Balaam and other events managers in a group photo with Rt. Hon. Lukia Nakadama (standing fifth from left), other ministers and religious leaders during the launch of Music promoters’ SACCO on Wednesday last week


EVENTS philanthropist Balaam Barugahara Ateenyi together with other Music promoters have asked President Museveni to kindly reconsider his decision of fully reopening up the country in January 2022, saying he should allow artists to perform during Christmas and New year season so that they don’t miss out on this festive season for the second year! 
Speaking on behalf of National Events (Bivvulu) promoters, Mr. Balaam a renown Musevenist said, if President grants them an opportunity to have music shows in the coming festive season, they committed themselves to sponsor Covid-19 vaccination, sensitization through adverts on different media platforms country over so that all their fans get Covid-19 jabs.
Balaam said, “We beg our beloved President to allow us have events from 24th December, 25th (Christmas day), 26th (Boxing day), 31st December 2021 and on 01st January 2022.”
In the Presidential address on Thursday, Mr. Museveni categorically said, he will fully reopen the country in January next year and urged Ugandans to get vaccinated against Covid-19.
This means, music events and Theatres will remain closed for the second year yet in such festivals, this is when music industry gets good business.
Balaam told Museveni that, “If you allow us to work in Festive season, we as music promoters will through advertising these events also include sensitizing people all over the country to go and be vaccinated and if need be, we will allow only fans who have received Covid-19 jabs to attend our shows. We pray that if we are allowed, can use the month of November to carry out a Nation wide campaign to encourage our fans to go and get vaccinated.”
Balaam sent this message through Rt. Hon. Lukia Isanga Nakadama who is the Third Deputy Prime minister and minister without Portfolio.
Nakadama had been delegated by Her Excellency Vice president Maj. Rtd. Jessica Alupo to launch National Events (Bivvulu) Promoters Multipurpose Coperative Society Ltd (SACCO) at Sheraton Hotel in Kampala.
This is a National Wide cooperative Society helping youth especially in the Arts sector who include Artists, promoters, talent managers, among others, uniting for a common goal of mindset change for social and economic development. President Museveni already pledged to put UGX 20Bn in this SACCO from Emyoga budget.
The function was attended by among others Hon. Attorney General Kiryowa Kiwanuka, Gender Minister Betty Amongi, Col. Elly Kayanja who represented Museveni’s brother Gen. Salim Saleh, officials from the ministry of Trade, RCC Hood Hussein, Pastor Jessica Kayanja, former Supreme Mufti Sheikh Silman Kasule Ndirangwa and almost all music promoters.
Balaam who is this SACCO’s Director Public Relations and Member of the credit Committee said they don’t want to miss the Festive season again.
He revealed, “Even if it means enforcing all artists to first go for vaccination before clearing their Festive season shows, we will do that and we will ensure SOPS are observed.”
Balaam noted that, if churches, business, Universities and tertiary institutions are opened, so should be music shows because this industry employs hundreds of people and many families depend on it. 
In her response, Rt. Hon. Nakadama promised to deliver music promoters’ request to the president and expectactions are that the Head of State will make a ruling on that.

The move excited Vice President Jessica Alupo, she said government is ready to inject UGX 20Bn in this Coperative Society so that they together enjoy the economic development championed by President Museveni.
Through her message delivered by Rt. Hon. Lukia Nakadama, VP Alupo said, the formation National Events (Bivvulu) Promoters Multipurpose Coperative Society Ltd was timely and she pledged to support promoters and artists access this emyoga fund to help them develop and fight poverty.
On the UGX 20Bn to this SACCO, President Museveni said will first give them UGX 10Bn and if they use it well, he will add them UGX 10Bn. Music producers assured the president that indeed they will perfectly use this money and even hinted on how they are going to use it.

National Events (Bivvulu Promoters) Multi-purpose Cooperative Society Ltd is an Organization that brings together youth in Uganda towards a common goal of unity of purpose and changing of mindset. It’s offices are located in Makindye opposite Court. 
It was founded by 34 Events promoters and was fully registered in July 2021. Today, it has membership of 3000 people.
“The term ‘Multipurpose’ in our Association name of National Events (Bivvulu) Multipurpose Promoters Cooperative Society Limited means that the cooperative is to engage in diverse income generating activities not limited to Events Promotion in our country. We are targeting atleast 300,000 members.” Said Andrew Mukasa commonly known as Bajjo of Bajjo Events.
The SACCO’s Mission is: Creating opportunities for financial growth of it’s members so that they are self reliant and have multiple income streams and their vision is to be the leading profitable creative Arts Industry cooperative in Uganda that is financially beneficial to it’s members.
National Events (Bivvulu) Promoters Multi-purpose Cooperative Society Limited is not partisan, it welcomes members from different tribes, religious and political beliefs.  
The organization will do regional launches with Western Uganda, Eastern and Central Uganda for the start and later, embark on the whole country.


  1. Andrew Mukasa (Bajjo) – Chairman
  2. Moses Lubulwa (Luba Events) – Vice Chairman
  3. Musa Kavuma (KT) – Treasurer and Chairman Credit Committee
  4. Balam Barugahara (Balam Events) is the Director Public Relations and Member of the credit Committee
  5. Halima Namakula is the Vice director Public Relations and Member credit Committee 
  6. Emmamuel Serugo – Chairman Assets and Liability Committee 
  7. Ronald Muyomba – Coordinator and Member of the Finance Committee. 
  8. Rasheedah Nkuba (Member Executive). 
  9. Emmanuel Lwasa (Chairman Vetting Committee) 
  10. Isah Mugenyi – Chairman Supervisory committee.
  11. Edward Rukundo (Member of Executive Committee)
  12. Kaweesa Yasin (Member of Executive Committee).

Today history is being made as we launch National Events (Bivvulu) Promoters Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd.
Someone could ask why I call it a historical event? Because for quite a long period of time, we have been taken to be opportunists, beggars, and we are baptized names like Badongo, ba mbaleese, identifying us as people who don’t even contribute to both arts sector and the National economy at large.
Surprisingly, some of us here have made many popular Musicians, some of us do other businesses and we are medium tax payers according to URA rankings, most of us are legally married with children and grand children, showing how responsible we are.
We intend to offer low interest rates to Promoters, Musicians, comedians and general public who will join as members, at below 11% putting it in mind that today the commercial rate is at 20% and subject to change during inflation, is not sustainable to the growth of our members and we shall do better.
We also have plans to venture into real Estate so that we provide affordable housing to members. It is also in plan to consider Islamic banking to Muslim members in the nearby communities.
We hereby request the government through you to support this organization as it is the only way to spearhead the youth mindset change for financial development.

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