PRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni yesterday Sunday survived an accident when his speedy car knocked dead a stray he-goat on Jinja road, thanks to his commando super driver who perfectly controlled this car not to over-turn or veer off the road!

Senior drivers like Abdulnooh Nsimbe,  commonly known as Jjaja at Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) Headquaters Old Kampala says, it’s  very easy for a speeding car to over-turn and cause a fatal accident even if it knocks a dog.

“Unless the driver is steadfast and controls the steering, this can end in a fatal accident! Anything that is knocked by a speeding car, can easily bring it down and instantly kill the occupants.” Added Jjaja Nsimbe.

The president was heading to State House Nakasero for his 11th televised address about Covid -19 updates.
The goat, whose owner the president wants to be traced by Director General Internal Security Organisation (ISO) Col. Franklin Kaka Bagyenda for what Muzeeyi referred to as compensation, took off. It is unfortunate that the Mpaya couldn’t survive after it was knocked down by Museveni’s armoured car.

Museveni inspecting Nalubaale dam before driving back to Kampala

Addressing the Country on Sunday night, Museveni ordered State House Comptroller Lucy Nakyobe to compensate the goat owner.However the president jokingly mentioned that it would have instead been him to be compensated because the goat knocked his car and nearly caused him an accident.

The president said, “I appeal to the DISO of that area to get in touch with Director General ISO Kaka who will in turn get in touch with State House Controller Nakyobe to compensate the man whose goat was knocked. I don’t know whether it survived because I didn’t wait for details. According to him, the owner of the goat will be compensated according to the UPDF doctrine.

The President was on his way from Owen falls dam – Jinja  where he had gone to inspect the extent of damage caused by a 16-acre moving island that partly blocked Nalubaale Bridge and also moved towards the dam causing a power blackout at the start of this week.

On surviving this accident, residents wanted the president to stop and they congratulate him, but he refused and ordered his driver to drive off.

The president reminded Ugandans about the dangers of gathering in groups which easen’s the spread of Coronavirus.

According to our UPDF doctrine, I would have stopped to compensate the man of a he goat although he was breaking the law himself besides. But I couldn’t stop because I knew that stopping,  again people will gather to look at the He goat, I just continued.”

According to Local Governments (Kampala City Council Livestock Ordinance 7 and companion Animals) Ordinance 2006 section 7. (1) Any stray livestock found in the jurisdiction of the Council shall be impounded and kept at a designated place for atleast seven days and the owner of the Impounded animal shall be notified, if possible.

On disposal of impounded livestock Section 8. reads, “Subject to the special provisions in this Ordinance in respect of livestock, the Council may arrange for the sale or disposal of any stray livestock which remains unclaimed after having been impounded for a period of not less than seven consecutive days.”

Section 10. Says, “No compensation shall be payable to any person in connection with the lawful seizure, detention, impounding, sale or disposal of any livestock under the Ordinance.”

Under the Local Governments Ordinance the owner of this goat would not deserve any compensation if it was not for the President’s good heart.


Museveni started his Sunday address by reminding Ugandans about how Covid -19 spreads and how the virus can easily be fought and defeated.

The President saluted Doctors and health officers who have worked tooth and nail to contain the virus.

“I inspected the ongoing works at Nalubaale dam aimed at clearing the 16-acre floating island that invaded and blocked the power dam early this week causing a nationwide power blackout.” Said Museveni.

Earlier on his facebook page, Museveni said, “The islands previously located at Kirinya side of the lake broke into two. The first is the one that blocked Nalubale bridge.  The larger part also moved out enroute the dam on Friday night but got anchored opposite the Jinja pier.This situation has been attributed to the rising water levels which have reached the second highest ever since we started keeping records. The highest having been recorded in 1964.”

Museveni talked about the salaries of scientists saying they are doing a wonderful job.

About those hoarding and hiking good prices, a tough speaking Museveni warned that,  he will import food. 
Calling them crooks, Museveni said, “Your food will rot in the stores. I will import food from Mexico and other countries. Please,  no games. Am used to wars. Am warning you. I will give them billions. Any hoarding,  we will import. Any bad food, we will come for you.”

Museveni softened on bodabodas carrying foodstuffs and extended their hours of operation from 2pm to 5pm.
On being reminded by Trade minister Amelia Kyambadde how many bodabodas were impounded, the president gave amnesty and ordered Police to let them go.
Museveni directed that cargo trucks should have only the driver and warned those using fake stickers that their cars will be impounded.


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