PHOTO: NUP Supremo Bobi Wine meeting Hon. Nannungi recently.


IN a facebook post shortly after court hearing today in Masaka, City leader Hon. Alice Nannungi asked her supporters to keep eyes on the ball saying, ‘All oppression will come to an end one day.’
“I am for truth, no matter who tells it. I am for justice, no matter who it is for or against.” Nannungi cited NUP President Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine quoting Malcolm X.

IRON LADY: NUP’s Nannungi eyeing Nyendo-Mukungwe MP seat in 2026

Nannungi was sued alongside Masaka City Speaker on allegations that Speaker forged minutes where she was appointed Works and Building Committee Chairperson. She calls it a political case cooked by her opponents.

Nannungi and co-acussed in the dock today

Her camp accuses Nannungi’s opponents for bankrolling this case intending to disorganise her and sabotage their 2026 plans.
Nannungi posted, “I am still battling with this bogus case which is indirectly sponsored by our scared opponents, using our own people aided by the rotten regime. But I am not intimidated, we are ready and we shall defeat you all.”

Photos taken after court hearing today

A determined Nannungi, without mincing words revealed how her camp is aware of the opponents’ evil plan vowing that, “We don’t fear you at all, we shall win or die trying, you will not intimidate us with your bad intentions against the struggle as we fight to liberate our country. Soon we will expose you for the public to know the real enemy.” 

Hon. Nannungi on a microphone a day Principal Kyagulanyi visted Masaka

Asking why would someone continue  pretending to be, ‘Part of us yet not’, a youthful and fearless Nannungi assured her supporters that, “No one can fight nature, the time is on our side, whoever dreams of fighting our generation is a day dreamer, we are in better position to address and work on the challenges facing our generation. We are ready to take on you together with the forces of the regime from where you get backing.”
Hearing adjourned to Monday 8, July 2024 as Nannungi lawyers continue to cross examine the applicant.

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