PHOTO: When other Members of Parliament joined Hon. Christine Ndiwalana (1st left) for thanksgiving on winning an election petition and completion of first year as Bukomansimbi North MP


LAST WEEK, i made a year since I was inaugurated as member of Parliament representing Bukomansimbi North County Constituency. I thank my Lord Jesus Christ who made me succeed amidst disturbances and court battles by the people we defeated in broad day light, thinking they would mislead judiciary to rig our hard earned victory!
In fact as Bukomansimbi North, we would be very far had it not been those senseless election petitions which took us a lot of time and finances to defend the votes of Bukomansimbi North People.
There was also a voter who alleged that I bought Alcohol for my voters and therefore impaired their judgement on election day. It was insinuated that Bukomansimbi voters were not in their normal senses when they overwhelmingly voted for me. Of course this is laughable.
My opponent filed a case against me alleging that I do not have the required minimum qualifications  for an MP. This was proved by courts of law to be wrong information and propaganda intended to dent my image. Court ruled that my credentials we’re in order and therefore there is no reason why I shouldn’t ably represent my constituency in parliament. 
The bi- election that  had been ordered for by High court Judge Ketra Katunguka of Masaka was overturned by three justices of Court of Appeal stamping my victory as the dully elected Member of Parliament Bukomansimbi North.
Thanks be to God, truth prevailed, those who expected to harvest from where they didn’t sow, three Justices from Court of Appeal exposed them. Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. We emphasized the truth from the court of appeal. Bukomansimbi belongs to National Unity Platform.
I also thank my voters for always standing with me through hard and smooth moments.
It is time to double our efforts so that we can compensate time wasted in such an ill election petition. Yes they delayed us but can’t deny us of our destination. Bukomansimbi North with Hon. Christine Nandagire Ndiwalana will never be the same again.

Having said that, so far, I have managed to change a few things in Uganda through contributions made on the Floor of Parliament and committees where I sit, like the Health committee and Committee on Equal Opportunities.
● I asked the minister of Health to look at the Health Center settings in Uganda because it is a big challenge. This forced them to elevate the Health center IIs to IIIs and having medical officers. Health centre IIIs to 1V where by medical officers will easily be accessed by the wanainchi. 
● I tabled the scarcity of drugs in Hospitals and some improvements were made.
● I encouraged MPs to join Rotary clubs so that they can easily give back to communities. 
● I alerted the speaker about the cultures and norms of our country including the respect for the dead and viewing of bodies when we lost our dear Speaker Jacob Aulanyah. 
● Together with fellow members of parliament we solidly stood against the coffee deal between government and Vinci and thrown it in dustbin. Any deal on coffee where farmers are not involved can not be entertained. The people of Bukomansimbi North are coffee farmers, their voice agsinst this unpopular deal had to be heard.
We are however hearing divergent voices of some leaders in government plotting to revert what Parliament ruled on this controversial coffee deal, but they are wasting time.
As long as we still sit in that Parliament, we will continue to block monopoly on our coffee. That agreement is bad, very bad, nothing will ever make it good to be attractive. We rejected it in public interest, full stop.
● In the committee of Health, I advocated for improved working conditions for all medical workers, better salaries, better accommodation  which has gone a long way in improving the Doctor- patient relationship.
● In equal opportunities committee, I am fighting for elimination of disparities, between districts. My argument is that their should be  equity where all districts equally share opportunities this will lead to balanced development for all regions.
● I am now the MP representing female MPs in Central region, I am the secretary External relations Buganda Parliamentary cacus.
● In the Constituency we have been available supporting different projects, consulting the electorate and joining them during time of sorrow and happiness. We shall be more available, now that the hectic and time consuming court battles are done.
I am ready to serve and perfectly represent my people of Bukomansimbi North as we liberate our country, so help me God.

The writer Hon. Dr. Christine Nandagire Ndiwalana is NUP member of Parliament representing Bukomansimbi North Constituency in the 11th Parliament

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