Mr. Kagenyi gives speech at the passing of 1200 patriots


YESTERDAY, Manafwa district Deputy Resident District Commissioner Kagenyi Lukka passed out 1200 students from four schools at a function which took place at Butiru Napoleon Field, in Manafwa urging them to seek knowledge and skills (academic excellence), detest the crime and unbecoming behaviours. 
Mr. Kagenyi told students that it is their duty to love, defend their country, cherish the nature of their country, environment, natural resources, but above all, he called upon them to be disciplined, hardworking and excel in academics in order to achieve their desirable development goals in the future.
The four schools are;  Wakoro SS, Bunyinza Alliance SS,  Butiru Model SS and Butiru Comprehensive SS.
The function which was attended by area LC1 chairpersons, patrons of the patriotism club, coordinator of the Headteacher of the four schools, DEO, DPC, Chairman LCV Manafwa and District Patriotism coordinator, it was graced by Mr. Magomu Mubarrack, the Deputy National Patriotism Commissioner from the National Patriotism Secretariat, Kampala.
“No one will force you to love your country. We can’t be teaching you how to love your country. We are only inculcating into you values of patriotism.” Said Mr. Kagenyi.
The values he talked about include; loyalty to Uganda, love for self, family and Uganda, protect invironment and natural resources, cherish hardwork, honesty and accountability and fairness, Pan Africanism, East African Integration and non sectarian goals and values, cherish cultural heritage, family values and our roots, time management, discipline, duty and adherence.  
Patriotism is envisaged in the 1995 Constitution of Uganda Under Section xxix of National objective and directive principles of State Policy which commends that every citizen of Uganda shall be patriotic and loyal to his country. 
It further states that, exercise and enjoyment of rights is inseparable from fulfilment of duties among the duties that are to be fulfilled.
Kagenyi explained that every citizen of this country must be patriotic and loyal to this country. 
“The Constitution of The Republic of Uganda commands that it will be a duty of all able bodied citizens to undergo military training for the defence of their country and constitution whenever called upon and State shall ensure that facilities are available for such training.” Explained Deputy RDC Kagenyi.
The mission of Patriotism is to inculcate values and norms of patriotism in the students and youth of Uganda in order to develop resourceful, responsible, disciplined and resellient citizens who are loyal and ready to defend transformation of Uganda.
The strategic imperative is;
● Defeating ideological distortion 
● Universal Patriotism (from primary to universty)
● Enhancing public awareness and acceptance 
● Mandatory mainstreaming of Patriotism in all schools and institutions 
● Core messages to all Ugandans, being patriotic and loyal to Uganda is a constitutional duty.
“Patriotism spirit isn’t inbone but developed and nurtured with deliberate effort. 
Patriotism ideology builds a citizens National conscious leading to a peaceful united and prosperous country. Lastly, Patriotism program is non partisan.” Mr. Kagenyi told students.  
Ms. Grace Nanyere, the District Patriotism coordinator of Manafwa said they passed out 1200 students after undergoing patriotism ideology. 
“Basically we teach students mindset, program about mindset change. We teach students core values of Patriotism for example; love, service, sacrifice, loyalty, honesty, time management, Pan Africanism and very many other values.” She said in an exclusive interview with News Editor Media shortly after yesterday’s function.
This program, she told us, “Is actually preparing the youth and young children to be responsible enough and takeover their adulthood roles when for us the elders have disappeared. So we are nurturing and mentoring character of these children to be responsible citizens of the Country and to work hard towards vision 2040.”
She said, it is the responsibility of every Ugandan to work hard so that Vision 2040 is achieved. 

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