FOUR top police bosses in connections with ALAM GROUP of companies Managing Director Abid Alam crimes have been arrested by the no nosense Lt. Col.  Edith Nakalema, Head State House Anti-corruption Unit.

In a Press Statement released on Saturday evening, Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema said, “As you may recall, on Thursday 9th April 2020, Mr. Abid Alam, the Managing Director of ALAM GROUP of Companies was arrested following complaints we received through State House Anti-Corruption Unit (SH ACU) lines.”

“The Unit working with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations immediately commenced investigations into the allegations. The allegations include: Aggravated torture, Gang rape and malicious damage to property among others.”Statement reads.

On Friday morning Abid was taken to Kassanda Police Station to write a Statement, however, officers released him on bond which according to our State House sources, sabotages this State House Anti-corruption unit duties as given by His Excellency the President.

In our story published on Friday night, Abid who was supposed to be in  coolers as investigations are on-going, was instead seen hanging out at Bugolobi Village Mall enjoying life with Lt. Col. Juma Seiko who was recently detained at Kawempe Police Station for shooting three people after a car clash.

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This must have angered afande Nakalema.

She said, “In addition to the above  allegations, we also received integrity related concerns of mismanagement of case files, conspiracy to defeat justice and professional misconduct against selected police officers.”

“I consulted the Inspector General of Police who directed for the arrest of these officers.”

The arrested officers who have been paraded before our cameras are;

  1. Regional CID officer Wamala, SP Wilber  Ostin Wanna make
  2. DPC Kassanda,  ASP Daniel Owe Llanon
  3. OC CID Kassanda, Peter Bertrand
  4. In charge CID Records Wamala, Sgt. Azaleas


During a press conference on Thursday, Lt. Col. Nakalema paraded Abid Alam before our cameras accusing him of having a hand in a Saturday night attacks in Kassanda where goons related to him allegedly hacked Arthur Mugenyi’s cattle keeper on the head, raped his wife, demolished houses and destroyed three acres of banana plantations.

All this originates from land wrangles in Nalutuntu, Bukompe village, Kassanda South Constituency in newly created Kassanda District  where a number of people have been killed, others wounded while hundreds evicted from their land which Abid Alam claims he owns.

On arresting Abid, President Museveni’s right hand womam Lt. Col. Nakalema said, she picked interest in the Kassanda night attack because of the heartless act of the attackers.

“I have listened to the mother who was gang raped. I am hurt and this evil can not be accepted in this country.” On recieving pictures like these, I called Mr. Abid Alam to ask him to record a statement,” 

The news of  Abid Alams’ arrest excited area MP Hon. Simeo who has  always been crying out to the President,  the Speaker of Parliament, Justice Catherine Bamugemeirere’s commission of inquiry into land related issues among other forces to call Abid to order.

“This is not the first time these heinous crimes have been committed against my people. Last year alone, about 3 people were killed in Bukoba and Bukompe villages by Abid Alam’s workers. Some suspects where arrested and later were set free due to corrupt tendencies.” 

“As the Area MP, together with my voters, we have tried our level best to report these  matters to relevant authorities. We reported to police and several case files have been opened but none has been successfully prosecuted.” Said Hon. Simeo, referring the affected people to courts of law to open up civil suits against Abid Alam.

There  are currently  over 5 cases in Mubende High court and Kampala high court (land division) against Abid Alam.
Arthur Mugyenyi is one of those who went to court and secured a court injunction stopping Abid Alam from tresspassing on his land.

On Friday evening Hon. Simeo Nsubuga wrote this: “Dear fellow Ugandans, today all the  media platforms are dominated by the arrest of Abid Alam on crimes of malicious damage to property, aggravated robbery and gang rape allegedly committed by Abid Alarm and his workers/ kanyamas as per case Ref. Kassanda Police Station CRB 234/2020”.

“The alleged crimes where committed on Saturday night as  we were in quarantine to prevent the spread of Covid19. Over  60 of his  workers/kanyamas attacked the farm of Mr. Arthur Mugyenyi who is a resident of Bukoba village, Nalutuntu  Parish, Nalutuntu Sub-County in Kassanda SouthConstituency.” He continued to state that, “During the attack they hacked Mr. Samuel Kyabale the cattle keeper of Mr. Mugyenyi to near death,  gang raped his  wife infront of  the children and the husband, destroyed two houses, cut a 3 acres Banana Plantation, took away 200 cows and 50 goats.”

Thanking Lt. Col.  Nakalema for arresting stubborn Abid, Hon. Simeo said, “But today he has been arrested with some of his workers/kanyamas. As am writing this, he is under police custody. I want to thank the security agencies for arresting this thug called Abid Alam who has  caused alot of suffering to our people in Kassanda South constituency and  kindly request  that dont stop at arresting him, let Abid Alam appear before the courts of law and answer for the crimes he has committed.”

“I have reported Abid Alam to H.E the President and submitted written reports. He brags around about how Uganda courts can’t manage him, he is feared by everybody. Our people are being killed because they resist illegal evictions. That is the situation in Kassanda South.” MP Simeo told media.

 The Saturday night incident, according to Hon. Simeo was commanded by notorious Akim Zirimenya, one of Abid’s manager who is now on the run.

“Akim Zirimenya has been in police cells on charges of murder and he was  released on Police Bond about 3 weeks ago and Abid Alam stood as his surety.” Says MP Simeo.

He vowed, “As People’s representative I will continue to use all the available legal avenues to expose the criminal acts of Abid Alam and his workers/kanyamas against my people and I call upon the security organs of this country to ensure that this time round Abid Alam and his agents are charged in courts of law.”

Hon. Simeo says, he led his Kassanda South people who are being evicted from their bibanja by Abid to Justice Catherine  Bamugemeirere land Commission of inquiry, reported him to the Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament and presented the matter on the floor of Parliament.

On Friday morning, this highly connected investor drove to Kassanda Police to write a Statement and after, was let to continue with his business.

He posted photos on a Mubende Political platform showing how he is a free man,  enjoying life at Bugoloobi Forest Mall with his colleagues. 

We are reliably informed, 10th Parliament legislators have swung in to stand with their colleague Simeo Nsubuga and want to check Abid’s impunity.

“We will handle Abid as Parliament. We are considering summoning him to our committee. Something must be done urgently.” Said a certain MP who spoke on a condition of anonymity.

Let’s watch the space. 


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