PRESIDENT Museveni yesterday night saluted His Majesty the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Kimera Muwenda Mutebi II for the financial and food contibutions he made towards feeding his hungry subjects during the lockdown and also fighting the spread of Coronavirus.
Mr. Museveni also thanked opposition People Power Movement led by Hon. Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi for showing solidarity in the fight against Covid -19 epidemic saying, “Thank you very much for joining your people.”
While addressing the Nation yesterday night, Museveni whose Speech lasted 90 minutes said, “I have appealed for donations, in particular I want us to build the transport fleet of the ministry of Health because as of now, we have a problem of how to transport  the Pregnant women from the villages without using the private vehicles which have their own problems.”
“The best way would be having enough Government vehicles to do the work. And I was estimating, if we have ten vehicles per a district since the districts are no longer too big these days, I think they would be reasonable.”he continued to say, “This means, we need between 1350 to 1400 vehicles Four wheel brand – new model double cabins. So I appeal to you, to contribute.”
Museveni who addressed the Nation from Nakasero State House said,  “And am glad, a number of People have contributed and on my list, are a number of people and companies. Kabaka donated UGX 100M.” 
On Tuesday,  His Majesty the Kabaka of Buganda sent his brother Prince David Kintu Wasajja alongside Kingdom top ministers and officials to deliver UGX 100 millions and other necessities which included a truck full of Maize flour branded ‘Ssaabaajja Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II Kabaka of Buganda’

They were handed to Prime minister Rt. Hon. Dr. Livingstone Ruhakana Rugunda who hailed Buganda Supreme leader for always standing with his subjects amidst all situations.
On People Power contribution, “Museveni who ordered Hon. Minister Karoro Okrut now in charge of all contributions to compile the  full list and be published in media, was very amused and all smiles as he was announcing Hon. Bobi Wine’s contribution. 

Food donated by People Power

Museveni said, “Oh People Power Kamwokya have contributed 50 bags of maize flour. Thank you very much people power.”
Causing prolonged laughter from the the First lady Janet Kataha Museveni, other cabinet ministers and security chiefs around.
He said, “People power has  brought Salt 30 Cartons & soap 30 boxes. Thank you so much. Now you see, you are now joining your people.”

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● His Majesty Kabaka Mutebi II – UGX 100M
● Huawei – Video confrence equipments for ministry of Health 
● Kireka LC 1 – UGX 1M
● Ham Foundation – UGX 100M
● Kaliro Sugar – 500 bags of Sugar
● Uganda Insurance Assurance – 1000 blankets
● Rwenzori bottled water – 30 Cartons
● Pepsi bottled water – 100 Cartons
● Crest foam mattress  – 200 pieces
● Rose foam mattresses – 200 pieces
● Euro form mattresses – 100 pieces
● Comfoam mattresses – 60 pieces
● Night Frank  – 60 pieces of mattresses
● Uganda Breweries – 60 pieces of Mattresses
● NC Bank – 60 pieces of mattresses
● Sprout Investments – 200 pieces of mattresses 
● Royal foam – 200 pieces of mattresses 
● Japan Auto Motors – 8 Vehicles & 100 Cartons of bottled water
● Coca cola bottling Century – 187 empty jericans
● Uganda Insurers – 1000 blankets
● Shell Vivo – 1000 Bedsheets  
● UBA Bank – USD 150,000
● Skin guard – 100 Cartons of sanitizers 
● Movit products Handwash soap – 200 Cartons, toilet soap 200 cartons
● Coffee – USD 40,000
● Mega Industries – 100 boxes of bar soap
● Darling Company – UGX 200M
● Igad – USD 100,000
● Seya & brothers – UGX 50M
● Consortium of Standard Chartered Bank –  UGX 100M
● Stabex – Cylinders for ministry of Health
● Sunbelt Industries – USD 30,000
● Indian Association – personal protective equipments 500 pieces, gloves 30,000 pieces, liquid soap 200 litres, face sheilds 90, hand sanitizers 1200 containers.
● Baraj group of Companies – 1000 litres of  sanitizers 
●  Abacus Pharmaceuticals – Dexto 5% 3000, Normal saline 3000, ringers 2010, fluids 1000, paracetamol 1000, black soap  17000 pieces
● Crown beverages -30 Cartons of water
● Synol hydro and power – Cooking oil, maize flour, mobile phones
● Blue Wave – 400 Cartons of water
● Doditor Group – 400 face masks, sanitizers 
● Madhivan – 200 pieces of mosquito nets
● Dott services – 1 pick up vehicle
● Tembo Steel – 1 pick up Vehicle
● Sudhir group of companies – 2 motor vehicles
●  People Power – 50 bags of maize flour, 30 Cartons of salt,  soap 30 boxes. 
● Government of India – 2 ambulances 
● People of Republic of China – 2 ambulances 
● Mulwana group  – 2 ambulances 
● Cho king international construction company – 200 blankets
● Stanbic – UGX 100M, gloves 5000, UGX 55M for fuel
● Airtel – internet data
● MTN – sending messages(List will be edited accordingly)


Museveni addressing the Nation
  1. A number of 213 tested NEGATIVE today out of the 214 samples tested for COVID19 (only one tested positive). 
  2. Currently a total of 53 cases have been confirmed positive for COVID19 out a total number of  3,600 tested for COVID19.
    3.  Public/ outdoor group exercise/ aerobics etc  have been PROHIBITED. The public has been advised to exercise from their room/ home. The President has promised to share a video of his personal tips on  how to do exercises from your room. 
    4.  Anyone that violates the health emergency recommendations the shall be charged with attempted murder. E.g secret bars in homes , communal prayers. 
  3. Security agents have been cautioned against beating civilians and have been urged to make arrests and charge offenders furthermore security officers that are not performing their duties will lose their jobs, be arrested and will be charged with murder 
  4. All Bodaboda riders should stop operating by 2PM. No more bodabodas will be allowed on the road after 2PM.
  5. Politicians that are still distributing food during this time  are defying the health emergency rules and are going to be arrested and charged with attempted murder and granted no bail.
  6. Landlords have been PROHIBITED from evicting tenants that are defaulting on their rent payment and the President has asked Police to intervene in these cases. 
  7. Land border points of entry in the beginning may have let persons through without critical screening as compared to the airport. However these are being followed up together with the vigilance of the local community around these land border  points of entry.
  8. “Double-cabin” and “pick-ups” that are not carrying cargo are not allowed on the road. 
  9. Cargo transporters carrying passengers will be arrested and charged with murder. 
  10. Breakdown of the positive cases: 9 (identified at the airport) 31(were among the persons in quarantine) 13 (contacts of infected returnees)
  11. A total number 18,862 people have entered the country since 7th March. Some of these returnees are in the community . Some of these asymptomatic persons maybe shedding the virus. These are being traced and will be tested from their homes. 
  12. A total number of  960 people who were in contact  with the positive “13” are being followed up.
  13. All cargo personnel coming into the country are going to be tested with effect from tommorow. Including persons coming in through the “porous” areas of the borders 
  14. Health Center III personnel don’t take community based samples. The collection “hubs” have personnel and equipment to collect samples from suspected cases. Samples will be collected at the home of the suspected case. The public has been discouraged from going to the collection “hubs”.
  15. Re-opening of Schools are still scheduled for the 27th April, however this is subject to revision based on the trend of current  emergency situation. 


Asked to say something during the presidential address, Rt. Hon. Prime minister Rugunda said, “His Excellency has assigned Hon. Mary Karoro Okurut minister in charge of General duties in office of the Prime minister a political responsibility to make sure this fund is build up and administered properly.”
“The President has also assigned Dorothy Kisaka to be the administrator of this fund. He appointed a team of Ugandans with a lot of experience in matters of this nature and the team is likely to be announced tomorrow (today).” Said Rugunda who thanked Mr. Lubega, LC 1 Chairman Kireka village who was able to mobilize 1M.
He promised the Nation that “This fund will be managed well, professionally and transparently, and regular publication of what has been contributed would be issued by the overall cordinator of the fund, Hon. Mary Karoro Okurut.”


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