Willy Ssenabulya and John Mubiru are accused of hiring gunmen and men with pangas and sticks to forcefully evict Lt. Kisitu’s children and destroyed property worth millions
● The two have gone on to fraudulently put on sale Kisitu’s Buyala 56 acres of land, each acre at Ugx 70M using a fake land title
● Kisitu’s heir Ronald Magunda has warned public not to enter into any transaction regarding this land because they will be conned


THE office of the President of Uganda has officially picked interest and intervened in a land dispute on Block 107 plot 2 totalling to 56 acres of land in Buyala, Mityana road which is owned by fallen NRA bush war hero Lt. Ephraim Kisitu Ssalongo.

This is the land dispute News Editor Media wrote about two weeks ago, when a group of gunmen, panga and stick-welding men attacked children of the NRA bush war hero at night, forcefully evicted them, destroyed their house and scattered the cows and goats.
The attackers bragged of how they were soldiers and no one would stop their unlawful acts.
Kisitu’s children led by the heir Mr. Ronad Magunda tried their best to get justice from Mpigi Police Station in vain, until they ran to President Museveni to prevail and stop this impunity.
This leading investigative news website can exclusively report that, State House has intervened and directed The Commander Land Protection Police Unit, Uganda Police, Kibuli to urgently stop encroachment on this land and put criminal charges against Willy Ssenabulya and Mubiru who are said to be behind the evictions and have now put Kisitu’s land on sale!
State House has ordered for thorough investigations into this land dispute.

A letter dated November 9, 2022 and signed by Ms. Flora Kiconco, the Principal Private Secretary (PPS) to His Excellency reads, “The Estate of the Late Ephraim Kisitu Ssalongo has petitioned His Excellency the President for intervention into a land dispute involving their late father’s land comprised in Block 107, plot 2, Mawokota.”
“They state that, whereas the administrators of the Estate are the registered proprietors and the beneficiaries of late Kisitu Ssalongo have been using the land for a long period of time, one Willy Ssenabulya and his agents forcefully occupied their land , destroyed their developments and denied them use of the same.”
Reads letter from State House to the Commandant Land Protection Unit, Uganda Police.
State House says, evictions were done without a court order and efforts by the children to get assistance from Mpigi Police have proved futile.
“The purpose of this letter is to request you to urgently intervene in the matter and stop any encroachment and destruction of their property as investigations are being carried out. Criminal charges should also be preferred against them (Ssenabulya, Mubiru and others).” Reads State House letter which was copied and fully received by; Inspector General of Police (IGP), Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Mpigi, District Police Commander (DPC) Mpigi, LC 1 Chairperson Namwabula, Buyala and to the Beneficiaries of the Estate of Late Ssalongo Kisitu.

According to a land title a copy of which Kisitu’s heir attached on his petition to the President, this Private Mailo land on Block 107, plot 2 measuring to 56 Area in Hectare was originally registered on March 2, 1961 in the names of Matayo Kizza Bakaluba (Deceased).
It was on February 27, 2001 at 2:50pm transferred to Bakaluba Matayo (Admimistrator of the Estate of the late Matayo Kizza Bakaluba; Adm. Cause No. 006 of 2001 of Mpigi Magisterial area.
Same day on February 27, 2001 at 2:52pm, the said land was transferred and registered in Ephraim Kisitu Ssalongo, son of Yokana Kawesa of Fumbe clan.
When Ssalongo Ephraim Kisitu passed on, five of his 38 Children where selected by their brothers and sisters as administrators of their late father’s estate on behalf of all the beneficiaries.
Those selected then were; Kenneth Mayambala, John Kaweesa, Mark Mivule, Harriet Nalubwama and Alice Terukanya.
The said land tittle (Block 107, plot 2) was on October 29, 2018 at 4:27pm registered in the names of Kenneth Mayambala, John Kaweesa, Mark Mivule, Harriet Nalubwama and Alice Terukanya the then administrators of the Estate of the late Kisitu Ephraim Ssalongo, Adm Cause No. HCT-00-FD-AC1782-2016).

Looking at the title held by Ssenabulya and group, which they are using to sell this land, it is also marked Block 107, plot 2. However on the side of Area in Hectares it reads 22.6620 not 56 acres yet they say, what they sell is 56 acres!
Their title was originally registered in the names of Bakaluba Kizza Matayo on February 27, 2001 at 2:52pm. It was transferred to John Mubiru and Willy Ssenabulya administrators of the estate of ate Matayo Kizza Bakaluba in August 2022, just three months ago!

Mr. Magunda says, land registry in Mpigi must have conspired with Ssenabulya and Mubiru to manufacture this fake title so that they grab their land which will never be accepted.
“I am aware Ssenabulya and Mubiru are busy looking for buyers to fraudulently sell our land. Let the public be warned not to be hoodwinked and who ever buys that land from the two, will have bought air. That land isn’t for sale.” Mr. Magunda, heir to the fallen NRA bush war hero Lt. Ephraim Kisitu Ssalongo, told our reporter.

It happened Sunday night on October 2, 2022. The gang cut trees, slaughtered Lt. Kisitu’s goats, roasted meat and there after started fencing off this land claiming to be the rightful owners.

Our investigations team have revealed that, these men who were numbering up to 50 armed with machetes raided this place and started destroying whatever was found on the land, beating up whoever was present there.
“Part of it was farm land and we had over 40 cows and goats left by our dad. They chased away the herdsman and animals got scattered.”
David Mayanja, one of late Kisitu’s son told us.
Mayanja rushed to Buyala Police post to report the matter and on visiting the locus, OC Buyala found the panga welding men threatening to kill Kisitu’s widow Betty Nakayita and her children led by Samuel Kalasana, Nantaba juliet, Imaculate Nangendo, Betty Nakayita, Ronald Kalumba, Ssebwannyo Henry and Dennis Kaggwa, Brian Ssaabwe who had come to stop the illegal evictions.
Presenting a copy of the said land title, children told Police that their late father bought this land in 2001, about 21 years ago, from Bakaluba Matayo.
On his demise in September 25, 2015, the land title was transferred into Kenneth Mayambala, Joan Kaweesa, Mark Mivule, Alice Terukanya and Harriet Nalubwama who were the Administrators of the late estate of Kisitu Ephraim Ssalongo.
Kisitu’s children have never made any transaction on this land. So they wanted police to arrest the attackers who had raided and evicted them from their father’s land.
We are reliably Informed, when OC Buyala called his bosses for re-enforcement, he was instead directed to return to his office and leave because matters of that land were above him.
As soon as OC Buyala had left, other police officers said to be attached to Nakirebe police post arrived and instead of arresting the attackers, Kisitu’s son, Ronald Kalumba was handcuffed.
A motorcycle owned by Dennis Kaggwa, another of Kisitu’s sons was also confistated by these police men leaving the attackers at large.
This prompted the family to report the matter to CID Headquarters Kibuli, and the
Commandant Land protection unit Mr. Olara Johnson directed OC CID Mpigi to investigate the matter.
Children however suspect that there is foul play at Mpigi since some officers are playing hide and seek!
We are told, children had to first petition the office of NRA bush war veterans that RDC Mpigi Sempala Kigozi intervened.

On October 11, 2022, Mpigi District RDC Sempala Kigozi wrote to The Chairperson LC 1 Buyala Village and to other 11 children of the late Kisitu over land dispute on Kibanja at Buyala Namwabula Village, Kirengete Subcounty.
In this letter which was copied to DISO Mpigi, DPC Mpigi, Police Land Protection Unit, The LC III Chairperson Kiringente Subcontractors and to the Area GISO, RDC Sempala Kigozi said his office received a petition from David Mayanja and Jimmy Kizza on behalf of other family members of late Ephraim Kisitu that a one Willy Senabulya claims ownership of their land and that title was changed from the former Administrators (Kenneth Mayambala, John Kaweesa, Mark Mivule, Harriet Nalubwama and Alice Terukanya).
For starters, Letters of Administration that had been granted to Kenneth Mayambala, John Kaweesa, Mark Mivule, Harriet Nalubwama and Alice Terukanya were revoked by Kisitu’s children. We shall come back to this later!
RDC Kigozi’s letter calling for a meeting read, “The purpose of this communication therefore is to invite you for fact finding and mediation meeting with all relevant documents scheduled to take place at my office on October 21, 2022 at 10:00am. By copy of this letter, all activities like sub-divisions, transactions and new developments have been halted with immediate effect until this matter has been resolved to the core.”
However, the meeting didn’t take place as planned, RDC Kigozi decided to visit the locus and was so much saddened with what he found on ground!
Kigozi stopped all the activities until investigations are done. A one Bosco was arrested and trucks carrying timber from cut trees apprehended.
Shockingly, a police officer by the names of Bazibu who worked on the file later informed Kisitu’s family how State had closed the file of a man who was arrested by RDC and truck given to the owner!
Until today, attackers are still at large, they are still cutting trees, and the rightful owners can’t access their land.
We are reliably informed, children have petitioned President Museveni, Speaker Parliament of Uganda and the State House Anti Corruption Unit among others.

Born on January 25, 1935, Kisitu had 38 Children and four wives.
According to an introductory letter written on June 5, 1986 by Gen. Elly Tumwine then Army Commander NRA , Lt. Kisitu was an old member of NRA/M and a senior political leader.
Six years after his death, President Museveni and Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces appointed him to the rank of Lieutenant.
“I, reposing a special trust and confidence in your loyalty, courage and good conduct do by these present, constitute and appoint you to be an Officer on regular service in the Defence Forces of Uganda.” Reads August 15, 2021 Warrant of Appointment, Regular Commission in the 59th year of Uganda’s Independence.
The President of Uganda said, “RO/16518 Ephraim Kisitu Ssalongo you are therefore, carefully and diligently to discharge your duty as such in the rank of Lieutinant or in such other rank as the Ugandan Peoples’ Defence Forces may from time to time, hereafter be pleased to promote or appoint you to and you are in accordance with the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces Act 2005 and regulations made therein and in such manner on such occasions as may be prescribed by the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces Council; to exercise in a well-disciplined manner, duties in command of such officers, men and women as may be placed under your orders from time to time and use your best endeavors to keep them in good order and discpline; and I do hereby Command them to obey you as their Superior Officer and you to observe and follow such Orders and Directives as from time to time you shall receive from the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces Council or any of your Superior Officers according to Rules and Discipline of War, in Pursuance of the Trust hereby reposed in you.”

● Land title to Mawokota Block 107 Plot 2 Land at Namwambula measuring 56 acres
● Land title to Mawokota Block 107 Plot 6 measuring 33 acres
● Land title to Busiro Block 306 plot 3168 measuring 0.591 hectares
● Busiro Block 314 plot 1306 Land at Buloba measuring 0.5977 hectares
● Busiro Block 314 plot 1307 Land at Buloba measuring 0.858 hectares
● Busiro Block 306 Plot 4532 Land at Bbira measuring 0.209 hectares


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