (RDC) Nickson Kabuye Nuwagaba faces arrest and prosecution in courts of law in relation to grabbing Kabaka’s land located in Sembabule, Mawogola County Headquaters.
Aided by RDC Nuwagaba, Musa Kiberu’s Kakoni Holdings is defiantly constructing a district canteen on Kabaka’s land.
Addressing journalists at Media Centre yesterday Thursday, Central Government Lands minister Beti Olive Namisango Kamya sounded a warning to RDC Nuwagaba and his partners in crime to watch out or be ready to pay for their sins.
Minister Kamya clarified that, “The role of  the RDC is specifically to maintain security and monitor government projects. Therefore, taking over the Judicial duties on land matters like ascertaining the genuine title and who is the rightful land owner, is totally none of RDC’s business.”
“That is the work of the Court and Lands ministry. The Minister in charge of Presidency perfectly took you through your limitation during RDC orientation in  NALI- Kyankwanzi. I therefore want to remind you of your roles.” Kamya warned Nuwagaba and other RDCs taking it upon themselves to solve land matters.
This comes after Buganda Kingdom wrote to Central government asking them to order RDC Nickson Nuwagaba off Kabaka’s land where he is aiding and procuring tresspass on the Mawogola Saza Headquarters’ land which is among properties returned to the Kabaka in 2013.

U’RE WARNED: Lands Minister Beti Kamya to Sembabule RDC Nuwagaba

On April 06th 2020, Nuwagaba wrote to Mawogola County chief Muteesa Ssalongo Muhammad Sserwadda, giving Kabaka only two days, during this lockdown where Buganda Land Board offices are closed, to produce the title for this disputed land or else, he clears construction to go on. 
In a letter to Nuwagaba dated April 08th 2020 wrote, the  Buganda Kingdom Advocate who is also Kingdom Attorney General and minister in charge of Local Government Owek. Christopher Bwanika said they are shocked that the Sembabule RDC who heads this district Covid -19 task force is ignorant about the measures given by President Museveni to fight the spread of Coronavirus.
“We are surprised that you are asking Owesaza Muteesa to submit to Police without fail a copy of the title not later than Thursday 09 April 2020 as proof that the land in question belongs to Buganda Kingdom moreover during the COVID-19 lockdown.” Said Buganda Kingdom Attorney General. 
Owek. Bwanika added, “Your conduct amounts to inciting and aiding the contractor who is tresspassing on Kabaka’s land. You have no power to confer title to the purported developer in contradiction and violation of the Agreement of 1st August 2013, lest you embarrass the office which you represent and the government you serve.”
“You are therefore, put on Notice (and the copy of this letter to the Attorney General constitutes the requisite STATUTORY NOTICE) to desist from proceeding illegally to permit or aid, the commission of tresspass on Kabaka’s Land which was returned and restored to the kingdom, in broad day light.”
On Easter Sunday night, Nuwagaba however okayed the  illegal construction on Kabaka’s land to kicky off.

DISTRICT CANTEEN OR RDC HOUSE: Illegal construction on Kabaka’s land in Mawogola Saza Headquaters

Your letter under reference RDC 76/1200/05 of 6th April 2020 addressed to Haji Serwadda Mohammed, Owesaza Muteesa (SAZA chief) of Mawogola who is the Kabaka’s representative in Mawogola ,has been placed in the hands of the Attorney General of Buganda and the same is being responded to on behalf of the kingdom of Buganda as follows: 

a) The Buganda Kingdom has received and noted the contents of your letter with shock and consternation that, you as Resident District Commissioner of Sembabule, who represents the President of Uganda in the district of Sembabule, appear not to appreciate that the Land in question is the Saza Headquarters of Mawogola Saza which was returned to the Kabaka by His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, vide an agreement signed by President Museveni and Kabaka Mutebi on 1st August 2013 under the auspices of the Traditional Rulers (Restitution of Assets and Properties Act cap 247). 

b) You very well know that Buganda Kingdom reported a case of Criminal Tresspass Vide SD 35/03/04/2020, in the wake of an earlier complaint by a contractor who was   tresspassing on the Kabakas land, allegedly on instructions of Sembabule District Administration, Vide SD 42/26/3/2020, a case reported late in March 2020. 

c) We wrote to the District CID officer of Sembabule on 27th March 2020 and copied you in, indicating that Buganda Kingdom offices had closed down in obedience to the orders of President Museveni which culminated in the Public Health (Control of COVID-19 ) order 2020 and other related Presidential orders, which restricted movements and interactions of people, to control the spread of the Corona Virus. 
Accordingly I promised and indicated that, the Ministry of Local Government of the Buganda Kingdom which I lead, will provide to the police, all requisite information regarding the matter, when Government lifts the ban and we can access the Kingdom offices. A copy of my letter dated 27th March 2020 which was copied to you. 

d) Buganda Government is shocked and surprised that, although we protested to the tresspass and reported a criminal case at Police and investigations could not effectively be carried out when there is a lockdown, quarantine and curfew ordered by the Government, there is haste on your part to authorise developments and construction to be carried out on the land which is not going to move away tomorrow!!! 
Can it be fair to give an ultimatum to the kingdom to produce documents which are at Bulange, which is currently inaccessible, by Thursday 9th April 2020?? 

e) It is in my knowledge that the NRM Government which cherishes the Rule of Law, fair play and non-oppression, can not condone what you are trying to order on behalf of the same Government, to ask a citizen and our Administration which are not allowed to move and have no access to the offices, to produce the documentation as you have directed. It is not only not feasible but it is also illegal to violate the Presidential directives and the law. The Presidential orders were promulgated into law and created offences on the part of anybody who violates them. 

f) The Legal process can take judicial notice of the agreement which returned all Saza Headquarters land to the Kabaka and particularly the land in question. You as Chairman of Sembabule District COVID-19 Committee should be the last person to violate President Museveni’s directives and the 2013 Agreement he signed with the Kabaka of Buganda. 

g) Your directive that construction continues on the Saza land which was returned to the Kabaka, contrary to the advice of the Police, for the construction to be halted until the COVID-19 Government ban is over, violates the law and will definitely expose the Uganda Government to liability in damages for which you will be personally held liable because your conduct is at variance with the  President’s act of returning and restoring Kabaka’s land and the COVID-19 directives to halt business during this period. There is no justification for rushing to construct a canteen illegally on Kabaka’s Land during this lock down.
h) The haste with which you are acting is mischievous and is likely to embarrass the Government of Uganda which has at all material times handled the matter carefully. We are accordingly copying this letter to the Minister in charge of the Presidency and the Office of the President as well as the Attorney General to seek the intervention of the said high offices to render appropriate advice to avoid causing embarrassment to Government and exposing it to liability in tort.

i) There is no urgency for your rushed action when there are Presidential bans and measures to control the spread of Corona Virus in place during the COVID-19 lock down. Buganda Kingdom or its officials have not committed any capital offence which creates an emergency caling for rushed investigations and we reiterate the contents of our letter of 27th March 2020 to the District CID officer Sembabule Police Station which we have attached. 

STAND DULY NOTIFIED that Buganda Kingdom is a law abiding cultural institution which respects the Presidential directives and has at all material times promised to co-operate with the police in all its investigations and work. The Kingdom will, at an appropriate time when the COVID-19 restrictions and bans are lifted by Government, take up the matter and resolve it with the Police at Sembabule as was communicated earlier. 

Hon. Esther Mbayo (The Minister In charge of the Presidency Office ofThe President-Kampala), The Principal Private Secretary to HE The President Of Uganda, Katikiro Buganda Kingdom, Attorney General of The Republic Of Uganda,,The Director Of Public Prosecutions and The Inspector General of Police.
Other copies to: The Principal Private Secretary to the Kabaka, Minister of State for Local Government Buganda Kingdom, The Director of CID, The Regional CID officer Greater Masaka, The District Police Comander for Sembabule, The Chief Admirtistraive officer Sembabule, The District lnte’rhal Security Officer Sembabule, Owesaza Muteesa, The Deputy Owesaza and the District CID officer Sembabule.

According to Buganda Land Board (BLB) official, all district leadership in Buganda were educated about Kabaka’s land and they understood.
“We told them about Central government Attorney General’s clarification about local Government and other Government   institutions occupying Kabaka’s land.  In his letter, the learned Attorney General clarified that land  and buildings which were returned to Kabaka in 2013 are in the hands of Buganda Kingdom. Therefore, nothing can be carried out on this land without Kabaka’s permission.” Say BLB official, adding, “Government Attorney General wisely advised that, if local government or other government institutions want to use Kabaka’s land or buildings, they can buy this land, get a lease or leave it.”

“But, with the first option, Kabaka’s land is not for sale. But it can be leased following an agreement between the two parties. Sembabule District  leaders, were written to by Buganda Attorney General  and they verily know, the land they occupy, title is with the Kabaka. They got warnings on tresspassing on Kabaka’s land but they have used the lockdown moment to defiantly construct on Kabaka’s land.” BLB official has told The News Editor Media

Head said, “We are going to sue, we will alert Auditor General who monitors local government funds to investigate this issue. We will use all legal avenues to make sure,  Kingdom properties are not lost during lockdown and also that,  no one can defiantly grab it’s land and other properties like it was then.”

We have been reliably infomed,  Sembabule district Finance committee have denied ever passing funds to construct a district canteen. 
“We want Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema, Head State House Anti Corruption Unit to investigate  how the 40M shillings  allegedly exchanged hands to make this canteen project go on.” Said District councilors.  



By CNN For Citizen Digital

BISHOP Gerald Glenn, the pastor of New Deliverance Evangelistic Church in Virginia is dead, the church announced.

Glenn had tested positive for coronavirus, according to a video posted by his daughter Mar-Gerie Crawley.

Despite warnings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to avoid mass gatherings and maintain social distancing, Glenn said in a sermon on March 22, “I firmly believe that God is larger than this dreaded virus,” and announced he was not afraid to die.

It was the next day that Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam issued his executive order banning all public and private gatherings of 10 people or more.

On April 4, Glenn’s daughter posted a video, announcing that both he and his wife, Marcietia Glenn, had tested positive for covid-19.

The church’s post announcing Gerald Glenn’s death, asked that others would allow the “First Family to grieve in their own way.”
“While they are mourning the heartbreaking earthly absence of their family patriarch & spiritual father, they also have family members who are struggling to survive this dreaded pandemic,” the church’s Facebook post read.

Final arrangements for Glenn are expected to be made within the next few days, the church said.



Bya Meddie Kityo

AB’E LUBAGA South, nga bwe bakyalinda eby’omulamuzi Simon Byabakama ow’akakiiko k’ebyokulonda, beekubyemu akalulu ku ani mubaka wabwe addako, gyebiggweredde nga owa People Power Aloysius Mukasa bonna abegwanyiza ekifo kino abamezze kya bugazi nga mw’otwalidde ne Hon. Paulo Kato Lubwama akirimu. 
Okulonda okujjumbiddwa abakulembeze ab’enjawulo naddala ku ludda oluvuganya gavumenti ya NRM,  ebikuvuddemu biraga, Hon. Kato Lubwama afunye akalulu kamu (01) kokka!   
Abalala abakoze obubi ennyo, ye Mumbejja Eugene Nassolo ne looya Xavier Katabalwa nga nabo buli omu afunye akalulu kamu kamu, olwo owa People Power Aloysius Mukasa, musajja wa Hon. Bobi Wine obululu n’akukumba bukukumbe.  
Kansala Evelyn Nakiryowa ng’ono era ye LC I Chairperson wa Tomusange Zone mu Ndeeba eyakuliddemu okulonda bw’abadde alangirira agambye, “Nga neeyambisa obuyinza obwampereddwa okuteekateeka okulonda kuno, nnangirira omuwanguzi nga simulala, ye Hon. Aloysius Mukasa awangude ku bitundu 85% banne ne bagabana obutundutundu obusigaddewo.”
Mu kalulu kano akaabadde ak’obwerufu nga kayindidde ku mukutu gwa DP Lubaga South Constituency ogujjuddeko abakulembeze mu Lubaga aba ku buli mutendera, bakira kayinda n’abaagala ekifo kino weebali bakoota buliro newankubadde bo tebalonze. 
Mu balala abaabadde mu lwokaano kuliko Kiyingi ng’ono yabuseeyo n’obululu bubiri,  Bbaale n’akalulu kamu ate ye Samuel Walter Lubega Mukaaku n’aviirayo awo ng’ogusima ebbumba, tabozzeeyo kabonero!  

Hon. Aloysius Mukasa lwe bamutikkidde ddiguli ye ey’okubiri omwaka oguwedde

Nga yeebaza abalonzi n’abesimbyewo olw’empiisa ze baayolesezza ekyayambye okumaliriza obulungi okulonda kuno okwacamudde Bannalubaga South, Kansala Nakiryowa yagambye mu Lubaga South omubaka addako yafunyise dda.
Omukyala ono ajjukira ennyo ku Mambo Baado ya CBS yagambye, “Okulonda kwesigamiziddwa ku mazima na bwenkanya. Buli omu bakira agoberera ebigenda mu maaso.”
“Era nga bulijo obumulumulu tebubulamu, naye tebulemese kulonda kugenda mu maso. Tuyozaayoza Hon. Mukasa olw’obuwanguzi.  Kino era kyeeraze nti munna People Power Aloysius Mukasa, mu 2021 wakuyisa mukka mu kisero.” Kansala Nakiryowa bwebagambye n’ategeeze nti, “Atamatide n’ebivudde mu kulonda kunno, wadembe okugenda mu kkooti naye nga yo ey’abantu, esazeewo, kiwedde.” Waliwo amaloboozi bakira agawulirwa nga gatolotooma nti tegamatidde bulungi okwabadde erya Kyagaba owa Nassolo, eyafunye akalulu akamu.
Lubaga South ky’ekimu ku bitundu ebisuubirwa okubaamu okulya n’okukomba essowaani mu kalulu akajja kyokka ng’aba people power bawera nti omuntu waabwe Aloysius Mukasa bamwagala mu Palamenti enkuba k’etonnye oba omusana okwaka. 

Ono nga kati y’akiikirira Lubaga South, abatunuulizi b’eby’obufuzi mu Lubaga bagamba, ne bw’agenda ku ku muganga, kizibu okudda ku bwa MP bw’ekitundu kino. 
Eby’ono si birungi n’akamu era ttiimu ya People Power yamugoba dda, beerayiridde okulaba nga tawangula kalulu mu 2021 bamusomese essomo ery’okudda ku Hon. Kyagulanyi ne People Power n’abajerega n’okwegatta ku bagirwanyisa.
Kato okulya ekifo kino, yasiguukulula Pulezidenti wa CP John Ken Lukyamuzi oluvannyuma lwa ttiimu ya TJ eyaduumirwa Loodimeeya Ssalongo Erias Lukwago okumusaggulira akalulu mu Lubaga.
Wabula bukya kalulu kaggwa, Kato yeefuulira ba Lukwago n’atandika okulumba Loodimeeya ne FDC ng’abavuma bubi nnyo.
Ennaku ezo, Habib Buwembo owa FDC yatwala Kato mu kkooti ng’amulanga kuba na mpapula za buyigirize njingirire.
Obuwagizi bwa Kato bukenderedde ddala, abaakulira kkampeyini ze nga Musa Lusembo tebakyava wa Bobi, Lukwago agamba oba avaayo aveeyo, FDC ewera kumulwanyisa ate yo People Power erina kandideeti waayo nga ye Mukasa.
Kato ne bwaleeta malayika y’aba amusabira akalulu, ebiriwo biraga tayinza kudda mu Palamenti ab’e Lubaga gyebagamba nti n’olulimi olwogererwayo lumuzannya.
Ttiimu ya Kyagulanyi esibidde ku mugagga omuto Aloysius Mukasa, omusuubuzi omututumufu mu Ndeeba n’e Najjanankumbi era bagamba Kato n’amala alinnya mu kkampu yabwe, yalinyumizaako abewaabwe.




THERE was drama in Nakasero State House gardens today as President Museveni updated the Nation about Coronavirus, when a group of birds raided him and started making endless noise as if in protest to his extention of the lockdown for 21 more days!

Birds that were on the nearby trees tried to distort the President’s address by cooing and chirping but Muzeeyi ignored them and instead continued to justify why people must continue staying in their homes for three more weeks.

Disturbed viewers who included a journalist posted on UJA CREAM platform that, “Can’t one minister go and chase the birds in the back ground, we are not hearing well,” and one Rameka Matsiko wrote in Luganda on NRM Buganda Region platform, “Wabeewo agoba ebinyonyi ebyo mu bakagurawundi” literally meaning the birds should be chased away from the President’s background.

These stubborn birds kept on increasing their noise in vain until they gave up for Muzeeyi to finish his 170 minutes address.

Flanked by his Prime minister Dr. Livingstone Ruhakana Rugunda and other ministers, Mr. Museveni who saluted Ugandan Doctors and Health workers for there commendable work towards weakening Coronavirus said, now the remaining problem is the silent carriers.

“That is where the problem is now. That is why we think, it’s safer to be patient. Let’s wait for another 21 days and we really try to see.” Directed President Museveni.

He explained that, “The problem is that,  this silent carrier who is not sick, he or she may not even know that he is sick but has been exposed and defeated the virus. And it is said that, atleast for the 34 days,  he or she will be infecting others.”

“After that he will overcome the virus and will no longer be in position to infect others. But for 34 days, he will be infecting other people. So, there are the infected people that have virus but will not show any signs, yet they can spread to others if they are too near  or through contaminating surfaces.” Reasoned Mr. President.

He argued that testing more people will be useful in the next 21 days. 

He said, we will be testing those who came from abroad between the 07th of March 2020 and 22nd March 2020, their contacts and the alert group. 

“If we do not have the problem of the quiet carriers, the asymptomatic ones, we could say, since the ones that showed signs are within the 54, that proved postive, and we have been treating them, there are no other infected people among Ugandans, and would then concentrate on the travellers, the one that come from outside, etc.” Said Museveni. 

However, Museveni told the country, “We can not say that now because there could be those silent carriers. I know some people may argue that you have tested almost 6000 people,  only 54 are postive, why do you inconveniences us again with another 21 days?”

“The main answer is that these 54 may not be the only ones. Because we got them by first of all blocking some people whom we quarantined near the airport, secondly, we traced their contacts, and thirdly,  some of those who suspect they may have the virus and report.But this doesn’t address the silent virus carriers who will be infecting people for 34 days.” Explains the President. 

Using scientific explanation to drive his point home, Museveni said, “Because if somebody got the virus and is of asymptomatic type and didn’t fall sick, it is circulating in the village, or his home, the whole family or village can’t be asymptomatic.”

“Some of them are infected. Then we will bring and test them. That is why we need to watch a bit more. Let’s just wait a bit. Let’s not move.” Said Museveni appealing to Ugandans, to observe all the restrictions given and summarised below.”

By 05th may 2020 we shall have a clear picture and lifting of the restrictions will start systematically as will be announced.”Said Museveni.

Taking to The News Editor Media shortly after President Museveni’s address, People Power’s Lubaga South 2021 MP hopeful Aloysius Mukasa said, the further extention will cripple the economy.

“We are in full support of the 21 days lockdown extension though its to futher affect the economy. Yes we agree, its aimed at eliminating any room of doubt concerning the safety of all citizens.” Said Aloysius Mukasa, Hon. Bobi wine’s blue eyed boy.

Reminding Ugandans on how Coronavirus spreads, when you sneeze and then touch a surface, a table, a door handle or a book.

One may even sneeze near the surface and the droplets go on that surface. One may cough near the surface, and the microscopic organisms will settles on the surface.

Others will blow their nose using tissue which is not very thick, they will end up touching the mucus with bare hands and will therefore contaminate every surface they come in contact with.The virus goes from the person to a surface, to a book, a Bible in the church, a table, a door handle, touched after sneezing, the virus will stay there.

On a book, the virus stays for five days, on plastic it stays for nine days waiting for a careless person to come and touch it. And then contaminates it with the virus. These are the only ways this virus will spread that is why it is very easy to defeat it like we did with Aids by behaviour change. 

Actually I think although we are not using that phrase yet, this virus is more of a behaviour issue that anything else because you remember, when Aids started,  people thought it was simply a medical issue, but in the end, treated it by behaviour change.  

Once you either get infected through sneezing, coughing from the infected to the victim, or from the infector to the surface, and then the victim comes and touches his sensitive parts; the mouth, eyes and nose.

This problem is not as big as many of you think. It can be controlled by behaviour change.

When I alerted you about Aids and told you that this thing is easy, because we know where the address is and told you not to go to those places, Aids was comming from mother to Child and we found a solution for that, thirdly it was comming from blood transfusion and we found solutions blocking the three ways from which one can get Aids.

We identified and advertised them. So this is the same issue with Coronavirus.

Given the characteristics of this virus,  it is my opinion that carelessness of the population especially here in Uganda is the main cause of the spread of the virus.

In Europe, USA and Northern Asia they may  have genuine challenges. E.g very cold temperatures, the cold winter. Am told, some of these viruses thrive in cold climates and unlike the bacteria which like warm conditions.

Secondly,  the people in Europe, America and Northern Asia, the way they live and travel, in shared residential blocks, using air conditioning, sharing underground movement systems with large numbers of people, cruise packed ships, that way of life plus the cold climates make the virus to spread.

In our condition, it is much easier to control a virus of this type provided we act, correctly.  After analysis one major way of denying this virus access was to stop large concentrations of people, hence on 18th March 2020  we announced the 34 measures, 21st March 2020 and 30th March 2020 were in that line of dispersing the big concentration of Ugandans so that we deny transport.

● Close all 73000 education institutions 
● Suspend communal prayers in Mosques,  Churches or Stadia and other open air venues or even indoors 
● Stop all political rallies, cultural gatherings or conferences 
● Ban Ugandans moving to or from category one countries  
● Allow returning Ugandans to undergo mandatory quarantine at their cost for 14 days at their venue identified by the Ministry 
● Allow the non Agriculture gathering points e.g factories, hotels, large plantations, markets, taxi parks to continue and follow the instructions  (that is then)
● Discouraged Ugandan style of extravagant weddings (Hexagonal) 
● A small number of people attending burials 
● Suspended monthly livestock markets in rural areas and weekly food markets
● That time we were allowing public transport provided they follow the SOPs
● We suspended discos, bars, sports, music cinemas and concerts
● Advised public to maintain hygiene measurers 
● Advised public on good nutrition 
● Later, we stopped all passengers coming into the country by air, land or water
● Banned pedestrians entering from neighbouring countries 
● Later stopped public transport system 
● Only food sellers should remain in the markets
● At that time we allowed private vehicles carrying not more that three people 
● Later on, private vehicles were stopped 
● Suspended shopping arcades, hardware shops 
● Directed all non food shops to close, shops selling medicine, selling veterinary and human medicine,  selling detergents should remain open
● Food supermarkets should remain open with clear SOPs
● Established food markets continue to be open 
● Sellers in this market shouldn’t go home. 
● Salons were suspended 
● Factories remain open but with crucial employees 
● Construction sites should continue if they can be able to encamp their workers 
● Social services remain operating 
● Cargo transport by train, lorry, pick-up, tuku-tukus, bodaboda (not passenger) must continue operating 
● URA should not close because cargo is still coming into the country and their services are needed.Gatherings of more that 5 persons prohibited 
● A curfew at 7:00pm to 6:30am except for cargo planes, trains, trucks 
● Permission from RDC for a private car to transport a sick person.
● Apart from security official cars, all other government cars must be parked at the district headquarters to be used by the district health officers during emergency 
● Later, bodabodas were banned past 2pm 

Now these measures seem to have worked because as of 13th April 2020 we had tested 5664 persons. Out of these, only 54 are postive. Out of these, 4015 were returnees from abroad and 1232 were those who interacted with the returnees or call them contacts and 402 were had not travelled or even been in contact with the returnees or call them, the alert group.  So, you can see, we can’t now celebrate that we have won, but the facts are here.

The following were the tests of day by day up to the 13th April 2020:
■ 21st March 2020, 1 out of 11 was postive
■ 22nd March 2020, all 22 tests were negative
■ 23rd March 2020, 27 out of 35 were postive 
■ 24th March 2020, only 5 out of 143 were postive 
■ 25th March 2020, all 104 tests were negative
■ 26th March 2020, only 4 out of 201 tests were postive 
■ 30th March 2020 all 82 tests were negative 
■ 1st April 2020 all 63 tests were negative
■ 04th April 2020, all 398 tests, no postive
■ 06th April 2020, 231 tests, all negative 
■ 07th April 2020, all 150 tests were postive 
■ 8th April 2020, only 1 out of 214 tested postive
■ 09the April 2020, all 338 were negative
■ 10th April 2020, all 439 tested negative 
■ 11th April 2020, all 555 tests were negative 
■ 12th April 2020, only 1 out of 169 was postive 
■ 13th April 2020, all 639 tests were negative 
■ 7 patients were discharged from Entebbe Hospital, 8 are due to be discharged from Mulago Hospital and 1 in Adjuman was discharged. 
■ Testing 372 inter-state cargo drivers who entered through the Malaba entry point and all tested negative. 
■ The Uganda curve of the discovered infections day by day, our curve is flattening.
Food support is mainly for urban groups that depend on daily earning from different activities that were suspended in this fight against the virus. They include; Those working in hair Salons,  bars, night clubs, garages, bodaboda riders, selling none food items in markets, etc.

The qualifications for these food grants are two; Depending on the daily earning that was suspended by anti Corona measures.  And two,  you do not grow your own food.

Villages will not be given free food. The one who gets a monthly salary (like teachers) will also not receive food relief, they should  wait for their salaries.
● Stay at home except those carrying cargos
● Youth don’t loiter in trading centres, be in gardens with parents  
● Ladies spending nights in markets should be given treated bed nets, obuveera and KCCA should fumigate markets.
● RDCs should set up operation officers in charge of receiving calls for those with sick people who want permission to use ptivate means
● No body has a right to insult a member of security forces
● Security should use reasonable force to subdue the violent. Throwing stones to security forces is very dangerous
● On hostility to soldiers, Museveni has cleared the use of  live fire to disable stone throwers who endanger security forces in rural areas
● Use of kiboko by LDUs not allowed 
● Loans, M7 is going to discuss with the banks to see how to help those with loans
● M7 softens on bicycles and bodabodas, wants suspension lifted
● Westnile power to be handled by legal team 
● District Medical Officers must know patients who need palliative care. They will liase with RDCs to help them.
● Wuhan children to be airlifted back at a cost




FOUR top police bosses in connections with ALAM GROUP of companies Managing Director Abid Alam crimes have been arrested by the no nosense Lt. Col.  Edith Nakalema, Head State House Anti-corruption Unit.

In a Press Statement released on Saturday evening, Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema said, “As you may recall, on Thursday 9th April 2020, Mr. Abid Alam, the Managing Director of ALAM GROUP of Companies was arrested following complaints we received through State House Anti-Corruption Unit (SH ACU) lines.”

“The Unit working with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations immediately commenced investigations into the allegations. The allegations include: Aggravated torture, Gang rape and malicious damage to property among others.”Statement reads.

On Friday morning Abid was taken to Kassanda Police Station to write a Statement, however, officers released him on bond which according to our State House sources, sabotages this State House Anti-corruption unit duties as given by His Excellency the President.

In our story published on Friday night, Abid who was supposed to be in  coolers as investigations are on-going, was instead seen hanging out at Bugolobi Village Mall enjoying life with Lt. Col. Juma Seiko who was recently detained at Kawempe Police Station for shooting three people after a car clash.

Read also: https://www.newseditor.co.ug/2020/04/10/no-one-can-arrest-me-powerful-investor-abid-alam-raps-state-house-boss-mps-speak-out/

This must have angered afande Nakalema.

She said, “In addition to the above  allegations, we also received integrity related concerns of mismanagement of case files, conspiracy to defeat justice and professional misconduct against selected police officers.”

“I consulted the Inspector General of Police who directed for the arrest of these officers.”

The arrested officers who have been paraded before our cameras are;

  1. Regional CID officer Wamala, SP Wilber  Ostin Wanna make
  2. DPC Kassanda,  ASP Daniel Owe Llanon
  3. OC CID Kassanda, Peter Bertrand
  4. In charge CID Records Wamala, Sgt. Azaleas


During a press conference on Thursday, Lt. Col. Nakalema paraded Abid Alam before our cameras accusing him of having a hand in a Saturday night attacks in Kassanda where goons related to him allegedly hacked Arthur Mugenyi’s cattle keeper on the head, raped his wife, demolished houses and destroyed three acres of banana plantations.

All this originates from land wrangles in Nalutuntu, Bukompe village, Kassanda South Constituency in newly created Kassanda District  where a number of people have been killed, others wounded while hundreds evicted from their land which Abid Alam claims he owns.

On arresting Abid, President Museveni’s right hand womam Lt. Col. Nakalema said, she picked interest in the Kassanda night attack because of the heartless act of the attackers.

“I have listened to the mother who was gang raped. I am hurt and this evil can not be accepted in this country.” On recieving pictures like these, I called Mr. Abid Alam to ask him to record a statement,” 

The news of  Abid Alams’ arrest excited area MP Hon. Simeo who has  always been crying out to the President,  the Speaker of Parliament, Justice Catherine Bamugemeirere’s commission of inquiry into land related issues among other forces to call Abid to order.

“This is not the first time these heinous crimes have been committed against my people. Last year alone, about 3 people were killed in Bukoba and Bukompe villages by Abid Alam’s workers. Some suspects where arrested and later were set free due to corrupt tendencies.” 

“As the Area MP, together with my voters, we have tried our level best to report these  matters to relevant authorities. We reported to police and several case files have been opened but none has been successfully prosecuted.” Said Hon. Simeo, referring the affected people to courts of law to open up civil suits against Abid Alam.

There  are currently  over 5 cases in Mubende High court and Kampala high court (land division) against Abid Alam.
Arthur Mugyenyi is one of those who went to court and secured a court injunction stopping Abid Alam from tresspassing on his land.

On Friday evening Hon. Simeo Nsubuga wrote this: “Dear fellow Ugandans, today all the  media platforms are dominated by the arrest of Abid Alam on crimes of malicious damage to property, aggravated robbery and gang rape allegedly committed by Abid Alarm and his workers/ kanyamas as per case Ref. Kassanda Police Station CRB 234/2020”.

“The alleged crimes where committed on Saturday night as  we were in quarantine to prevent the spread of Covid19. Over  60 of his  workers/kanyamas attacked the farm of Mr. Arthur Mugyenyi who is a resident of Bukoba village, Nalutuntu  Parish, Nalutuntu Sub-County in Kassanda SouthConstituency.” He continued to state that, “During the attack they hacked Mr. Samuel Kyabale the cattle keeper of Mr. Mugyenyi to near death,  gang raped his  wife infront of  the children and the husband, destroyed two houses, cut a 3 acres Banana Plantation, took away 200 cows and 50 goats.”

Thanking Lt. Col.  Nakalema for arresting stubborn Abid, Hon. Simeo said, “But today he has been arrested with some of his workers/kanyamas. As am writing this, he is under police custody. I want to thank the security agencies for arresting this thug called Abid Alam who has  caused alot of suffering to our people in Kassanda South constituency and  kindly request  that dont stop at arresting him, let Abid Alam appear before the courts of law and answer for the crimes he has committed.”

“I have reported Abid Alam to H.E the President and submitted written reports. He brags around about how Uganda courts can’t manage him, he is feared by everybody. Our people are being killed because they resist illegal evictions. That is the situation in Kassanda South.” MP Simeo told media.

 The Saturday night incident, according to Hon. Simeo was commanded by notorious Akim Zirimenya, one of Abid’s manager who is now on the run.

“Akim Zirimenya has been in police cells on charges of murder and he was  released on Police Bond about 3 weeks ago and Abid Alam stood as his surety.” Says MP Simeo.

He vowed, “As People’s representative I will continue to use all the available legal avenues to expose the criminal acts of Abid Alam and his workers/kanyamas against my people and I call upon the security organs of this country to ensure that this time round Abid Alam and his agents are charged in courts of law.”

Hon. Simeo says, he led his Kassanda South people who are being evicted from their bibanja by Abid to Justice Catherine  Bamugemeirere land Commission of inquiry, reported him to the Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament and presented the matter on the floor of Parliament.

On Friday morning, this highly connected investor drove to Kassanda Police to write a Statement and after, was let to continue with his business.

He posted photos on a Mubende Political platform showing how he is a free man,  enjoying life at Bugoloobi Forest Mall with his colleagues. 

We are reliably informed, 10th Parliament legislators have swung in to stand with their colleague Simeo Nsubuga and want to check Abid’s impunity.

“We will handle Abid as Parliament. We are considering summoning him to our committee. Something must be done urgently.” Said a certain MP who spoke on a condition of anonymity.

Let’s watch the space. 




SECURITY Minister Gen. Elly Tumwine together with the Director General Internal Security Organization  (ISO) Col. Franklin Kaka Bagyenda have today flagged off brand new Motorcycles to be used by security personels in monitoring all deployments in the Country.

Motorcycles procured for security chiefs

150 motorcycles have been dispatched and more than 1500 parked at ISO headquarters to be dispatched to all sub counties of the country in due course

These motorcycles will be distributed to all districts across the country.

According to col. Kaka Bagyenda, “The motorcycles procured by the government of Uganda will be distributed to districts and subcounties to help Gombolola Internal Security Chiefs (GISO) and District Internal Security officers (DISO) to ease their movements as they execute official duties.”

ISO boss Col. Kaka receiving Gen. Tumwine at ISO headquarters in Nakasero today

Kaka has said, this will help officers for easy security surveillance and for timely response across the country.

Security is considering to begin with border line sub counties.



Bya Meddie Kityo

SSAABASAJJA Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II olwaleero yeegase butereevu mu lutalo lw’okulanyisa ekirwadde kya Covid 19 ekifukamizza amawanga gakirimegga!

Akikoze nga bwe gwali mu lutalo lwo mu nsiko olwaleeta gavumenti ya NRA/M mu buyinza, mu biseera ebyo bweyatalaaga ebitundu bya Buganda ng’alagira abantu be okusenza n’okukolagana obulungi n’abayeekera ba Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, babegatteko okufumuula wano gavumenti ya Kawenkene Apollo Milton Obote, n’abo kye baakola!

Asinzidde mu Lubiri lw’e Mmengo n’alagira abantu be okuwagira n’okussa mu nkola ebiragiro bya Gavumenti eya wakati okutuula ku nfeete akawuka ka Coronavirus!

Mu kwogera kwe eri Obuganda olwaleero ku  Lwomukaaga emisana, Nnyinimu awoomedde mu muteganswera, waliwo ebirabise ng’ebitataagaanyizza mu okwogera kwe, abantu be kwebalindidde n’amaddu mangi ku bibaddewo atuuse n’okutwala eddakiika ng’ayimirizza mu kwogera kwe.  

Agambye,  “Yiiyi, ate ng’oyo antabudde! Byembadde njogera ate sigenda kubiddamu buto!”

Kabaka azzeemu buto obubaka bwe mu ngeri y’okukkaatiriza ebyo oba olyawo ebibadde bitawuliddwa bantu be, olw’abo ababadde bekiika mu kwogera kwe.

Mu ddoboozi eggulumivu obulungi,  ayogedde eri Obuganda, n’alagira gavumenti okufa ku mbeera y’abasawo mu kiseera kino, okusoosoowaza eby’obulamu ate olwo abantu be n’abalagira okuba abayonjo, okwewala obusambattuko mu maka mu biseera bino n’okuwagira gavumenti mu kulwanyisa akawuka ka Coronavirus.

Nga bwetwalagudde ku bisuubirwa mu kwogera kwa Kabaka, byonna bituukiridde.

Soma na bino: https://www.newseditor.co.ug/2020/04/11/kabaka-ebisuubirwa-mu-kwogera-kwa-ssaabasajja-eri-obuganda-olwaleero-mu-lubiri/

Maasomoogi  agambye, “Ensonga enkulu etuleese okwogerako olwaleero, bwe bulwadde bwa Covid 19 obusasaanidde ensi yonna.”

Mu kwogera kwa Ssaabasajja okututte eddakiika musanvu zokka ategeezezza Obuganda nti, “Okusooka, tusaasira n’okusabira abantu baffe abazuuliddwa n’obulwadde buno. Tukkiriza nti obujjanjabi bwe bafuna okuva mu basawo, buggya kubayamba okussuuka.”

Asaasidde nnyo ab’enganda za bannayuganda abaafudde obulwadde bwa Covid 19 mu mawanga g’ebweru naddala mu Amerika, Bungereza n’awalala. 

Omutanda ategeezezza nti, “Tuteeka mu ssaala, n’abo abakyali mu mbeera embi ennyo mu mawanga ago bassuuke.”

“Twebaza nnyo abasawo abali ku mwanjo mu lutalo luno olw’okulwanyisa obulwadde bwa Covid 19 obugoyezza ensi yonna. Twebaza gavumenti olw’enteekateeka gy’etaddewo mu budde buno okuziyiza ekirwadde kya Kolona okusasaana.” Kabaka bw’agambye n’asaba gavumenti, “Abasawo bafibweko n’okukakasa nti, eby’obulamu mu Uganda yonna biteekebwa ku mwanjo.”

Maasomoogi, yeebazizzaamu ak’ensusso ekitongole ky’ensi yonna eky’ebyobulamu ki World Health Organisation  (WHO)olw’okulambika, okusomesa,  okuwabula ate n’okutuusa ku bannansi amawulire ku by’obulamu n’enkozesa y’eddagala mu Afrika awamu n’ensi yonna okutwaliza awamu, kumpi buli  lunaku.

Nnyinimu agambye, “Tusiima nnyo obubaka obuva eri ekitongole ky’ebyobulamu obutukubiriza ku ngeri y’okwekuuma obutakwatibwa ate n’abo abalina obulwadde buno, obutabusaasaanya.”  

“Tusaba abantu baffe bonna, okugoberera enteekateeka n’endagiriro ezituweereddwa, abakugu mu by’obulamu.” Ssaabasajja bw’agambye n’ajjukiza abantu be nti, “Endwadde nnyingi kumpi ebitundu 75 ku buli 100 ziva ku bukyafu. Twagala obuyonjo obuliwo kati mu maka gaffe, ku mirimu n’ebitundu  gyetubeera, efuuke empisa yaffe ey’olubeerera.”

Kabaka asiimye abantu n’ebitongole eby’enjawulo ebiwaddeyo ensimbi ko n’ebintu ebikalu okuyambako mu kulwanyisa Covid 19 naddala eri abo abali mu bwetaavu mu kiseera kino ekizibu. 

“Tusiima n’abo bonna, abakwatiddeko Obwakabaka mu kudduukirira abali mu bwetaavu, mu kiseera kino.” Bbaffe bw’agambye, era wano kwekwongera okukubiriza n’abalala nti nabo baveeyo baweeyo eri gavumenti kubanga omulimu gukyali munene ddala.

 Ategeezezza nti, “Enkola eno ey’okuwaayo etuzzaamu nnyo amaanyi kubanga eragira ddala empisa yaffe eya Munnomukabi. Kino ky’ekiseera fenna okukolera awamu n’okuyambagana.”     

Ku ky’abasuubuzi abawanika ebbeeyi y’emmere n’ebyetaago ebirala mu kiseera kino, Kabaka agambye, “Tukubiriza abasuubuzi ne bannamakolero obuteyambisa embeera eno okulinnyasa emiwendo gy’ebintu ebikozesebwa mu bulamu bw’abantu obwa bulijjo.”

Mu ky’abantu be okutuula ku nfeete ekirwadde kya Covid 19, Kabaka agambye, “Twagala era okubajjukiza nti obulwadde buno tusobola bulungi okubwewala n’okubuziyiza singa tugoberera ennambika etuweereddwa minisitule y’ebyobulamu ku nsonga z’ebyobulamu mu Uganda.”

“Njagala era okukubiriza abazadde nti mukuume bulungi abaana. Abaami, mubeere basaale mu kulwanyisa Coronavirus, abantu baffe mwenna tubakubiriza okwewala obusambattuko mu maka wakati mu mbeera eno ey’okusoomoozebwa.” Kabaka bwatyo bw’akalaatidde abantu be.

Ng’amaliriza agambye, “Njagala  okubaagalizza okuyita obulungi mu biseera eby’amazuukira ga Yesu Kristo. Katonda abakuume.”



 Bya Meddie Kityo

OBUGANDA bwonna bulindiridde n’essanyu lingi Ssaabasajja Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II eyasiimye okwogerako eri abantu be ku ssaawa munaana ez’emisana ga leero ng’asinziira mu Twekobe wano mu Lubiri e Mmengo mu Kampala wakati.

Okwogera kwa nnyinimu, kwakuweerezebwa butereevu ku mikutu gya ttivvi n’egya leediyo.

W’osomera bino, nga ttiimu ya bannamawukire baffe baatuuse dda mu Lubiri e Mmengo okusobola okutuusa ku bantu ba Ssaabasajja okwogera kw’Empologoma okwesungiddwa ennyo naddala mu kiseera kino ng’Obuganda n’eggwanga lyonna basobeddwa eka ne mu kibira, ku by’ekirwadde kya Kolona ekifuukidde ensi ekyambika. 

Twekobe mu Lubiri, Kabaka w’agenda okwogerera

Maasomoogi mu by’asuubirwa okwogerako leero, ensonga ya Kolona eri ku mwanjo nnyo.

Asuubirwa okulagira abantu be ku ngeri y’okulwanyisaamu ekirwadde kya Kolona, okwekuuma nga bayonjo, okussa mu nkola ebiragiro bya Gavumenti eya wakati mu kwetangira ekirwadde kya Covid 19, okubeera obumu n’okuyambagana mu kiseera kino.

Kabaka ennaku ezo eyawaddeyo loole y’akawunga ennamba n’obukadde 100 obw’ensimbi eri gavumenti eya wakati okuwa abantu be emmere n’ebyetaago ebirala mu kiseera kino nga bali waka, yatongozebwa dda ekitongole ky’ensi yonna okukulemberamu omumuli gw’okulwanyisa ekirwadde kya mukenenya. 

Kabaka musaale mu kujjukiza abantu be okwekuuma n’okwekebeza era abo abazuuliddwa, banywe eddagala eriweweeza ku kirwadde kino.

Nnyinimu, olwaleero asuubirwa okukkaatiriza ensonga y’abantu be okwekuuma nga balamu.


Enkya nga 12/04/2021 ge mazuukira ga mukama waffe Yesu Kristo. 

Wegatuukidde, ng’amasinzizo gonna mu ggwanga galiko kkufulu oluvannyuma lwa Pulezidenti okuwera ebifo byonna ebikunganirwamu abantu okutuusa ng’ekirwadde kya Kolona kituuliddwa ku nfeete. 

Museveni okuwera amasinzizo,  Ssaabasajja ye yali asoosekuyimiriza emikolo ý gyonna okumala ekiseera.

Olwaleero, Kabaka asuubirwa okuwa Obuganda obubaka bw’amazuukira ga Kristo.


Ku bbalaza nga 13/04/2020, ge mazaalibwa ga Bbaffe ag’emyaka 65. 

Omukolo guno ogusomboola Obuganda buli mwaka gy’egimu kw’egyo egyayimirizibwa Ssaabasajja olw’ekirwadde kya Kolona. 

Soma wano: https://www.newseditor.co.ug/2020/03/19/kolona-abizadde-kabaka-ayimirizza-emisinde-gyamazaalibwa-ge-nemikolo-gyobwakabala-emirala-21/

Gino bulijjo gitandika n’emisinde gi mubunabyalo era ng’omusimbi oguvaamu, Kabaka yasiima guweebwe gavumenti mu kujjanjaba ebirwadde nga ekya Nalubuli, n’ebirala.  N’emisinde ku luno si gyakubeerayo.

Kabaka tasuubirwa kwogera ku mikolo gino, kyokka yaaliraga Obuganda biki ebikoseddwa mu mbeera ekirwadde kino gyekitaddewo. Ebisinga,  tubirinde. 

Awangaale nnyo Kabaka waffe




THOSE who think investor Abid Alam of Alam Group of companies can be arrested be it by Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema’s State House Anti-corruption Unit and tried in Uganda courts of law, kindly stop day dreaming!

This investor of Indian origin is proudly untouchable, as you read this, is a free man, not in coolers as many of you must have been lied to.

Our spy cameras yesterday got him at Bugolobi Village Mall enjoying a heavy meal with his long time friend Lt. Juma Seiko who was recently detained at Kawempe Police Station for shooting three people after a car clash!

“No one can bring me down over cooked stories. I can not be just arrested. I am an investor who is supposed to be looking for government taxes. I have no time for that circus.” Said powerful Abid Alam.

During a press conference on Thursday, Lt. Col. Nakalema paraded Abid Alam before our cameras accusing him of having a hand in the last Saturday night attacks in Kassanda where goons related to him hacked one Samuel Kyabale, Arthur Mugenyi’s cattle keeper on the head, raped his wife, demolished houses and destroyed three acres of banana plantations.

All this allegedly originates from land wrangles in Nalutuntu, Bukompe village, Kassanda South Constituency in newly created Kassanda District  where a number of people have been killed, others wounded while hundreds evicted from their land which Abid Alam claims he owns.

On arresting Abid, President Museveni’s right hand woman Lt. Col. Nakalema said, she picked interest in the Kassanda night attack because of the heartless act of the attackers. 

“I have listened to the mother who was gang raped. I am hurt and this evil can not be accepted in this country.” On recieving pictures like these, I called Mr. Abid Alam to ask him to record a statement,” Said Lt. Col. Nakalema.

The news of  Abid Alams’ arrest excited area MP Hon. Simeo who has  always been crying out to the President,  the Speaker of Parliament, Justice Catherine Bamugemeirere’s commission of inquiry into land related issues among other forces to call Abid to order.

“This is not the first time these heinous crimes have been committed against my people. Last year alone, about 3 people were killed in Bukoba and Bukompe villages by Abid Alam’s workers. Some suspects where arrested and later were set free due to corrupt tendencies.”  Kassanda South MP Simeo Nsubuga narrates, “As the Area MP, together with my voters, we have tried our level best to report these  matters to relevant authorities. We reported to police and several case files have been opened but none has been successfully prosecuted.”

He sometime back referred the affected people to courts of law to open up civil suits against Abid Alam.

There  are currently  over 5 cases in Mubende High court and Kampala high court (land division) against Abid Alam.
Arthur Mugyenyi is one of those who went to court and secured a court injunction stopping Abid Alam from tresspassing on his land.

On Friday evening Hon. Simeo Nsubuga wrote this: “Dear fellow Ugandans, today all the  media platforms are dominated by the arrest of Abid Alam on crimes of malicious damage to property, aggravated robbery and gang rape allegedly committed by Abid Alarm and his workers/ kanyamas as per case Ref. Kassanda Police Station CRB 234/2020”.

“The alleged crimes where committed on Saturday night as  we were in quarantine to prevent the spread of Covid19. Over  60 of his  workers/kanyamas attacked the farm of Mr. Arthur Mugyenyi who is a resident of Bukoba village, Nalutuntu  Parish, Nalutuntu Sub-County in Kassanda SouthConstituency.” Hon. Simeo continued to state that, “During the attack they hacked Mr. Samuel Kyabale the cattle keeper of Mr. Mugyenyi to near death,  gang raped his  wife infront of  the children and the husband, destroyed two houses, cut a 3 acres Banana Plantation, took away 200 cows and 50 goats.”

Thanking Lt. Col.  Nakalema for arresting stubborn Abid, Hon. Simeo said, “But today he has been arrested with some of his workers/kanyamas. As am writing this, he is under police custody. I want to thank the security agencies for arresting this thug called Abid Alam who has  caused alot of suffering to our people in Kassanda South constituency and  kindly request  that dont stop at arresting him, let Abid Alam appear before the courts of law and answer for the crimes he has committed.”

“I have reported Abid Alam to H.E the President and submitted written reports. He brags around about how Uganda courts can’t manage him, he is feared by everybody. Our people are being killed because they resist illegal evictions. That is the situation in Kassanda South.” MP Simeo told media.

The last Saturday night incident, according to Hon. Simeo was commanded by notorious Akim Zirimenya, one of Abid’s manager who is now on the run.

“Akim Zirimenya has been in police cells on charges of murder and he was  released on Police Bond about 3 weeks ago and Abid Alam stood as his surety.” Says MP Simeo.

He vowed, “As People’s representative I will continue to use all the available legal avenues to expose the criminal acts of Abid Alam and his workers/kanyamas against my people and I call upon the security organs of this country to ensure that this time round Abid Alam and his agents are charged in courts of law.”

The MP says, he led his Kassanda South people who are being evicted from their bibanja by Abid to Justice Catherine  Bamugemeirere land Commission of inquiry, reported him to the Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament and presented the matter on the floor of Parliament.

Yesterday morning, this highly connected investor drove to Kassanda Police to write a Statement and after, was let to continue with his business.

He posted photos on a Mubende Political platform showing how he is a free man,  enjoying life at Bugoloobi Forest Mall with his colleagues.

We really don’t know where this is news will leave Hon. Simeo Nsubuga, but let him be informed that Abid isn’t in coolers.  

We are reliably informed, 10th Parliament legislators have swung in to stand with their colleague Simeo Nsubuga and want to check Abid’s impunity.

“We will handle Abid as Parliament. We are considering summoning him to our committee. Something must be done urgently.” Said a certain MP who spoke on a condition of anonymity.

Let’s watch the space




THE way President Museveni has demonstrated his fitness during the 30 Pressure ups he worked yesterday, excited his supporters among them, Kampala business mogul Godfrey Kirumira and now wants him to be added more 20 years in power.

The Kirumiras during the burial of businessman Yoweri Musumba in 2019

This comes after Mr. Museveni on Wednesday banned public or outdoor group exercise, aerobics, etc saying through this, Coronavirus can easily spread.

He advised the public to exercise from their rooms or homes just like he does. 

“I will tomorrow (Thursday) share a video and show you how to do exercise from your room.” Promised the president. He indeed shared it yesterday and it shows Mr. Museveni warming up and working out. His impressive pressureups have made the video go viral on social media. 

Hundreds like Music promoter Balam Barugahara have filmed themselves putting up a challenge.

However, on a certain NRM platform, former youth leader Adam Luzindana Buyinza jokingly posted how Balaam fainted while trying to imitate President Museveni. 

Referring to it as breaking news’, Adam Buyinza yesterday night wrote, “Balaam, a reknown music promoter and money magnet is admitted at Nakasero Hospital. He was immitating president Museveni’s pressureups and fainted.Doctors have confirmed that he is  out of danger and responding well to treatment.” “Balaam just stop at supporting Museveni, you cant match his stamina.The Man has challenged us all.” Said Adam, of Buyinza products.


The Kwagalana group chairman today evenning posted on The Think Platform that from what the world has seen, Mr. Museveni is fit to be in power for more 20 years.

Chairman Kirumira posted that: “Muzeeyi is still physically fit. He has like 20 years to lead this country OMG!”

Kirumira, one of the powerful businessmen in Kampala believes, the stamina demonsted by the Head of State, must silence those who had a belief that he is tired.

By 2021, President Museveni would have been in power for 35 years and will be 77 years old. 

Now Kwagalana Chairman wants Museveni to be added more 20 years and by the time that period expires, Muzeeyi will have ruled Uganda for 54 years and will be 96 years old.

However, opposition Forum for Democratic Change has refused to agree with tycoon Kirumira’s way of seeing things 

Responding to his post, Mr. Walid Lubega Mulindwa, FDC National Youth Chairman  has said, “Am so much disappointed in you Omukungu Godfrey Kirumira. So according to you, putting up 20-30 pressureups shows ability to lead the country? Don’t lift the man that high”.

President Museveni working out has put up a debate on social media, his supporters are saying their man is still a dangerous striker who can’t be substituted while those in opposition say, working out Pressureups and able leadership totally differ. 

Justine Nameere, who is a daughter to Hon. Minister Vincent Bamulagaki Ssempijja has written, “The ones who call themselves young need, to smoke weed first and I hear,  use waragi and other energy boosting drinks to have this stamina!”

“Yet the one they refer to as old is very fit, functioning on a toxic free body! It’s beyond doubt, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is the only youth in his Seventies. Jjaja Sevo Mzee wa Kaazi yo on fire,  yo beyond trending,  yo the trend. The video had 10,000 retweets in the first hour! Let’s burn them.” Writes Justine Nameere.

Another NRM youth Rameka Matsiko has posted marking Museveni’s today work out: 

Distance covered is equal to speed times time. Time taken = 2.25min. Estimated Speed = 30km/hr. Which is Also equivalent to 500mtrs per minute. Giving a total distance taken as 500×2.25=1125mtrs . It’s also equivalent to 1.125kilometres. Mzee is indeed gifted.


Not to allow President Museveni dominate the stage, People Power command centre has shared a 2019 recorded video of their Principal Hon. Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi training  boxing at his Magere palatial residence.

His wife Barbie was working out while rope skipping. 

“If it’s about fitness, you all know our presidential aspirant is a master in that game. You must have seen him with your naked eyes during the age limit scuffle in Parliament. Hon.Bobi Wine is ever physically fit.” Said Malimbolimbo, Bobi aide.




BANNAYUGANDA abali mu mawanga g’ebweru naddala mu ggwanga ly’Amerika batulaajanidde tubongere essaala oluvannyuma lw’ekirwadde kya Kolona okutugumbula omusawo Prossy Kabunga ng’ono abadde mwannyina w’omusumba Yawe Kalya!

Prossy Kabunga afiiridde ku mulimu ng’ataasa obulamu bw’abalwadde abalala mu Ssaza ly’Amerika eriyitibwa Boston Massachusetts mu kibuga Barrington Waltham ku ssaawa ttaano ez’ettuntu ly’eri.

Omugenzi Prossy Kabunga (aliko akasale) bw’abadde n’abafamire ye mu biseera eby’eddembe

Okusinziira ku atuweerezza eggulire lino ery’ennaku, Prossy Kabunga kati awezezzaomuwendo gwa bannayuganda 9 abakattibwa ekirwadde kino ki kalibukambwe  so nga bo abali ku ndiri, tobala. 

“Omugenzi era abadde akolera mu Nursing Homes era nga musawo omukugu.  Abadde muganda w’Omuky. Deborah Kalya ng’ono mumanyifu mu ssaza ly’e Boston. Famire eno emanyiddwa nnyo, bantu Balokole era nga bakolagana na buli muntu.” Omu ku basoose  okufuna amawulire g’okufa kwa Prossy Kabunga bweyatugambye ng’asinziira mu ggwanga ly’Amerika.

Tekinnamanyika oba amawulire ga mwannyina okufa ekirwadde kya Kolona, omusumba  Yawe Kalya, gamusanze Uganda ng’azze kulambula pulojekiti ze omuli amasomero.

Ku ntandikwa ya wiiki eno, Haji Mugerwa ng’ono ye taata wa munna FDC Eng. Arafat Kiggundu eyaliko omukulembeze w’abayizi mu Muteesa 1 Royal University naye ekirwadde kya Kolona kyamutugidde mu Amerika.

Kyasoose kutta mwannyina gweyali yagenda okukyalira.

Mugerwa yava Uganda n’ayitirako e Dubai ng’eno kirowoozebwa gyeyajja ekirwadde n’akiyingiza mu famire ya mwannyina mu Amerika.

Mukazi wattu gwekyasoka okujja mu bulamu bw’ensi n’aleka abaana be babiri nga bataawa mu ddwaliro. Kati Haji Mugerwa lwamututte kyokka ne muganda we omulala abeera mu Amerika eyajja okumulabako ng’akyalidde mwanyinaabwe, naye ekimbe kyamusise.




PRESIDENT Museveni yesterday night saluted His Majesty the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Kimera Muwenda Mutebi II for the financial and food contibutions he made towards feeding his hungry subjects during the lockdown and also fighting the spread of Coronavirus.
Mr. Museveni also thanked opposition People Power Movement led by Hon. Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi for showing solidarity in the fight against Covid -19 epidemic saying, “Thank you very much for joining your people.”
While addressing the Nation yesterday night, Museveni whose Speech lasted 90 minutes said, “I have appealed for donations, in particular I want us to build the transport fleet of the ministry of Health because as of now, we have a problem of how to transport  the Pregnant women from the villages without using the private vehicles which have their own problems.”
“The best way would be having enough Government vehicles to do the work. And I was estimating, if we have ten vehicles per a district since the districts are no longer too big these days, I think they would be reasonable.”he continued to say, “This means, we need between 1350 to 1400 vehicles Four wheel brand – new model double cabins. So I appeal to you, to contribute.”
Museveni who addressed the Nation from Nakasero State House said,  “And am glad, a number of People have contributed and on my list, are a number of people and companies. Kabaka donated UGX 100M.” 
On Tuesday,  His Majesty the Kabaka of Buganda sent his brother Prince David Kintu Wasajja alongside Kingdom top ministers and officials to deliver UGX 100 millions and other necessities which included a truck full of Maize flour branded ‘Ssaabaajja Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II Kabaka of Buganda’

They were handed to Prime minister Rt. Hon. Dr. Livingstone Ruhakana Rugunda who hailed Buganda Supreme leader for always standing with his subjects amidst all situations.
On People Power contribution, “Museveni who ordered Hon. Minister Karoro Okrut now in charge of all contributions to compile the  full list and be published in media, was very amused and all smiles as he was announcing Hon. Bobi Wine’s contribution. 

Food donated by People Power

Museveni said, “Oh People Power Kamwokya have contributed 50 bags of maize flour. Thank you very much people power.”
Causing prolonged laughter from the the First lady Janet Kataha Museveni, other cabinet ministers and security chiefs around.
He said, “People power has  brought Salt 30 Cartons & soap 30 boxes. Thank you so much. Now you see, you are now joining your people.”

Also Read https://www.newseditor.co.ug/2020/04/07/buy-my-people-food-kabaka-mutebi-tells-govt-as-prince-wasajja-delivers-100m-to-covid-19-task-force/


● His Majesty Kabaka Mutebi II – UGX 100M
● Huawei – Video confrence equipments for ministry of Health 
● Kireka LC 1 – UGX 1M
● Ham Foundation – UGX 100M
● Kaliro Sugar – 500 bags of Sugar
● Uganda Insurance Assurance – 1000 blankets
● Rwenzori bottled water – 30 Cartons
● Pepsi bottled water – 100 Cartons
● Crest foam mattress  – 200 pieces
● Rose foam mattresses – 200 pieces
● Euro form mattresses – 100 pieces
● Comfoam mattresses – 60 pieces
● Night Frank  – 60 pieces of mattresses
● Uganda Breweries – 60 pieces of Mattresses
● NC Bank – 60 pieces of mattresses
● Sprout Investments – 200 pieces of mattresses 
● Royal foam – 200 pieces of mattresses 
● Japan Auto Motors – 8 Vehicles & 100 Cartons of bottled water
● Coca cola bottling Century – 187 empty jericans
● Uganda Insurers – 1000 blankets
● Shell Vivo – 1000 Bedsheets  
● UBA Bank – USD 150,000
● Skin guard – 100 Cartons of sanitizers 
● Movit products Handwash soap – 200 Cartons, toilet soap 200 cartons
● Coffee – USD 40,000
● Mega Industries – 100 boxes of bar soap
● Darling Company – UGX 200M
● Igad – USD 100,000
● Seya & brothers – UGX 50M
● Consortium of Standard Chartered Bank –  UGX 100M
● Stabex – Cylinders for ministry of Health
● Sunbelt Industries – USD 30,000
● Indian Association – personal protective equipments 500 pieces, gloves 30,000 pieces, liquid soap 200 litres, face sheilds 90, hand sanitizers 1200 containers.
● Baraj group of Companies – 1000 litres of  sanitizers 
●  Abacus Pharmaceuticals – Dexto 5% 3000, Normal saline 3000, ringers 2010, fluids 1000, paracetamol 1000, black soap  17000 pieces
● Crown beverages -30 Cartons of water
● Synol hydro and power – Cooking oil, maize flour, mobile phones
● Blue Wave – 400 Cartons of water
● Doditor Group – 400 face masks, sanitizers 
● Madhivan – 200 pieces of mosquito nets
● Dott services – 1 pick up vehicle
● Tembo Steel – 1 pick up Vehicle
● Sudhir group of companies – 2 motor vehicles
●  People Power – 50 bags of maize flour, 30 Cartons of salt,  soap 30 boxes. 
● Government of India – 2 ambulances 
● People of Republic of China – 2 ambulances 
● Mulwana group  – 2 ambulances 
● Cho king international construction company – 200 blankets
● Stanbic – UGX 100M, gloves 5000, UGX 55M for fuel
● Airtel – internet data
● MTN – sending messages(List will be edited accordingly)


Museveni addressing the Nation
  1. A number of 213 tested NEGATIVE today out of the 214 samples tested for COVID19 (only one tested positive). 
  2. Currently a total of 53 cases have been confirmed positive for COVID19 out a total number of  3,600 tested for COVID19.
    3.  Public/ outdoor group exercise/ aerobics etc  have been PROHIBITED. The public has been advised to exercise from their room/ home. The President has promised to share a video of his personal tips on  how to do exercises from your room. 
    4.  Anyone that violates the health emergency recommendations the shall be charged with attempted murder. E.g secret bars in homes , communal prayers. 
  3. Security agents have been cautioned against beating civilians and have been urged to make arrests and charge offenders furthermore security officers that are not performing their duties will lose their jobs, be arrested and will be charged with murder 
  4. All Bodaboda riders should stop operating by 2PM. No more bodabodas will be allowed on the road after 2PM.
  5. Politicians that are still distributing food during this time  are defying the health emergency rules and are going to be arrested and charged with attempted murder and granted no bail.
  6. Landlords have been PROHIBITED from evicting tenants that are defaulting on their rent payment and the President has asked Police to intervene in these cases. 
  7. Land border points of entry in the beginning may have let persons through without critical screening as compared to the airport. However these are being followed up together with the vigilance of the local community around these land border  points of entry.
  8. “Double-cabin” and “pick-ups” that are not carrying cargo are not allowed on the road. 
  9. Cargo transporters carrying passengers will be arrested and charged with murder. 
  10. Breakdown of the positive cases: 9 (identified at the airport) 31(were among the persons in quarantine) 13 (contacts of infected returnees)
  11. A total number 18,862 people have entered the country since 7th March. Some of these returnees are in the community . Some of these asymptomatic persons maybe shedding the virus. These are being traced and will be tested from their homes. 
  12. A total number of  960 people who were in contact  with the positive “13” are being followed up.
  13. All cargo personnel coming into the country are going to be tested with effect from tommorow. Including persons coming in through the “porous” areas of the borders 
  14. Health Center III personnel don’t take community based samples. The collection “hubs” have personnel and equipment to collect samples from suspected cases. Samples will be collected at the home of the suspected case. The public has been discouraged from going to the collection “hubs”.
  15. Re-opening of Schools are still scheduled for the 27th April, however this is subject to revision based on the trend of current  emergency situation. 


Asked to say something during the presidential address, Rt. Hon. Prime minister Rugunda said, “His Excellency has assigned Hon. Mary Karoro Okurut minister in charge of General duties in office of the Prime minister a political responsibility to make sure this fund is build up and administered properly.”
“The President has also assigned Dorothy Kisaka to be the administrator of this fund. He appointed a team of Ugandans with a lot of experience in matters of this nature and the team is likely to be announced tomorrow (today).” Said Rugunda who thanked Mr. Lubega, LC 1 Chairman Kireka village who was able to mobilize 1M.
He promised the Nation that “This fund will be managed well, professionally and transparently, and regular publication of what has been contributed would be issued by the overall cordinator of the fund, Hon. Mary Karoro Okurut.”



BY TONNY NDUGU For Citizen Digital

The National Council on the Administration of Justice (NCAJ) after multi-agency consultations has resolved to release 4800 prisoners who are serving time for petty offences.

The decision was informed by the need to decongest Kenyan prisons in light of the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

In a statement sent out to the media, NCAJ however noted that new prisoners are being isolated for the requisite 14 days.

This is in strict adherence to the safety measures put in place by the National Emergency Response Committee on coronavirus as regards to social distancing.

Movement of prisoners has also been strictly restricted with NCAJ adding that all prison visits have been suspended.

The prison workforce has also been reduced to a bare minimum and visits to staff quarters also suspended to avert the spread of the COVID-19 disease.

The latest comes a day after Kenya confirmed an additional 22 cases of the new coronavirus, bringing the total number of infections to 81.

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe said on Wednesday that 21 out of the 22 cases were people currently in mandatory quarantine.

“We have tested over 300 Kenyans and out of those 22 have tested positive. This is the largest number we have received in a day,” he said.

According to the CS, the new cases are 18 Kenyans, two Pakistanis and two Cameroon nationals.

He further revealed that 13 of the cases are males and 9 are females: one of them is a patient admitted to Mombasa Hospital.

“That tells you importance of exercise we have been carrying out because they would have infected other people,” Kagwe said.

CS Kagwe urged Kenyans to adhere to the stringent measures imposed by government but clarified that food trucks are allowed to move as are vehicles ferrying food across the border.

“What we are stopping is meetings that are against social distancing,” he said.

The Government announced a 7pm to 5am curfew that took effect on March 27. It prohibits public gatherings and processions during the curfew.

Police IG Hilary Mutyambai said any person who violates the curfew commits an offence and will be arrested and charged in a court of law.



PHOTO: Parade leader invites Chief guest Hon. Mukasa to inspect parade of Kabowa Church of Uganda Primary School students on Sataday


MEMBER of Parliament for Rubaga South Hon. Mukasa Aloysius Talton Gold has offered to pay UGX 30000 for each stray dog killed in Rubaga after they attacked his constituents causing panic and fear in the area. The MP announced this offer when he was hosted on 107.9 fm Pearl fm.
A worried Mukasa said as an area MP he has talked to the authorities like KCCA to prevail over the stray dogs in the constituency which bite his constituents, but in vain!
“Now I have decided to put 30000 shillings to every stray dog killed, may be that is how we will manage to defeat them before killing our people.” NUP MP Mukasa told listeners of the Namwatulira show on Pearl fm.
Yesterday, while officiating at Kabowa Church of Uganda Primary School Sports day, MP Mukasa cautioned parents and their children on their safety from stray dogs which invaded the area.

Hon. Mukasa who also, with some parents participated directly in the sports activities talked about the outbreak of red eye in schools and communities, , calling for isolation of those infected, avoid touching eyes, wash hands and always seek for medication If you get any symptoms.

The Mukasa also urged parents to always introduce the young ones earlier to the formal education system.

He pledged to level the School’s playing field to enable smooth sports activities for the learners.

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PHOTO: Premier Mayiga, Deputy Speaker Tayebwa receives Speaker Anita Among at Bulange Mengo


ON being given a thunderous welcome as she arrives at Bulange-Mengo, Buganda Kingdom Headquarters today morning, The Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament has hailed the royal family, Katikkiro Charles Peyer Mayiga and Kingdom officials.

PHOTO: Mayiga welcomes Speaker Among. Left is her deputy Thomas Tayebwa

PHOTO: Katikkiro, Speaker and Deputy Speaker first held a meeting

Powerful Anita Among who was received by her Deputy Thomas Tayebwa, Premier Charles Peter Mayiga, Commissioner of Parliament Owek. Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba among others said, “I am immensely honoured to pay this courtesy visit to the Royal Kingdom of Buganda and to be part of the Kabaka Royal Birthday Run, 2024.”

GIVE A HUG MY SPEAKER: Mayiga hugs Anita Among

Madam Speaker noted that, “Besides just registering for the Run, we are here to officially declare our support for the Kabaka Royal Birthday Run, 2024. As the Parliament of Uganda, we identify with this year’s theme; ‘Men are stars in the fight against HIV/AIDS to save the Girl Child. We are cognizant of the effect of HIV/AIDS on our population and we welcome the effort of the Buganda Kingdom in complementing Government’s effort in combating HIV/AIDS.”

PHOTO: Speaker and her deputy talking to the press

The 11th Parliament Speaker revealed that, this will certainly contribute to the UNAIDS target of eliminating HIV/AIDS as a public health threat by 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that have a common cross-cutting health theme.
“May the unity exhibited here today be the spirit of confronting Uganda’s common challenges and paving way for sustainable growth and development.” Said Madam Soeaker calling all Members of the Public to register and participate in this run so as to support the noble cause.

Speaker Anita and her entourage left Mengo minutes ago after buying Kabaka’s birthday run kits worth UGX 50M.
We are coming with meeting details

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VALUED PHOTO: Queen Sylivia Nagginda and Speaker Anita Among in a jovial mood. The two are great friends


OVER 100 Members of Parliament have accompanied The Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament Anita Annet Among and her deputy Rt. Hon. Thomas Tayebwa to Bulange Mengo to give a boost to The Kabaka’s birthday run due this Sunday on April 7, 2024.
First to arrive was Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa and a number of MPs and by press time, Speaker Anita was enroute to Bulange Mengo, Buganda Kingdom Headquaters.
Maama Bukedea will be received by the Royal family,  Kingdom Premier Charles Peter Mayiga and a number of Kabaka’s Minister.
Speaker and her deputy, will then have a meeting with Premier Mayiga and a few selected officials and then after, will join other members of Parliament.
Madam Speaker is expected to address Kabaka’s subjects and then buy Kabaka’s birthday kits.

Security has been tightened at Bulange Mengo, army and police deployed as number three arrives. Kabaka birthday run is organised every year  to see Aids end by 2030.  
“As you may be aware, the annual Kabaka Birthday run is slated for 7th April 2024. Proceeds from this run will aid interventions against HIV/AIDS.
The Parliament of Uganda will support and participate at the Kabaka Birthday Run.
Tomorrow morning , I will lead a team of Members of Parliament to Bulange, Mengo at the invitation of Katikkiro to formally submit our support.”
Speaker Anita posted on her X platform, yesterday

This is a developing story, the mighty News Editor media will keep you posted.

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LEAD PHOTO: Ms. Tatra Mary attended NUP gathering in Boston, MA, recently. She was dressed in a tshirt with Bobi Wine’s portrait having words, ‘Mr. President’. This puts her in NRM government’s bad books.

Senior Investigator

RENOWNED Human Rights defender and Political Activist Tatra Mary Musheshe finds herself in the crosshairs of Uganda’s political landscape, her family reveals. 
Fleeing the country in 2013 amidst escalating threats, Tatra’s advocacy for change alongside opposition leaders from Dr. Kizza Besigye’s Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and National Unity Platform (NUP) has incurred the wrath of the ruling NRM government.

STOP HARASSING OUR SUPPORTERS: Bobi Wine warns government

Central to the regime’s ire is Tatra’s collaboration with NUP Vice President Dr. Lina Zedriga Waru and the opposition leader in Uganda, Hon. Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi, popularly known as Bobi Wine. According to intelligence briefing, Ms. Tatra is one of the leading Bobi Wine’s trusted NUP Mobilizers in Diaspora. State operatives believes she is behind mobilising Diaspora with the backing of LGBT + Q to give the regime sleepless nights.

PHOTO: President Museveni accused opposition of being supported by foreigners and LGBT+Q to distablize his government. He threated to deal with them. He was officially opening Bukedea Teaching Hospital and Bukedea College of Health Sciences both established by the Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Anita Annet Among. NUP is higlighted for being Pro LGBT+Q

Her concerted efforts to challenge the status quo has placed Tatra and her family under constant surveillance and intimidation by state operatives.
Government officials, including the National Resistance Movement (NRM) chairman Haji Abudallah Kitatta and Mr. Kamuntu Majambere commonly known as ‘Empologoma ya Museveni (President Museveni’s Lion) have issued veiled threats against Tatra and her allies, vowing to quash dissent and maintain the current political order at any cost.
Appearing on Dream televion, a Christian based tv station in Uganda owned by Pastor Dr. Joseph Serwadda of Victory Christian Centre Church in Uganda, Kitatta and Majembere warned Tatra and whoever is challenging the NRM regime that their days are counted, they will be arreted and pay for their sins.

PHOTO ABOVE: When Majambere (Museveni’s lion) appeared on Dream tv and sent a tough warning message to Ms. Tatra on supporting Bobi Wine to challenge NRM regime.

Opposition in Uganda says, such rhetoric underscores the precarious position faced bķy individuals daring to speak out against entrenched power structures.
Recently, Leader of opposition in Parliament of Uganda tasked Prime minister Nabbanja to tell public the whereabout of opposition leaders and hundreds of their supporters accusing the State of persecuting oposition politicians.

ABOVE: Leader of Opposition in Parliament Rt. Hon. Joel Ssenyonyi gave Prime minister Robinah Nabbanja had time on mising Ugandans like Tatra Mary who allegedly fled the country over opposing the ruling NRM government

Despite the risks, Tatra like many other opposition politicians, remains undeterred, leveraging her legal background and activism to mobilize support for regime change. 
She continues to advocate for change in the diaspora through the Intellectual Property Rights Initiative (IPRI-Africa) an IP and Human Rights Advocacy organization she formed while in Uganda. 
Her association with IPRI-Africa underscores her commitment to holding the regime accountable for human rights abuses and political repression.
No wonder, Tatra and political activist for Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Preacher Doreen Nyanjura the current Deputy Lord Mayor of Kampala City linked again in 2022 in Boston, Massachusetts for the purpose of mobilization and advocating for change of the NRM government.

ABOVE; In 2022, Ms. Tatra (middle) was cited with ‘The FDC Preacher’ Deputy Lord Mayor of Kampala City Doreen Nyanjura (right). The two linked up again in Boston, Massachusetts USA for a strategic meeting. Left is Samuel Kiberu.

However, Tatra’s activism has come at a great personal cost. A colleague she advocated for change with through the FDC party, lawyer Nasser Mubonde, recounts a harrowing acid attack in 2014, a chilling reminder of the dangers inherent in challenging authority. His ordeal serves as a stark warning of the lengths to which the state will go to silence dissent.

HEARTTLESS! FDC Lawyer Nasser Mubonde who was attacked with acid a few days after Tatra had fled the country. The two were very close

PHOTO: NUP women protest over the continued arrest of their own Olivia Lutaaya.

As Tatra’s whereabouts remain shrouded in secrecy, the specter of state reprisal looms large. Will she evade capture and continue her advocacy from abroad, or will the long arm of the law reach her? The answers remain uncertain, but one thing is clear: the struggle for change in Uganda is far from over. Let’s watch the space! 

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PHOTO: Chief Petitioner Kamuntu Majjambere


OVER 500 Members of the ruling NRM Party in Lubaga led by a one Kamuntu Majjambere commonly known as ‘Empologoma ya Museveni’, have petitioned Rt. Hon. Richard Todwong the NRM Secretary General requesting gor a meeting on Wednesday March 27, 2024 to present a case against Haji Abudallah Kitatta saying he is nolonger fit to be the Party Chairman for Rubaga District.

PHOTO: Kitatta addressing NRM leaders in Lubaga recently. A group of NRM members want him out of office over incompetence and abuse of office.

In a petition dated March 19, 2024 copied to legal Director NRM and the NRM EC boss, petitioners requested SG for a meeting with NRM concerned members in Rubaga District for discussions on Article 46 Section 1 (C) of the NRM Constitution Reprint 2015.
Petition reads, “Whereas Article 9 of the NRM Constitution empowers us among many other things to take full and active part in discussions, formulations and implementation of policies of the NRM where we belong. Its from the above mandate that we seek for an appointment to meet you as the Secretary General of the Party with the mandate under Article 40, Section 9, Subsections (a), (b), (c), (e), (f), (g), (h), (i), (j) and (k) of the NRM Party Constitution.”
Rubaga NRM Members say, “We tend to discuss on the operationalization of the NRM Party Constitution within Rubaga among which are, Article 46 Section 1 subsection c, of the NRM Constitution Reprint 2015, it is within your discretionary powers that if you see it deemed fit to also invite Director Legal services of the NRM Party of the above meeting.”
“We the undersigned five hundred members and leaders bellow intend to attend in person and we shall be at the NRM Party offices at plot 10, Kyadondo on Wednesday March 27, 2024 at 9am ready for a meeting.” Reads the petition.
We are reliably informed, the petitioners are led by Mr. Kamuntu Majambere who already vowed to contest for the NRM Chairman Rubaga District in the forth coming elections.
Kamuntu Majambere says, Kitatta isn’t fit to be the party leader in Lubaga, he has cases of abuse of office, Misconduct or Misbehaviour, Incompetence, mismanagement among others.
“Such a person with that dirt can’t be our leader. The Party Constitution is very clear on this. We want to meet our party SG and we have a discussion about the legal implications.” Said Majambere Kamuntu commonly known as Empologoma ya Museveni.
The petition attached with are the over 500 petitioners was received by the offices if top bosses at the Party headquarters. However Kitatta says, Majjambere and team are just logging a dead horse!



● Cites KCCA Act, S.32 Saying The Removal Of A Mayor Or Deputy Mayor Of A Division Urban Council Shall Follow A Prescribed Procedure.
● Supporters of Kampala Central Division Deputy Mayor Hanipher Mpungu And Rubaga Deputy Mayor Rehema Fugge Celebrate ED Kisaka’s Legal Opinion


WE TOLD YOU! The appointment of councilor Maureen Tumusiime Kabananura as Deputy Mayor Kampala Central and councilor Fatumah Nansubuga Muguluma as Rubaga Division Urban Council Deputy Mayor was lllegitimate. That mayors Uhuru Saad Salim and Zacchy Mberaze Mawula had no powers to remove their deputies!
Finally KCCA Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka’s legal opinion on the matter is out, showing the two mayors did not follow a prescribed procedure. Mayors Uhuru and Mberaze have been served with the ED Kisaka’s legal opinion.
Hon. Hanipher Mpungu is the Kampala Central Division Urban Council legitimate Deputy Mayor and Rehema Sanyu Fugge is the legitimate Deputy Mayor for Rubaga Division Urban Council as per ED Kisaka’s legal opinion.
In a seven page letter dated February 5, 2024 to Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Execitive Director Kisaka interpreted KCCA Act showing that the procedure followed to remove a mayor is exactly the same deputy mayor is removed, mayor has no powers to remove his or her deputy.
Citing, KCCA Act 2011, S.32, ED Kisaka’s letter to Lord mayor Lukwago reads, “The removal of a Mayor or Deputy Mayor of a Division Urban Council shall follow a prescribed procedure.”
“I am therefore, hereby forwarding the guidance as by the law provided to guide any action in that regard.” Read ED Kisaka’s letter copied to all Division Mayors, Deputy Executive Director, Director Legal Affairs
Director Administration and Human Resource (KCCA) and to all Division Town Clerks.
Kisaka’s legal opinion comes after Kampala Central Division Mayor Salim Saad Uhuru ‘Nsubuga’ on January 25, 2024 purpotedly made reshuffles in his cabinet and dropped his deputy Hanipher Mpungu for Councilor Maureen Tumusiime Kabananura, a move legally contested by Mpungu’s lawyers of Mudiobole & Co Advocates. 
In a petition to ED Kisaka dated January 29, 2024, Hajjat Mpungu’s lawyers said, “It’s from the above purported reshuffle of our client (Hanipher Mpungu) that we contend that the same was in utter abuse of the Mayor’s powers as he does not have the authority to remove a Deputy mayor from office.”
Lawyers clearly said, “The process of removal of a Deputy Mayor is well elaborated in the KCCA Act 2010 as Amended and the same does not give powers to the Mayor.” Kisaka has agreed with Mpungu’s lawyers.
First to make this legal blunder was Rubaga Division Urban Council Mayor Zacchy Mberaze Mawula who purpotedly removed his deputy Rehema Sanyu Fugge and replaced her with councilor Fatumah Muguluma Nansubuga an illegality which was strongly contested by Fugge’s lawyers.
In a letter dated December 18, 2023 drafted by the Fugge’s Lawyers, Luganda, Ojok & Co. Advocates to the Executive Director
Kampala Capital City Authority Dorothy Kisaka, she was advised to dustbin Muguluma’s appointment because it had no legal backing.
A two page letter from Fugge’s Lawyers read, “That on the 14th day of December, 2023 in a council sitting at Gevine Hotel, the Division Mayor H/W Mberaze Zacchy Mawula entered the said session and a motion was moved to amend the Order Paper to include the Speech of the Mayor as one if the items of the Session.”
“That in the Mayor’s Speech, the Mayor informed the Council that he had made some reshuffle in the executive of the Division to wit: He replaced the deputy mayor (Our Client) with Councilor Muguluma Nansubuga Fatumah among others.” Reads the letter to KCCA ED Kisaka.
“We therefore write to you as the Executive Director whose functions as per the KCCA Act Section 19 (a) (d) (e) (g) and (h) include; to advise theAuthority on technical, administrative and legal matters pertaining to the management of the Authority; and (h) implement lawful decisions taken by the Authority.
To veto the unlawful decision that was purpotedly made by the Mayor of Lubaga Urban Division so that it is not implemented as its contrary to Section 28 of the same KCCA ACT.”

Section 32 and Section 12(1) of Kampala Capital City Act, 2010 (as amended) provides for the grounds for the removal of a mayor or deputy mayor of a division urban council. Provides; 
“The mayor or deputy mayor of a division urban council may be removed on any of the following grounds-
(a) Abuse of office;
(b) Incompetence;
(c) Corruption;
(d) Misconduct or Misbehaviour;
(e) Physical or Mental Incapacity as would render the chairperson or vice chairperson incapable of performing his or her duties;
(f) Failure to convene council meetings;
(g) The holder commits a breach of the Leadership Code of Conduct for which the punishment imposed includes vacation of office.”
Furthermore, Section 12(2) of the Kampala Capital City Authority (as amended) provides that, 
“Notwithstanding subsection (1), the seat of a mayor or deputy mayor shall fall vacant if-
(a) the holder resigns in writing addressed to the Minister;
(b) the holder commits a breach of the Leadership code of conduct and the punishment imposed includes the vacation of office;
(c) the holder accepts appointment to a public office;
(d) the holder is sentenced to death or imprisonment exceeding six months without the option of a fine;
(e) the holder is convicted of an offence involving dishonesty or moral turpitude; or
(f) circumstances arise which disqualify the holder from occupying the office under any other law.”


STEP 1 – Section 12(3) of the Kampala Capital City Authority Act
● A Petition in writing signed by not less than one-third of all the members of the Council shall be submitted to the Minister –
(a) stating that the members intend to pass a resolution of the Council to remove the Mayor or Deputy Mayor on any of the grounds set out in Section 32; 
(b) setting out the particulars of the charge supported by the necessary documents, where applifable, on which it is claimed that the conduct of the Mayor or Deputy Mayor be investigated for the purpose of his or her removal.
NB: Where a person has signed a petition, he or she shall not withdraw their signature supporting the petition [Section 12(4)].

STEP 2 – Section 12(1) of Kampala Capital City Authority Act
● Council passes a resolution supported by not less than two thirds majority of all the members of the council on any of the following grounds-
(a) Abuse of office;
(b) Incompetence;
(c) misconduct or misbehaviour;
(d) physical and mental incapacity rendering him or her incapable of performing the duties of deputy mayor;
(e) corruption

STEP 3 – Section 12(d) of Kampala Capital City Authority Act
● The minister responsible for Kampala shall evaluate the petition in consultation with the Attorney General.
● If the minister is satisfied that there are sufficient grounds in the petition, he or she shall, within twenty-one days after receipt of the petition, constitute a tribunal to investigate the allegations.
● The tribunal shall consist of a Magistrate not below Grade 1 or a person qualified to be appointed a Magistrate not below Grade 1 as Chairperson and two other persons all of whom shall be appointed by the minister in consultation with the Magistrate.
NB: The Mayor or Deputy Mayor is entitled to appear at the proceedings of the tribunal and to be repreented by a lawyer or other expert or person of his or her choice.

STEP 4 – Section 12(8) of the Kampala Capital City Authority Act
● If the tribunal determines that there is a valid case for the removal of the Mayor or Deputy Mayor on grounds of abuse of office, incompetence, misconduct or misbehavior and corruption, the tribunal shall submit the report to the minister.
● The minister shall within fourteen days of receipts of the report of the tribunal present it to the Council.
● A member shall move a motion for the resolution for the removal of the Mayor or Deputy Mayor in council within fourteen days after presentation of the report by the minister to council. 
● Thereafter, if the council passes the resolution supported by the votes of not less than two-thirds of all members of the council, the Mayor or Deputy mayor shall cease to hold the office.

STEP 1 – Section 12(8)  and (9) of the Kampala Capital City Authority Act;
● Submission of a petition in writing to the minister for Kampala signed by not less than one-third of all members of council stating-
(a) That they intend to pass a resolution of the council for the removal of the mayor or deputy mayor from office on grounds of physical or mental incapacity, and
(b) Giving particulars of the alleged incapacity.

STEP 2 – Section 12(10) of the Kampala Capital City Authority Act
● The minister shall, within seven days after receipt of a petition, cause a copy to be submitted to the Mayor or Deputy Mayor, Speaker, Executive Director and the Chief Magistrate.

STEP 3 – Section 12(11) of the Kampala Capital City Authority Act
● The chief Magistrate, shall within seven days after receipt of the notice and in consultation of the medical council, constitute a medical board comprising of three qualified medical specialists to examine the Mayor or Deputy mayor in respect of the alleged incapacity and to report its findings to the minister

STEP 4 – Section 12(12) of the Kampala Capital City Act
● Upon constitution of the medical board, the Chief Magistrate shall inform the mayor or deputy mayor within seven days.

STEP 5 – Section 12(13) of the Kampala Capital City Authority Act
● The Medical bord shall examine the Mayor or Deputy Mayor within 14 days after the chief magistrate has informed the Mayor or Deputy Mayor of the constitution of the medical board.

STEP 6 – Section 12(14) of the Kampala Capital City Authority Act
● The Mayor or Deputy Mayor shall submit himself or herself to the medical board for examination on a day and time determined by the medical board.

STEP 7 – Section 12(15) of the Kampala Capital City Authority Act
● If the medical board determines that the Mayor or Deputy Mayor is unable to perform the functions of Mayor or Deputy Mayor by reasons of physical or mental incapacity and in addition, council passes the resolution for his or her removal supported by the votes of not less than two-thirds of all the members of the council, the Mayor or Deputy mayor shall cease to hold office.
NB: If the medical board reports that the Mayor or Deputy mayor has failed to submit him or herself to the medical board within the time prescribed and the council passes the resolution for his or her removal supported by the votes of not less than two-thirds of all the members of the council, the Mayor or Deputy Mayor shall cease to hold office [(Section 12(16)]

STEP 8 – Section 12(17) of the Kampala Capital City Authority Act
● The minister shall within fourteen days of receipt of the report of the medical board present it to the council.

STEP 9 – Section 12(18) of the Kampala Capital City Authority Act
● The Motion for a resolution for removal of the Mayor or Deputy Mayor shall be moved in the Council within fourteendays after receipt by the minister for Kampala of the report of the medical board.
NB: The resolution for the removal of the mayor or deputy mayor must be moved in the council within fourteen days failure of which shall render the resolution time barred.

STEP 10 – Section 12(19) of the Kampala Capital City Authority Act
● The Mayor or Deputy Mayor is entitled to appear and be heard during the proceedings of the council relating to the motion for a resolution or may be represented by an advocate or other expert of his or her chioce.

APPEALS – Section 12(19) of the Kampala Capital City Authority Act
A person who is removed as Mayor or Deputy mayor may appeal to the High court within twenty-one days after the decission is communicated to him or her and the High court may confirm or revoke the decission to remove him or her and make any order that court considers just in the matter.

(In our next story, we will show you why it is hard to remove a Mayor or Deputy Mayor in Kampala)

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UNIQUE PHOTO: 2026 Nyendo-Mukungwe MP Aspirant Rtn. Lubowa Ssebina Gyaviira receiving Princess Agnes Nabaloga at Makerere University to officially open Sir. Edward Muteesa II Museum on Wednesday


ON WEDNESDAY February 21, 2024, HRH Dr. Naalinya Lubuga Agnes Nabaloga officiated at the opening of Kabaka Sir Edward Mutesa II Museum at Makerere University, one of the oldest and most prestigious Universities in Africa.
This site was the on-campus private residence of Sir Edward Muteesa II while he was a student of Literature (1943-1945). 

For starters, Muteesa II was the 35th Kabaka of Buganda and the first President of Uganda. He was the father of His Majesty Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, the reigning Kabaka. 
Makerere University honored her prominent alumnus, Ssekabaka Mutesa II by opening a museum in this house.
Kabaka’s sister Naalinya Nabaloga was accompanied by her brother, Prince David Kintu Wasajja, other royals and Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga.
Notable among MUK top leadership who welcomed the royal family at the leading institution for academic excellence, research and innovations were; Barnabas Nawangwe Professor of Architecture and Vice Chancellor Makerere University, rotarian Lubowa Ssebina Gyaviira a prominent politician in Mukungwe-Nyendo Masaka, also founder of Lubowa Ssebina Foundation, and other University officials.

Lubowa Ssebina a member of the opposition NUP Party eyeing Member of Parliament for Nyendo-Mukungwe Constituency in 2026, our cameras got him talking to the Chief guest Naalinya Nabaloga and we can authoritatively reveal what Mr. Ssebina was telling Nnaalinya Nabaloga.
Lubowa Ssebina said, “What an incredible day it has been! We were honoured to welcome you Naalinya Agnes Nabaloga at this prestigious Makerere University to officiate the opening of your father Sir Edward Muteesa II Museum. History and culture intertwine as we celebrate this momentous occasion!” 
He was also seen talking to Prince David Kintu Wasajja and Premier Charles Peter Mayiga. For your info, Lubowa Ssebina Gyaviira and Katikkiro are buddies. They recently attended a Kingdom function in Masaka and were close.

PHOTO: Rtn. Lubowa Ssebina Gyaviira (in a kanzu) with Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga (extreme right)

At the MUK historic function, HRH Dr. Naalinya Lubuga Agnes Nabaloga presented photos of his father, Sir Edward Mutesa II while he was at Makerere Universiry as a contribution to the museum collection. From Makerere University Muteesa II joined Cambridge University in Great Britain where he completed his studies.

Premier Mayiga commended Makerere University leadership for renovating this house and transforming it into a great museum about Sir Edward Muteesa II.
“In a special way, we thank Vice Chancellor Prof. Banarbas Nawangwe and the entire leadership at Makerere University for this great innovation.” , Said Mayiga. Sir Edward Muteesa II Museum is located at plot 5, Quarry Rd, Makerere Hill.

Photo credit: Buganda Kingdom official
Later in the day, Naalinya Lubuga Agnes Nabaloga officially opened the Mother Language Day conference at Makerere University. The Princess, emphasised the role of mother languages in forging unity in diversity.

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PHOTO: Author Jamil Kazibwe


FOR certain reasons, the MK Movement, that reveres President Yoweri Museveni’s son, Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba (MK), launched an entity called the Patriotic League of Uganda (PLU). 

PHOTO: Launching of PLU on February 7, 2024
This is after some years moving across Uganda declaring his ‘coming’ to participate in the 2026 elections possibly to unseat his father Yoweri Kaguta Museveni as president.
During the launch, Gen. Muhoozi didn’t attend reportedly out of the country, but several of his loyalists were present and has since then embarked on appointing regional coordinators of PLU which in theory is a ‘pressure group’ but in effect an obvious political party.

PHOTO: NRM’s Capt. Mike Mukula speaking during launch of PLU
No matter how one views, the PLU establishment is hiding under the posture of ‘pressure group’ to do political activities around the country without appropriate legality. 
The danger in this is what is inteprete as fooling of voters as well as the intimidation unleashed to certain sections of Ugandans. Multiple times, MK Movement (now PLU) members have uttered out strong words which really spook the public. 
Circumstances, according to what they are, clearly indicate signs of something the PLU group is masking but determined to strike an appearance of unifying the country and turnaround things. 
Under the guise of ‘correcting the NRM mess’, the PLU has only been good at dancing around the questions without a clear strategy on table to solve the country’s challenges.
What Hon. David Kabanda (MP Kasambya County) and some members ofd his clique do is to blame NRM, a party they have disappointed but now working so hard to split with baseless and childish claims against its leaders, ministers and President Museveni. 
There is an allegation by a former Busiro South MP aspirant, Paul Owor, that a certain PLU MP (names withheld) fleeced him to the tune of UShs50 million. The businessman claims to have paid the money to this MP in order to help him meet the president to seal a deal with investors. However, the MP went AWOL leaving Owor stranded. 
Such allegations, plus more among which a sex worker took to Twitter (now X) claiming that the MP owes her money for unpaid services, expose the PLU group that gives false hope to Ugandans. 
Some members of the PLU have for long had issues with honesty with some dubbed as mafias. They have been involved in financial, sexual and other controversies with some appearing before court and then convicted.
All forms of corruption hinder the implementation of NRM/government programmes, yet prominent members of PLU have been implicated in this vice which hurts the economy beyond the embezzlement, the bribery and extortion. 
The PLU clique should state exactly what it wants but not beat around the bush. Further, the members cannot be trusted with governance however much they have publicised their hunger for it using power games. 
NRM and President Museveni, apparently are steering the country for steady progress with no strong tussle from the opposition. The ‘standby generator’ as well as ‘empologoma envubuka’ narratives make no sense now after all we know only one ‘mpologoma’ (lion) – that is the Kabaka of Buganda. 
The ‘mpologoma nvubuka’ slogan will not only cause tribal outrage but also land Gen. Muhoozi into a bitter row with Baganda, who do not want anyone to equate themselves to the kabaka (king). 
The PLU therefore on this, should mind their actions/words or else they could offend Buganda and oodles backfire. 
Catchphrases like ‘Jjajja Tova Ku Main’ of ONC’s Hadijah Namyalo, are fine as they don’t create tensions and attract negative reactions. 
No doubt these slip-ups will glumly cost Gen. Muhoozi in his bid to become president. His association with people like Kabanda, Gashumba and others is perilous and leaves many questions unrequited. It casts doubt on the PLU agenda. 
It’s high time Muhoozi distanced himself from this gang lest his image is relentlessly damaged.

The writer Jamil Kazibwe, is the Coordinator, Greater Masaka Office of NRM National Chairman (ONC)



LEAD PHOTO: Hamis Kiggundu taking Ist lady around the newly constructed Nakivubo stadium. Mrs. Museveni said the country is proud of this investor


THE First Lady of Uganda Mama Janet Kataha Museveni who doubles as Educcation and Sports Minister today evening toured the newly constructed Hamz Stadium Nakivubo War Memorial Ground, congratulating money magnet Hamis Kiggundu for such an excellent job welldone! 
Accompanied by State minister for sports Peter Ogwang and other top government officials, First lady was received by Ham Group of Companies CEO Hamis Kiggundu, his brother Yasin Ssentongo and other officials amidst tight security! 

Mrs Museveni and her entourage were taken around the facility and the decelopments impressed First Lady.

In the visitors book Mrs. Museveni has written, “For the Ministry of Education and Sports, the NRM Government is very proud to see the examples of our young people begin to build Uganda by putting up projects such as this one. We congratulate Ham Kiggundu for this excellent job.”

Hon. Kataha Museveni noted that, a project like this developed by a Ugandan, is worth celebrating.
“Many times you find African countries think they can’t do things themselves, always want people to come from else where to do work for them. Hamis Kiggundu has opened up a new chapter.” Said Mrs. Museveni.

She said, this great work is done by a Ugandan, “And all the young people can come here and others from elsewhere to enjoy Nakivubo stadium. To have a sports facility like this one, Ugandans will always know that something to be proud of and Ham you are giving a good example to those coming after you. It is time we start doing things ourselves. That is how countries grow.”

She revealed how we look at developed countries and we think we cant make it like they do.
“But when people know and they are confident of themselves, they build their own countries. When you wait for others to do it for you, you countries will never develop because those you are waiting for to do work for you, have other things to think about for their own countries. That is why African had to wait a bit longer but this is the time now.” Said Mrs. Museveni.

Saluting tycoon Hamis Kiggundu, First Lady said, “We have a new generation that is motivated and that is why NRM leaders fought that Ugandans and all Africans can do things themselves. So i come here on behalf of Government i know you will have an opportunity when the president will come himself. But on behalf of the sector which stands for Government, i come here to say thank you.”

Hamis Kigundu thanked Mrs. Museveni for visiting the facility and her words of encouragement, also thanking President Museveni for the political support he has given to this leading local investor.
The Head of State is expected any time from now to visit and officially launch Nakivubo stadium.

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AT a Kwanjula function in Ndodo Village, Kamengo Subcounty in Mpigi district, NRM former Mpigi district woman Member of Parliament Sarah Nakawunde Temulanda embarassed herself before Mzee Lwanyaga’s guests when she started a fight against opposition NUP Mpigi iron lady Joan Lule Nakintu.
Temulanda who is struggling for a political come back was seated near her political threat Joan Lule and cameras captured her uncomfortable in a seat next to this star journalist of ‘Sitima y’amaka’ fame. 
At some incidents, Sarah Temulanda was seen covering her face whereas youthful Joan Lule was busy enjoying the kwanjula gimmicks displaying her known killer smile!

The Mpigi faded politician started provoking Joan Lule into a fight to disorganise Betty’s function who was introducing her hubby Simon to her parents, however, Joan Lule ignored the NRM lady.
Temulanda who faced public wrath in 2021 polls for her NRM Party, decided to throw an empty bottle of water targetting the face of Joan Lule, thank God, she missed the target.
On noticing this, Joan just looked at Temulanda, and smiled at her. 

When the Master of Ceremonies invited Joan Lule to greet Mzee Lwanyaga’s guests, she used this opportunity to condemn Temulanda’s behaviour to the extent that she took water and after threw an empty bottle at her political nemesis.
“I contested for Mpigi district woman Member of Parliament in 2021 and victory was snatched from my hands. You all know me i don’t have a personal vandetta against any one, i am a jovial lady. I don’t want to be a stressed woman. But someone, at this function, wanted to start a war against me and has been provoking me to lose my temper.” Said NUP’s Joan Lule.
Amidist ululation from people who gathered at Lwanyaga’s home Joan Lule without mincing words said, “Hon. Nakawunde Temulanda has thrown an empty bottle of water at me where i was seated. At first i thought she didnt intend it and waited for her to say sorry to me but in vain. A word sorry soothes the heart and Betty learn to say sorry whenever you offend Simon, don’t be like Sarah Temulanda who was poorly brought up.”
Joan Lule who was cheered  by her suporters demanded that, Hon. Nakawunde comeover and make a public apology so that peace could prevail.

The former Mpigi district Woman Member of Parliament jumped to her feet and forcefully grabbed the microphone which Joan was  using. The ever beaming Joan calmly reminded her to stop embarassing herself before Mzee Lwanyaga’s guests.
“I think you have seen Temulanda, she can’t even ask for a microphone, just grabs it by force! Betty in your mariage, never behave like Sarah Temulanda. She is ill manered!
At first, Joan Lule a renown voice of women and defender of human rights congratulated Betty on her introduction and and thanked Simon for taking this brave step. She excited women when she urged simon to be generous saying mariage is sweet when a man is not stingy.

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