Hon. Mukasa (putting on a white mask) greeting sheikhs at Haji Saudi’s wedding in Kitebi yesterday


HON. MANJERI Kyebakutika the opposition deputy chiefwhip, also Jinja Municipacity member of Parliament and Rubaga South legislator Aloysius Mukasa have started campaign calling on public to rise up and block President Museveni’s move to scrap bail application for suspects on capital offences.
The two legislators said, this law will not only affect politicians opposed to NRM but will also be easily used by the opportunists and the well-to-do, to grab people’s land and bibanja, take their houses and destroy families.
The MPs who were speaking at different functions yesterday, called on public to keep aside their political differences and unanimously resist passing this bad law which is being brought in a bad spirit.
Addressing mourners yesterday at Buwekula village, Bugembe in Jinja City, deputy chiefwhip Manjeri Kyebakutika said, “If public allow this bad law to be passed, someone can easily false accuse you say, of murder. And by the time the case is heard to the conclusion and court findings shows that you are innocent, your kibanja or land will have been taken by opportunists and land grabbers, your business and family will have been destructed and your life will never be the same again.”
MP Kyebakutika commonly known as ‘Omutembeyi’ (Hawaker) by her supporter said National Unity Platform  (NUP) party will not allow passing of this bad law. She was attending the burial of her supporter and businesslady Kauma Winnie Lilian who succumbed to cancer at the age of 37. Both Kyebakutika and Lilian were once Hawkers in Jinja.
“If it’s passed, Uganda will be the first country in the world to deny suspects their right of bail. Our laws are very clear, a suspect is innocent until proven guilty by courts of law. Gen. Museveni is fueling this bad campaign but it will never see light.” Said Deputy opposition chiefwhip.
She asked public wherever they are to, “Please call your area Members of Parliament, caution them on dangers of this bill and tell them not to pass it into a law. Every suspect has a right to bail and so should not be scrapped by ill intentioned leaders. Please don’t allow them, be resistant.” Noted MP Manjeri Kyebakutika.
She talked about her project to donate Mama kits to every pregnant mother in Jinja City and the fully fledged ambulance she recently bought for her people.
“In NUP, we believe in working for our people and sharing a little we have. We are your servants, you are our bosses. Let’s keep the fire burning, we will wear the crown together.” Said MP Manjeri at a burial function attended by other City leaders who included Deputy Speaker Ms. Kyakuwayire Kamya, councilor Cissy Matama Zirama and others.
Late Kauma was a born-again and prayers were conducted by both Deliverance Church Bugembe and Wairaka Miracle Centre. Pastor Moses Kawooya reminded those who are greedy, that riches they have wrongly accumulated will not go with them when they die and asked them to repent and turn to God.

While officiating at the wedding of his supporter Haji Saidi Musa yesterday in Kitebi, Lubaga division, the area MP Hon. Aloysius Mukasa asked Muslim brothers to cry out to Allah to frustrate President Museveni’s move in scrapping bail application to suspects. 
Smartly donnes in a Muslim kanzu, MP Mukasa who is pursuing a Bachelors degree in Laws said, those perpetrating for this bill should expect a showdown because public will speak loudly against it.
“Wherever I go for consultations, electorates tell me never to support scrapping of bail application. And I will not. I can’t misuse peoples’ mandate to pass bad laws. You all know how our brothers and sisters in NUP are being arrested on concorcted-up charges. We shall traverse the whole country to sensitive public against scrapping bail application.  May Allah be with us.” Said Lubaga South MP Aloysius Mukasa.
Haji Musa Saidi applauded the MP for being bold and campaign against scrapping of bail application saying that they don’t regret sending him to the 11th Parliament.
He said,  “As Rubaga South, we are happy that we are perfectly represented. At a time when political prisoners are still rotting in jails, getting them a bail is all what we want. Now if someone moves in to scrap bail application, then we can’t support it. Keep it up Hon. Mukasa.”
Muslims in attendance said will pray to the almighty Allah to intervene.
Scrapping bail application is failing to sink in people’s hearts. On Thursday, Government Attorney General Kiryowa Kiwanuka told members of Uganda Parliamentary Press Association  (UPPA) that they are still consulting all stakeholders.
Government chiefwhip Thomas Tayebwa also denied ever telling NRM caucus MPs that President Museveni ‘ordered’ them to pass this bill into a law if it comes to Parliament, come what may. He said, media misquoted him.

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