PHOTO: Parade leader invites Chief guest Hon. Mukasa to inspect parade of Kabowa Church of Uganda Primary School students on Sataday


MEMBER of Parliament for Rubaga South Hon. Mukasa Aloysius Talton Gold has offered to pay UGX 30000 for each stray dog killed in Rubaga after they attacked his constituents causing panic and fear in the area. The MP announced this offer when he was hosted on 107.9 fm Pearl fm.
A worried Mukasa said as an area MP he has talked to the authorities like KCCA to prevail over the stray dogs in the constituency which bite his constituents, but in vain!
“Now I have decided to put 30000 shillings to every stray dog killed, may be that is how we will manage to defeat them before killing our people.” NUP MP Mukasa told listeners of the Namwatulira show on Pearl fm.
Yesterday, while officiating at Kabowa Church of Uganda Primary School Sports day, MP Mukasa cautioned parents and their children on their safety from stray dogs which invaded the area.

Hon. Mukasa who also, with some parents participated directly in the sports activities talked about the outbreak of red eye in schools and communities, , calling for isolation of those infected, avoid touching eyes, wash hands and always seek for medication If you get any symptoms.

The Mukasa also urged parents to always introduce the young ones earlier to the formal education system.

He pledged to level the School’s playing field to enable smooth sports activities for the learners.

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