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EXLUSIVE information reaching various media outlets has revealed a well hatched out plan to mudslinge the Democratic party National Vice President Hon. Fred Dennis Mukasa Mbidde and other party top leaders to loose public attention as able vocal politicians who have resorted to out compete the party rebel MPs.

Hon. Mbidde after a meeting about Masaka City formation at Hotel Brovad on Masaka

Ever since Mbidde announced his bid to contest the Masaka municipality Parliament seat in 2021 polls, the incumbent ‘rejected’ MP Mathias Mpuuga teamed up with fellow politicians and resorted to mudslinge Mbidde with various blackmails a deal which seems to be flopped and ignored by the publics.

Sources have blabbed that the Mudslingers led by the Kalungu west MP Joseph Gonzaga Ssewungu, Bukoto East MP Florence Namayanja, Sulaiman Kidandala and their counterpart Mpuuga chose to use a certain Radio station led by Mpuuga’s business partner as the official mouthpiece to score their goal.

Planted sources revealed that Hon Sewungu is paid fuel honorarium of 500,000/= per day for running to the several media houses for this project which is likely to cause him total troubles of loosing his parliamentary seat in Kalungu.

Names of Mpuuga, Kidandala, Namayanja have been mentioned quite often others for appearing on the list of those that benefited from government handouts through the IGP Kayihura as he then was but they don’t mention about deals on their mouthpiece.

MP Ssewungu is also confirmed to be on a permanent Pay roll of Mr Ham (Hamis Kiggundu) a Muhoozi Frontman to keep attacking anyone that intends to stop him from acquiring the Nakivubo Stadium fraudulently from the lawful market Association, it should be noted that Hon Mbidde is on the team of Lawyers that are fighting to save the Stadium from the take over thus becoming the target of Ssewungu attacks on daily basis.

These politicians have been rejected home for failure to serve to the little expectations of their electorates thus turning anger to those they do not agree with politically

Louder voices in Masaka Municipality demands Mpuuga to outline his achievements for the last 10 years as the area MP, to point at his home in the constituency or his investment but has never had a parallel answer to such demands apart from emphasizing his places of birth and his outdated Royal titles he occupied a decade ago basing at small Dahoma guest house in Mukungwe sub county which turned into his home.

However, during the recent thanks giving ceremony at the DP party headquarters in Kampala, the result oriented Mbidde warned all Mudslingers to wait for his response which will leave no stone unturned.

“Whoever doesn’t know my history cannot think of how I can choose to respond to anyone provoking me.” Mbidde said.


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