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THE way President Museveni has demonstrated his fitness during the 30 Pressure ups he worked yesterday, excited his supporters among them, Kampala business mogul Godfrey Kirumira and now wants him to be added more 20 years in power.

The Kirumiras during the burial of businessman Yoweri Musumba in 2019

This comes after Mr. Museveni on Wednesday banned public or outdoor group exercise, aerobics, etc saying through this, Coronavirus can easily spread.

He advised the public to exercise from their rooms or homes just like he does. 

“I will tomorrow (Thursday) share a video and show you how to do exercise from your room.” Promised the president. He indeed shared it yesterday and it shows Mr. Museveni warming up and working out. His impressive pressureups have made the video go viral on social media. 

Hundreds like Music promoter Balam Barugahara have filmed themselves putting up a challenge.

However, on a certain NRM platform, former youth leader Adam Luzindana Buyinza jokingly posted how Balaam fainted while trying to imitate President Museveni. 

Referring to it as breaking news’, Adam Buyinza yesterday night wrote, “Balaam, a reknown music promoter and money magnet is admitted at Nakasero Hospital. He was immitating president Museveni’s pressureups and fainted.Doctors have confirmed that he is  out of danger and responding well to treatment.” “Balaam just stop at supporting Museveni, you cant match his stamina.The Man has challenged us all.” Said Adam, of Buyinza products.


The Kwagalana group chairman today evenning posted on The Think Platform that from what the world has seen, Mr. Museveni is fit to be in power for more 20 years.

Chairman Kirumira posted that: “Muzeeyi is still physically fit. He has like 20 years to lead this country OMG!”

Kirumira, one of the powerful businessmen in Kampala believes, the stamina demonsted by the Head of State, must silence those who had a belief that he is tired.

By 2021, President Museveni would have been in power for 35 years and will be 77 years old. 

Now Kwagalana Chairman wants Museveni to be added more 20 years and by the time that period expires, Muzeeyi will have ruled Uganda for 54 years and will be 96 years old.

However, opposition Forum for Democratic Change has refused to agree with tycoon Kirumira’s way of seeing things 

Responding to his post, Mr. Walid Lubega Mulindwa, FDC National Youth Chairman  has said, “Am so much disappointed in you Omukungu Godfrey Kirumira. So according to you, putting up 20-30 pressureups shows ability to lead the country? Don’t lift the man that high”.

President Museveni working out has put up a debate on social media, his supporters are saying their man is still a dangerous striker who can’t be substituted while those in opposition say, working out Pressureups and able leadership totally differ. 

Justine Nameere, who is a daughter to Hon. Minister Vincent Bamulagaki Ssempijja has written, “The ones who call themselves young need, to smoke weed first and I hear,  use waragi and other energy boosting drinks to have this stamina!”

“Yet the one they refer to as old is very fit, functioning on a toxic free body! It’s beyond doubt, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is the only youth in his Seventies. Jjaja Sevo Mzee wa Kaazi yo on fire,  yo beyond trending,  yo the trend. The video had 10,000 retweets in the first hour! Let’s burn them.” Writes Justine Nameere.

Another NRM youth Rameka Matsiko has posted marking Museveni’s today work out: 

Distance covered is equal to speed times time. Time taken = 2.25min. Estimated Speed = 30km/hr. Which is Also equivalent to 500mtrs per minute. Giving a total distance taken as 500×2.25=1125mtrs . It’s also equivalent to 1.125kilometres. Mzee is indeed gifted.


Not to allow President Museveni dominate the stage, People Power command centre has shared a 2019 recorded video of their Principal Hon. Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi training  boxing at his Magere palatial residence.

His wife Barbie was working out while rope skipping. 

“If it’s about fitness, you all know our presidential aspirant is a master in that game. You must have seen him with your naked eyes during the age limit scuffle in Parliament. Hon.Bobi Wine is ever physically fit.” Said Malimbolimbo, Bobi aide.


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