FOR GENERAL OVERSEER 2023-2028: Bishop Michael David Kyazze

EC Chairman Apostle Zziwa says they are aware of the invisible hand but no directives whatsoever will corrupt their mind.
● Archbishop Kazimba Mugalu, Bishop Kyazze meet, wishes his OB Good luck


APOSTLE Rogers Zziwa, the Commissioner General Electoral Commission of the National Fellowship of Born-Again Pentecostal Churches (NFBPC), an umbrella that brings together Pentecostal Churches in Uganda has talked to us about the ongoing election of subcounties, districts, regional overseers, province leaders and later, the election of the General Overseer (GO) slated for early March 2023.
The new GO will take over from Bishop Joshua Lwere of Grace Assembly Ministries who has served for two constitutional terms. 
By press time, Bishop Michael David Kyazze (MDK), senior Pastor at Omega Healing Centre on Entebbe road was leading the race with over 70% according to the latest Opinion Polls conducted. Kyazze who has traversed the whole country meeting pastors, subcounty and District NFBPC elected leaders has pledged to serve with one heart if he is elected General Overseer in March next year, centering his leadership on Christ and Church.

His area of focus is listed in the 9cs, namely;
☆ Cohesion
☆ Cash
☆ Conciliation
☆ Construction
☆ Coaching
☆ Community
☆ Church Centre
☆ Communication
☆ Celebration
We will however come back to this in a well detailed news story showing percentages of other aspirants for this top seat in the leadership of Born-Again Pentecostal Churches in Uganda. 
Back to the ongoing electoral process, CG Apostle Zziwa whom we met alongside other commisioners of the electoral Commission in a meeting at Church of God Kamwokya in Kampala, assured us that the whole process is transparent and that nobody should ever dream of using his political or other offices to influence the elecoral commission as it executes it’s duties.
“We are aware of the invisible hand, we are aware of the influence this organisation has.
We are mentally firm, there will be no directives whatsoever to corrupt our minds.” Said Apostle Zziwa adding, “The winner will be declared in broad day light. Our protection lies in God and the system we have put. As the Commissioner General, I don’t make major decisions alone. Always i consult. I want to protect myself by subjecting myself to the people.”
Flanked by Dr. Luke Muwayi (Commissioner Kampala Region), Pr. Amos Isingoma Kato (Commissioner Tooro Region), Rev. Peter Keefa (Commissioner Southern Buganda) and Pr. Elizabeth Nassanga (Treasurer EC), CG Zziwa took us through tough terms set for one to be crowned General Overseer come March 15, next year. In fact, these tough terms will leave many out of this race.
For starters, the electoral process started in February 9, 2022 a day NFBPC EC launched the election Road map. 
From there, they went for national sensitization, cleaning of Voters register and then actual voting began using the Bottom – Top Approach where voting started with subcounties and will end with the supreme office of the National Overseer, call him President Born Again Pentecostal Churches in Uganda.
By September 15 – 22, 2022, out of 2184 subcounties, 60% had finished electing their leaders. 
Apostle Zziwa however revealed to this Online Newspaper that, “Our resource basket is slowing the whole process. Remember ours is not like that of our brother Justice Simon Byabakama, Chairman EC of Uganda. So we can not move on the same speed. We needed resources to recruit staff Returning officer/Subcounties election overseers and others, training and carrying out sensitization, which resources we don’t have.”

Zziwa told us how their budget stands at UGX 2Bn and seriously need financial bailout saying money they use come from the fellowship (NFBPC membership) and nomination fee which isn’t enough.  
Election is being conducted in all 201 Districts. Unlike the 146 political districts we know, to NFBPC, Cities, divisions and Municipalities are regarded as districts. For example, in Kampala, Lubaga, Makindye, Kawempe, Nakawa and Kampala Central divisions, are each regarded as a district. 
By September 29, 2022, 85% of the 201 district leaders had been elected.  
“Districts which had not elected their leaders, are now covered apart from a few like in Mubende where we still have cases of Ebola and it’s on lock down. However, the whole country is almost covered and we thank God for that.” EC Chairman Zziwa informed us. 
After districts, the next level was the election of provinces structures in NFBPC.Two or more districts can form a province e.g Greater Mukono which has districts like Kayunga, Mukono, Buikwe and others. Then that is a province.
NFBPC has 59 provinces. Election of provincial leadership started on October 27, 2022. 
Asked about those who are not satisfied with the election outcome, Chairman Zziwa said the commission has checks and Balance system which allows room for appeal.

● One to be elected in any position at the Subcounty and District level, MUST be a registered member of the NFBPC. Originally this was not one of the qualifications for one to be elected a leader in NFBPC, but things changed this time. EC had to first carry out membership registration. It’s officials were sent to each of the 2184 subcounties.  
● All member churches, one church one vote. And this must have a certificate from NFBPC.
● Fill a form express your interest (1Tim 3:1), indicate all your ministry data and other relevant information like your level of education, Marital Status and your home church.
● You must be recommended by your spiritual father, attach forms and then return to the electoral official who verifies if your file is complete after paying nomination fee. 
● Leaders of the province are elected through the electoral College systems. Each district sends 15 delegetes who include Overseer, Deputy, Men representative, Female representative, Children representative, family and Development. 
They go and form the electoral college of a province e.g greater Mukono. At each province, there are 6 directly elected officials. You can apply as Province Overseer (PO), Disciplinary, Secretary, Treasurer, Mobiliser and Public Relations Officer (PRO).
● Regions Overseer (RO), call them Dioceses are headed by Regional Overseer (RO). Unlike Catholics and Anglicans whose Dioceses are about 38, Pentecostal Churches have 15 Dioceses though these are bigger. ROs will be elected on December 1, 2022 according to the chairman Electoral Commission.
Some of these regions are; Central Buganda (from Nile, Kafu to Katonga), Kampala, Southern Buganda (Greater Masaka), Kigezi,
Ankole, Bunyoro,Tooro, West Nile, Acholi, Lango, Karamoja, Teso, Elgon, Bukedi and Busoga.

According to the Commissioner General (CG) electoral Comission NFBPC, “We allow people to express interest. Originally for one to contest for this top office in NFBPC, one had to be endorsed by 40% of Uganda’s districts but in the recent AGM, it was scrapped. So you need a minimum of only two districts.”
Forwarding names of aspirants started on September 29, 2022 and closed around October 13, 2022. We are told, aspirants for this seat are over five.

“NFBPC Constitution empowers  Commissioner General (CG) to verify and gazette all names of the aspirant. In December 2022, we will write to the aspirants to accept or decline their endorsement. After that, we put a vetting form/list of requirements you have to provide if you have accepted. Then we get all the files”. Revealed NFBPC EC boss Apostle Zziwa.
He informed News Editor Media that December 28 2022 will be the vetting day of all qualified aspirants by the National Council of elders who are elected by the AGM. They are joined by the Chairman of the regions. National Council sets up an Adhoc committee which moves around and consults about each and every aspirant. 
Like standing committees/vetting committee will sit headed by the chairman. 
They will be given three weeks to examine for transparency. Successful names will then be returned and allowed to go on with the nomination process. After paying nomination fee, each candidate will come with a Nominator and Seconder. Then EC will give each successful candidate, a certificate.
By February 14th and 15th 2023, fully nominated candidates for General Overseer NFBPC will be known. 
Apostle Zziwa told us, each candidate for General Overseer will propose his deputy (runmate)
“When your deputy is not elected, a candidate for GO will be given another chance to get another runmate. If he fails,  you can’t be a candidate, although it is an unlikely event.” Said NFBPC EC boss.

EC will assemble the National electoral college;
● 5 delegates from each district
● 5 delegetes from each province
● 5 delegetes from each region 
● The sitting 6 (NEC) delegates
● EC is mandated for  20 votes (National elders; outstanding leaders like former leaders. We do it consultatively: at least one from each region.

Chairman Zziwa said he leads an independent commision which stands on its own.
He told us, “It’s true any body who sits in a place of power would like to influence us but it depends on the firmness of the people tasked to do the work. As a commission, we have always opted for a professional approach. And we will remain independent.” 
He said, they were elected by the AGM and on top of that, they are Pastors. They fear God and will never be corrupted.
“As for the dates we announced, nothing has changed. I want to assure the Nation that they can trust us.” Said NFBPC EC boss Apostle Zziwa.

In our next story, we dig deeper into camps of aspiring General Overseers. Who is who?

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