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AFTER this News website published a story which arose from a tweet by Maj. Chris Magezi alerting public about some rogue characters calling themselves ‘Friends of Muhoozi Kainerugaba project’ and collecting money from unsuspecting members of public over a fictitious event at Kampala Sheraton Hotel next month, security embarked on investigations about this clique and the list of victims has leaked to us.
For starters, Maj. Magezi is the Director Information and Communication Office of the Senior Presidential Advisor in charge of Special Operations (SPASO) who is Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba.
In his tweet on Monday this week, the soft speaking Maj. Magezi told public that, “It has come to the attention of the office of the Commander Land Forces (CLF) & SPASO that some rogue characters are organizing and collecting money from unsuspecting members of Public over some fictitious event at Kampala Sheraton sometime next month.”
“Please be advised that, Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba is neither aware about the said event and nor has he authorized any such undertaking in his name. Members of public should not be hoodwinked otherwise.”
Reads Maj. Magezi’s tweet. 
In his response, a one Lyvine Julius Kashugi who prefers to be addressed as Chairman ‘Friends of Mohoozi Kaineruga Project’ denied ever soliciting money from members of public to the extent of challenging Maj. Magezi to, “Table evidence if we have ever asked for money from any one like he alleges.”
In an exclusive interview with this Website, Kashugi who is on record, accused Maj. Magezi for what he called  blackmailing him saying, his tweet was meant to character assassinate their good cause of celebrating achievements of Gen. Muhoozi and, “To taint my (Kashugi’s) name.”
We can however reliably inform our dear readers that, we have obtained a list  of  about 70 people who pledged and others have already paid in cash to organise a function for Gen. Muhoozi, an event the 1st son isn’t aware of.
According to the leaked list, it has a title: MUHOOZI PROJECT LUNCHEON LIST ON 27/11/2021 AT SHERATON HOTEL. There are two Mobile money numbers in the names of Agaba Rossete given to public to contribute money for this function. These Mobile Money numbers are; 0786187182, 0702187182.
We are told, on being tipped about how a clique of people is collecting money from members of public in the guise of organizing a function for him, Gen. Muhoozi directed Maj. Magezi to notify the public not be be conned of their money and directed that the motive of this clique be investigated.
Security wants to know why Kashugi and his clique are fundraising huge sums of money and who is responsible for this money? Can Kashugi account for this money?.
“This is what Maj. Magezi was talking about. In fact, even President Museveni stopped all NRM Mobilisers from collecting money from peasants. Are the  Kashugi’s registered? Where do they report? Whom do they give accountability? This is open day robbery which can’t be allowed.” Said a top state operative (names withheld) who was deployed to  monitor Kashugi and his group’s activities.
Below is a list showing who gave what to Kashugi’s clique for the fictitious function.


  1. Fred Waigolo 100,000
  2. Kanakulya Sam 100,000
  3. Leah Ayoo 100000 paid
  4. Aine Lillian 100000
  5. Busingye Elizabeth 100,000
  6. Ibrahim Luwero 100,000
  7. Aijuka Joram 100,000
  8. Kamuntu Robert 100,000
  9. Murangira Dickson 100,000
  10. Mugisha Moses 100,000
  11. Cissy Kiragye 100,000
  12. Matsiko Clever 100,000
  13. Babirye Phionah 100,000
  14. Nakigozi 100,000
  15. Andrew Mpamize 100,000
  16. Peter Waiswa 100,000
  17. Ronald Atizarirwe 100,000
  18. Chris Muhame 100,000
  19. Bena Asiimwe 100,000
  20. Godfrey Musindi 100,000
  21. Ahumuza Mable 100,000
  22. Generous Kamuntu 100,000
  23. PatramUg Promotionsy 100,000
  24. Mr. Ssendi 100,000
  25. Pilaato 150,000
  26. Odongkol Andre 100,000
  27. Irocu Joanita 100,000
  28. Edgar Nuwe 100,000
  29. Ayebale Mark 100,000
  30. Jacinta Lokuru 100,000
  31. Katto Denis 100,000
  32. Tayebwa 100,000
  33. Nina Rose 100,000
  34. Ngobi 100,000
  35. Lyvine Julius Kash 150,000
  36. Mutesi 300,000
  37. Arinda Carol 300,000
  38. Mwiza Dee 100,000
  39. Ronald Jn 120,000
  40. Muhangi 120,000
  41. Cynthia 100,000
  42. Gerald Kansime 100,000 paid 
  43. Peruth Kaliisa 100,000
  44. Luswambi Charles 100,000
  45. Kish 100,000
  46. Sandra Mwesiga 100,000 paid 
  47. Besigye Anthony 100,000 paid 
  48. Ihunde Babra 100,000
  49. Merab 1M
  50. Edgar Abaho 100,000
  51. Fab Love 100,000
  52. Shallot 100,000
  53. Edith Biraro 100,000
  54. Naomi Nkiziibwe 100,000
  55. Frank Gasana 100,000
  56. Dr. Hillary 100,000
  57. Nuwenyine Lydia 100,000
  58. Kasenene Ngabirano 100,000
  59. Esther Karegyeya 100,000
  60. Emma Manager 200,000
  61. Ivan Muganga 100,000
  62. Mwebesa Eric 100,000
  63. Kamugira Jnr 100,000
  64. Remy 100,000
  65. Kenneth Ivans Odongo 100,000
  66. Fred W 100,000
  67.   Kanakulya Sam 100,000
  68. Mwebesa Eric 100,000

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