MASSIVE: FDC party President Eng. Amuriat carried to the podium by a supporter during one of his countrywide political tour


THE two warring factions in Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) an opposition political party in Uganda which gave President Museveni sleepless nights for about 15 years until 2021 are set to reconcile and embark on the frontline to dislodge from power President Museveni and end 38 years of his regime.
The Katonga faction headed by Rtd. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye is planing to return home at Najjanankumbi and our sources at the Party headquater say, Party President Eng. Patrick Amuriat the villager and SG Nandala Mafabi are ready to welcome back home the prodigal sons and daughters!

PHOTO: Eng. Patrick Oboi Amuriat addessing FDC supotters recently

This comes after a top FDC MP wrote to Dr. Besigye and advising him never to allow his Katonga faction be annexed to National Unity Platform calling NUP, “A party that was born today, not even yesterday, and crystal clearly, a Regional political grouping”.
In a leaked dossier from Hon. Atkins Katusabe, Member of Parliament for Bukonzo County West, Kasese district, which is the FDC stronghold, the MP who was until recently a member of Katonga faction before returning home told Dr. Besigye and the entire Katonga faction FDC Party officials that, “Let this be known; we only subscribe to Katonga under the condition that FDC is not gonna be annexed to NUP. We shall never allow to become an addendum for NUP. Not now; not ever.”
Hon. Atkins Katusabe said FDC identity is extremely vital. There are no concessions and as a result, they can’t entertain tradeoffs. “It is either FDC or FDC; nothing below and nothing above – ultimate resolve!”

FDC MAN: MP Atkins Katusabe

Without mincing words, Hon. Atkins revealed how it is an indescribable political insult for a nationally adored political party FDC to desperately seek for political shelter under and in NUP, a young party said to be a Buganda political grouping. 
He warned that the Katonga faction shall pretty soon head back to Najjanankumbi, “Our political home, especially when it occurs to us that some of our FDC Katonga leaders are hell-bent on co-opting FDC into NUP. Hell no; not at my watch and not at our watch, my esteemed FDC Leader.” For starters, Besigye and his Katonga team, a few months ago were seen at Kavule, NUP headquaters a development analysts say, the two wanted to form an aliance. This might have instead angered FDC leaders.

This is a developing story!

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