PHOTO: Princess Bwanga at Bbuga, Busiro in Wakiso at Kagulu Palace to inquire who permitted a clique of family members to install a fake heir to late Prince Ssematimba Kyobe

● Ssekabaka Kagulu’s heir late Ssematimba Kyobe leaves WILL naming Princess Bwanga Bwamirembe and daughter Kisibira Naava Nakayenga as the rightful administrators of the property
● How impersonators organised Last Funeral Right for Ssematimba Kyobe at night to install a fake heir and grab Ssekabaka Kagulu’s land
● Details in the Will and Administrator General’s letter empowers Princess Bwanga Bwamirembe to manage over 700 acres of Ssekabaka Kagulu’s land and palaces 


HER Lordship Hon. Ketrah Kitariisibwa Katunguka, justice of the High court in Kampala has ordered that, Princess Hildah Faridah Naluwembe Namirembe Bwanga Bwamirembe and Kisibira Naava Nakayenga are the administrators of property and credits of the Late Ssematimba Kyobe Hannington Mutebi the heir of 20th Buganda’s King Kagulu Tebucwereke, this investigative news website can authoritatively report.
A few days ago, certain members of the clan organised last funeral rights for late Ssematimba, installing a fake heir targeting to grab the late’s property.
On being tipped about the event, Princess Bwanga the rightful administrator of Prince Ssematimba’s property hurried to Bbuga, Wakiso palace that day morning to inquire what was going on, only to find when this clique had already Installed some one they called Ssematimba’s heir, very different from the heir in the Will.

As if they knew that the rightful administrator having a copy of the Will is coming, this clique hired goons who attacked Princess Bwanga, hurling all sorts of insults against her. Her security team took a few photos and left.
Talking to our reporter from her Makindye palatial home, Princess Bwanga said whatever was done at that funeral rite was just drama, “The rightful heir of Prince Ssematimba will soon be installed in broad day not at night. Ssematimba named his heir in his Will, all his children and other family members will attend. What was organised by that clique was just Katemba. Late Ssematimba’s property is in right hands and no one will ever grab any piece of his land.”

Princess Bwanga is President Museveni’s advisor on culture Affairs and was so pivotal in talks between The Head of State and Kabaka of Buganda’s talks around 2011 and 2012 which saw the return of most land titles to Buganda Kingdom. 
About her influence and why President Museveni trusts Princess Bwanga so much, will be a story for another day! 

Prince Ssematimba Kyobe’s last Will dated October 3, 2019 reads “The responsibility to the piece of land and over the palaces, I leave to the following persons and in the absence of whom, no transaction should ever proceed; My daughter Kisirisa Naava of Bulamu Kasangati and Princess Nalinya Naluwembe Bwanga Bwamirembe Hilda of Makindye. These two persons are critical in this Will for the reasons that I chose not to provide here.”

The Will put the two in charge of the estate of the late Ssematimba Kyobe Hannington Mutebi, any one making deals on the deceased’s property is a fraudster!
In the Will Prince Kyobe wrote, “I wish to re-emphasize that the Letters of Administration which we secured shall cease at that point from whence the persons that I have appointed (Namirembe Bwanga and Kisibira Naava Nakayenga) shall start the process of securing their own power of Administration to continue to manage the estate that I will have left behind as well as what I inherited.”

For starters, The late Prince Ssematimba Kyobe Hannington Mutebi Ssalongo whose estate a clique of family members want to grab, was a son of late Prince Mawanda Sserwano Ssematimba Kyobe. 
His mother was late Besimesi Nakiwala Mawanda. 
Prince Ssematimba was a grandson of Prince Namaswala who was buried at Nyemerwa Kyaggwe. He descended from the Ssekabaka Kagulu Tebuchwereke of Bbuga-Busiro in Wakiso district who was the 20th Kabaka of Buganda. 
He hailed from the main Mutuba of Ssematimba Kyobe to which he was the head.

A clique of clan members recently held a meeting and divided amongst themselves Late Ssematimba’s Ssisa land without permission from the two admistrators.
According to the minutes of this meeting which leaked to this news Website, “It was agreed upon that, the title of Ssisa Block 409 is secured, the five Mituba will divide the 697.5 acres equally after deducting all costs to service providers. The division will be as follows;

  1. Omutuba gwa Ssematimba Kyobe 109.7 acres
  2. Omutuba gwa Kattaba Wamala 109.7 acres
  3. Omutuba gwa Kayima Ssenyimba 109.7 acres
  4. Omutuba gwa Kiwanga Ssezzinga 109.7 acres
  5. Omutuba gwa Kalaaki Ngomazambwa 109.7 acres 
  6. Umutesi Lorreta for all Service providers and who has spent colossal sums of money to support us claim Ssisa Property for the last 8 years, 149 acres.
    Meeting was attended among others; Kattaba Wamala Nakibinge, Kayima Ssenyimba Katoogo, Kiwanga Ssezziga Jjemba and Kalaaki Ngomazambwa Sseninde

According to a court document of 2021 this investigative news website has landed on, Judge said, “I Ketrah Kitariisibwa Katunguka Judge of the High Court of Uganda here by make known that on 18th day of November 2021; The last Will of the late Ssematimba Kyobe Hannington formerly a resident of Bbuga, Mende, Wakiso district, a copy whereof annexed was proved and registered before me, and the administration of property and credits of the said deceased and in way concerning his Will, were granted to Kisibira Naava Nakayenga and Naluwembe Namirembe Bwanga Hildah Faridah Naliinya Princess (Executrix) of the deceased’s Will.”
“They having undertaken to administer the same and to make a full and true inventory of the said property and credits within one year from the same date or within such further time as the court may from time to time appoint.” Reads Justice Ketra Kitarisibwa’s order.
This came after the demise of Prince Ssematimba Kyobe Hannington Mutebi Ssalongo and a section of members of the family started taking his land without permission from the rightful owners which was an illegality.
According to the late Ssematimba’s Will which High court confirm to be authentic, Princess Bwanga and Naava Nakayenga are the rightful administrators of Prince Ssematimba’s property, let impersonators be informed!

Acording to a letter dated October 2, 1992 written by then Ssabalangira Besweri K. L Mulondo, it talked about a meeting that was held on September 11, 1992 at Bukesa Namirembe and in attendance were the following Princes and Princesses; Prince Ssematimba Kyobe known as Hannington Mutebi, Prince George William Wasajja, Prince Festo Jjunju, Princess Nalinya Millicent Namuwenda, Princess Mazzi Ntege, Princess Hajjat Mayimuna Nabweteme, Prince Jjuuko Yonasani, Twin Ssimbwa George William, Princess Nalinya Zalwango Sarah Bugembegembe, Prince Tebandeke Julius and Prince Kikulwe Edward.

In this meeting, the major issue was to clarify on the Mutuba of Ssematimba Kyobe. Besweri Mulondo said, “This Mutuba is independent and it is the lead Mutuba which leads all the other secondary Mituba including Kattaba Wamala,  Kayima Ssenyimba, Kiwanga Sseziga, Kalaaki Ngomazambwa, Lweteega and Ssekoolya.” 
He clarified that, The Head of that Mutuba is Ssematimba Kyobe known as Hannington Mutebi Ssalongo. 
“Accordingly, he is also Ssematimba Kyobe by the virtue of the Mutuba which he heads. That Mutuba has its own property including; the main place at Bbuga, Busiro where the 20th Ssekabaka Kagulu Tebucwereka, the owner of that land was raid to rest.” Reads Ssabalangira Besweri Mulondo’s 1992 letter.
He added that, “There is a palace at Ssisa Busiro-Musaale. Block 409 where the Buganda Buladde Palace is located. There is another land at Maya-Nanziga in Busiro, Katoolinga Mumyuuka Busiro at Ntenjeru in Kyaggwe and a number of other places.

Ssematimba Kyobe Hannington is the heir who has the succession instruments of the Mutuba of Ssematimba Kyobe. He is also the one responsible to arbitrate the Mutuba mentioned above and guide them in the Buganda’s tradition.”
Ssabalangira Besweri Mulondo in his letter re-emphasised that every Mutuba that he had talked about is independent. 
“Therefore, the Mutuba of Ssematimba is one responsible for the wealth of of the 20th Ssekabaka Kagulu Tebucwereka. And the one who  is supposed to be accountable for the property of the 20th Ssekabaka Kagulu Tebucwereka is Ssematimba Kyobe known as Hannington Mutebi because he is the rightful person in charge of that Mutuba.
Therefore, you should try as much as possible not to mix issues of those Mituba with their property.” Clarified Ssabalangira Besweri Mulondo, 30 years ago!
He copied his letter to; Prince Ssematimba Kyobe, Nalinya Sarah Zalwango – Bugembegembe and Naalinya Millicent Namuwenda.
In the next story, we shall bring you a detailed letter from Mengo about Ssekabaka Kagulu Tebucwereke’s property, a letter from the administrator General and Prince Ssematimba Kyobe’s detailed Will. You will realize that those fighting Princess Bwanga are wasting their time.

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