IN THE PHOTO: From right: President Museveni, Gen. Salim Saleh, Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba and Chairman Michael Nuwagira ‘Toyota’, Museveni’s young brother. On phone is Haji Muhammed Kasule

● Kasule has saluted Gen. Salim Saleh, Chairman Toyota and all Team MK Chairman saying,they are doing a recommendable job for Gen. Muhoozi


TWO times Kampala Lord mayoral contestant, City businessman and one of the ruling NRM’s big shots Al-haji Muhammed Kasule Nampaji , commonly known as ‘Big boy’, who 10 years ago was the first NRM leader to come out in public and preached about Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s presidential bid, has struck again, revealing the game plan and how the mission will be fulfilled, come rainfall or sunshine! 
For starters, Kasule is the man who went bare knuckles with Gen. David Sejusa in 2013 for fighting Muhoozi Project. Right now, he is camped in different countries like Turkey and Qatar on official duties, mainly to deflate opposition NUP groups in those countries and mobilize for Team MK Chairman.
Because of his firm belief in Gen. Muhoozi’s potential, he has been spreading his gospel in different parts of the world. He has gone to several European capitals and interacted with several people of substance.
“We have tremendous progress but certain things are better left unsaid at the moment.” Said Kasule who likes calling himself Ambassador Diaspora, Team MK Chairman.  
News Editor, a fastest growing Online Newspaper contacted Mr. Kasule to tell us on what transpired him to go for Muhoozi project and how he feels now that a campaign he single handedly launched 10 years ago when people feared to talk about it, has picked and million of Ugandans are seeing the light he made.  
Kasule said, “Well, any average student of Uganda’s history and observer of political trends world over could see ten years ago that General Muhoozi was uniquely suited to succeed Gen. Museveni. He was 39 years then but his dedication and commitment to the stability and progress of our country was clear for all to see. Surprisingly due his humble nature he never bragged about his accomplishments.”
Asked whether him and Muhoozi had met before and asked him to blow trumpet for his presidential bid, Muhammed Kasule denied this saying when he looked at the challenges facing Uganda and the prospects for the future, he was convinced that Gen. Muhoozi held the perfect skills’ kit to consolidate the achievements of Gen. Museveni and that the First son can take the country to the next level.

In a shocker interview in September 2013 with senior political journalist Moses Mugalula, then working with The Pepper Publications, Muhammed Kasule without mincing words said detractors of the Muhoozi Project led by Gen. David Munungu Sejusa should go hang because all was set for the First son to carry on the mantle after his dad, as the President Republic of Uganda. 
This was the time when Gen. Sejusa, then Cordinator for Security Organs in Uganda released a dossier against Muhoozi Project which later caused problems to this Four Star – General. 
Meddie Kasule shockingly went bare knuckles with Gen. Sejusa advising him to be calm or go hang because Muhoozi project was unstoppable. 
In an interview published by Red Pepper in September 2013, City tycoon Kasule who had contested for Kampala Lord mayor in 2011 and narrowly lost, vowed to pioneer move of seeing President Museveni’s son, Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba take over power after dad to consolidate Peace, Security and development brought by the NRM government. 
In fact, Kasule who owns Blue Diamond Ltd, a company that deals in buying and
selling of Diamond from Democratic Republic of Congo to the world market told Red pepper how Muhoozi perfectly matched dad for president.
“Our beloved President has served this country selflessly and we will always salute him for that. After Gen. Museveni, it’s true we will front his son Gen. Muhoozi for President for he perfectly qualifies, has credentials and merit to win our country’s top office.” Meddie Kasule revealed this to Red pepper, 10 years ago. 
In this interview, Kasule told Red pepper that Gen. Muhoozi is highly a trained and competent soldier, graduate of Sandhurst a leading military school in the world, a graduate of Fort leaven, North Kansas in United States and has army skills.
“Gen. Muhoozi has put his country’s interests before himself. He was deployed to Garamba forests to hunt for Lord’s Resistance Army rebel chief Joseph Kony, sent to Somalia to weed out Alshabab elements who once bombed our city an attack where we lost our sisters and brothers. With such a background, Muhoozi can be trusted with the highest office of the land.” Meddie Kasule, a well travelled businessman said in a published interview 10 years ago.
Asked whether that was enough to entrust Muhoozi with our country, Kasule replied, “Assuming there is a highly British or American trained Ugandan heart surgeon, would you deny him the right to operate patients in Mulago Hospital? Brig. Muhoozi is this class. He has a clean record, never committed any crime in courts of law and is fond of defending our country.”
Kasule told media that Muhoozi who is now in 40s is a member of the generation and a global village. Assuming his elected in as president of Uganda, he will be solving a situation that Muzeeyi (Museveni) has been dealing with.
Among them is youth unemployment caused mainly due to Museveni’s introduction of UPE and USE, that has generated educated un employment in Uganda. 
Kasule believes Muhoozi has built a network of global business elites who he can rely on to work out unemployment in Uganda.
When Kasule was asked about the challenges Muhoozi may face, he told Redpepper how such challenges are inevitable.
He cited leaders World over, the likes of former Presidents Barrack Obama of USA, UK’s David Cameron, Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya, Joseph Kabira of DRC and others, who have managed the challenges especially of their age.
“In fact, countries are going for youthful presidents because they have ability and charisma to face off the challenges.” Said Kasule in an interview.

Born in Ndeeba ghettos, Lubaga division, Kampala, like we said earlier, Kasule is a well travelled and connected businessman. He is a super pro- Museveni. He has been so instrumental in mobilizing youth in Kampala for NRM activities. Blue Diamond, a company he owns has attracted many investors to Uganda for Aggro processing industry, meat industry, Tile industry and these individuals confirm that the business environment is very condusive. 
In 2011, Kasule was un opposed in the NRM primaries for Lord mayor but days to picking nomination forms at the National Electoral commission, Amama himself rang Kasule and ditected him out of the race in favour of Peter Ssematimba who had not contested in the primaries.
By his powers as the then Secretary General, Mbabazi promised to refund all Kasule’s money he had spent which was over UGX 300M, something he never fulfilled.

“We held discussions with senior party leaders led by then NRM SG John Patrick Amama Mbabazi who were impressed by my manifesto and vision for Kampala. I was however advised to step aside for someone more experienced, in the intrest of my part i complied. It is unfortunate that Peter Ssematimba lost!” Kasule noted. Kasule had no other alternative but stepping aside for Mbabazi’s Peter Ssematimba.
This annoyed many party members including Alhaj Moses Kigongo, Prof. Gilbert Baalibaseka Bukenya, Amelia Kyambadde and some sections of the first family.
Insiders say, State house hand in his bid for Lord mayor. We are told, Kasule and a certain member of the First family (names withheld) have been business partners for years and so, shares a lot politically. It is believed, this first family member introduced Kasule to Gen. Muhoozi.
It was because of Mbabazi’s blunders that Capt. Edward Francis Babu an NRM staunch declared his intenstion to stand for the same post haulting Amama Mbabazi for not honouring Party primaries which were won by Kasule.
For those remembering , Capt. Babu on one of his rallies he said, “Atleast Lukwago will win but not Mbabazi’s Ssematimba was used a shortcut to win party ticket.”

In our next story, we will bring you details of Kasule’s activities in Diaspora and why NUP camps must be worried of this MK’s ghetto guy

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