PHOTO: When Chairman Nyanzi was severely beaten and arrested in Kyenjojo while mobilizing for NUP Party


FOUR high ranking leaders in opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) are eyeing Lord Mayor’s office currently occupied by the embattled FDC Buganda Vice President Erias Lukwago who is serving his 3rd term! They want him out in 2026.

All indicators show, the Kabungo, Kalungu born Erias Lukwago will contest again in 2026 although NUP who commands much support in Kampala believes, too much fatigue is likely to cost Lukwago of this seat.

In today’s story, we reveal to you NUP top officials eyeing to unseat Counsel Erias Lukwago.  Who is who and who is likely to win the Party ticket? Please read on;


Commonly known as Chairman Nyazi, the former Kampala Central two times Member of Parliament candidate is the elder brother to NUP Supremo Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine. He leads on the list of Lord Mayor aspirants.

A born of Gomba who has grown up from Kamwokya Ghetto trenches in Kampala, Chairman Nyanzi is the NUP National Mobilizer and leader of the popular Kunga Kunga, a mobilization drive for the leading opposition Party in Uganda.

This investigative news website can exclusively report that, the coming of Nyanzi in the Lord mayor race has already caused panic in Lukwago’s camp and the Wakaliga based rule of law agitator must be having sleepless nights knowing Nyanzi as a no joke!

A clean man with no political dirts, if NUP endorses Chairman Nyanzi for a Party ticket, fact is, he will make Lukwago run for his money as it will be sacrilegious for any party member to rally behind Lukwago be it John Mary Ssebuufu or Hakim Kizza Saula who were appointed by Lukwago as his ministers to neutralize NUP dominance at City Hall.

For starters, NUP councilors dominate KCCA and Lukwago’s FDC Party has only two councilors, Doreen Nyanjura (Makerere University) and Olive Namazzi (Kyambogo University). 

The two were appointed by Lukwago, Deputy Mayor and Minister, respectively. The remaining two ministerial slots were given to NUP so that Lukwago coils NUP tails.

If Nyanzi is fronted by NUP, Hakim Kizza and John Mary Ssebuufu will automatically defect from Lukwago’s camp to campaign for their party boss.

About him securing the Party ticket for Lord mayor, Chairman Nyanzi is the most favoured, has the influence and very powerful in NUP.

For those who may not be in the know, Nyanzi commands maximum respect from his young brother Bobi Wine and other siblings. 

Among the top three people who speak and Hon. Kyagulanyi quickly adheres to their counsel is Chairman Nyanzi, ‘First Lady’ Barbie Itungo Kyagulanyi and Mr. Bukeni Ali aka Nubian Li.

About Nyanzi, when their parents passed on, as an elder brother then, he took on such early responsibility as a guardian for all his siblings.

What Kyagulanyi is today, Nyanzi made an immeasurable contribution, thanks be to him. In fact, all his siblings refer to him as, ‘Taata’ (meaning father).

He picked up a young Kyagulanyi then, brought him to Kampala and footed his school fees bills.

Whereas he has seniority in politics, Chairman Nyanzi is a humble and down to earth leader. He addresses his young brother Bobi as ‘My President’. 

He is a very hardworking and selfless Party official. A few months ago, he was clobbered by State security officers while on mobilization trail in Kyenjojo. He went into coma and was rushed to Rubaga Hospital! Thank God, he recovered.

Nyanzi first contested for MP in 2016 against Independent’s Muhammad Nsereko. He lost.

In 2021, ‘Muntu wawatu’ Nyanzi stood again on NUP ticket in an election up to now a big section of people believe that he massively won but results were tampered with by Electoral Commission and declared candidate Muhammad Nsereko winner. Chairman Nyanzi petition High court to annul Nsereko’s declaration saying he was the rightful elected MP for Kampala Central.

Nyanzi now eyes City Hall top job and if he goes for it, chances to win are high.

Political analysts say, if Chairman Nyanzi can manage to shake Kampala Central the ruling NRM stronghold, then the other remaining NUP dominated divisions of Nakawa, Kawempe, Lubaga and Makindye will just be a walkover.

Led by his top supporter for Lord mayor, a certain Member of Parliament from Kampala (names with held), Nyanzi will definately comb all Kampala divisions and if he happens to be fronted by NUP, we humbly advise Lukwago not to waste his time and money contesting against Nyanzi because he will be beaten hands down.

For those who know this Indomitable MP, he is one of the dangerous mobilizers with sophiscated campaign tricks and is very had to beat. 

Having him and other city MPs on his trail, we dont see any other candidate beating Nyanzi.

The only factor which can affect Nyanzi is religion. Being a staunch Catholic, some Muslims think Kampala belongs to them, giving it to a Catholic will be unfair.

However analysts say, Kampala has ever had none Muslim Mayors like Christopher Iga, Owek. John Ssebaana Kizito (late) and others. So Nyanzi will not be the first non-Muslim Lord Mayor.

All odds show, Nyanzi can easily sweep Kampala as Lord Mayor in 2026.


While swearing in for second term as Makindye Municipality Mayor, HajiMulyanyama categorically made it clear that he will contest for Lord Mayor in 2026.

For record purposes, in NUP, Mulyanyama was the first to declare his intention for Lord Mayor’s seat.

His Kakuyege has spread to all parts of Kampala and the incumbent Lord mayor is feeling the heat.

On knowing that Mulyanyama seriously want him out, Lukwago suspended Mulyanyama from KCCA FC Board over what was termed as trumped up charges. Lukwago used NUP’s Ssebuufu to tarnish Mulyanyama’s name just because he targeted his seat.

During former MP Hussein Kyanjo’s burial, Lukwago’s camp was accused of blocking Mulyanyama from addressing mourners although mayor and the deceased were so close.

There was a time when Dr. Kizza Besigye himself launched a verbal attack against Mulyanyama over what insiders called eyeing his comrade’s seat. Mulyanyama fought back and the former bush war Physician surrendered.

Mulyanyama is reaching out to opinion leaders, cultural insitutions, religious leaders like His Eminence Emanuel Cardinal Wamala, NUP party officials and other political kingmakers for consultation, guidance and endorsement.

He has extended his giving hand to Nsambya Babies Home and celebrated his birthday with babies. He also donated a lot of things to Good Samaritan Sisters – Nalukolongo Bakateyamba.

His Worship Mayor Mulyanyama when he visited mothers in hospital

The Institution of the Good Samaritan Sisters is an institute of the diocesan right, founded by the Late Emmanuel Cardinal Kiwanuka Nsubuga, in 1978. 

Mulyanyama is a sounding aspirant for Lord Mayor and looks unstoppable. He has already convinced Party leaders that he will win Kampala for NUP.

Mulyanyama is very good when it comes to mudslinging politics and if you think you can blackmail him, he can perfectly throw it back to you and enjoy the music.

A born of Katwe Ghettos, Mulyanyama is highly respected by deadly Kifeesi youth being a hustler. He normally gathers them for dinner and talks to them to change their way of living giving them words of hope.

At the party headquarters, he is so loyal to leaders and NUP President Kyagulanyi. During the recent Kyagulanyi National tours, Mulyanyama joined his President and was seen acting as Bobi Wine’s guard.

A well positioned leader, Mulyanyama is ready to tussle it out with Lukwago be it today, for Lord mayor. Recently he held a meeting with Buganda Kingdom Premier who paid a courtesy call at his Makindye office.

Mulyanyama if fronted by NUP, he will be a formidable force to reckon with. If NUP seriously wants to win the Lord Mayor seat, Mulyanyama would be a good bullet.


Commonly known as Ow’eddembe, Serunjogi is serving his second term as Mayor Kawempe Division on NUP ticket.

Although he has shown interest in Lordmayorship, analysts say, Emanuel Sserunjogi fears to step in the deep waters. He looks to be undecided whether to bid farewell to Kawempe people and in 2026 contest for Lord mayor or MP Kawempe South currently represented by defiant MP Kazibwe Bashir. 

Indicators show, Kazibwe will not be fronted again for MP by NUP and Sserunjogi might go for this ticket.

However on the list of NUP Lordmayor aspirants, Oweddembe is named and has all credentials for this Capital City top job. 


He is a Ugandan journalist and politician. He is the serving member of Parliament for Nakawa West and Chairman COSASE in the 11th Parliament.

Formerly a news anchor at the Serena based NTV and at the UBC National broadcaster, Ssenyonyi has been around in politics for some years even before joining People Power Pressure group and NUP Party.

He is on the list of NUP leaders eyeing to contest for City Lord Mayor although he has not officially spoken about such intentions. 

If he has interests, political analysts say, it will be a big blunder for him, better to return for Nakawa East seat in 2026 as he studies Kampala politics and consolidates his support.

Choosing to contest for Kampala Lord mayor in 2026, they say, Ssenyonyi will be digging his political grave.

However, with 2021political wave, a section of NUP supporters say, Ssenyonyi would easily win Lord mayoral seat because he didnt have any dirt.

Lets wait and see if Ssenyonyi, Bobi’s blue eyed boy will choose to vie for Lord mayor or go back for Nakawa West MP seat.


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