DEAD: Kakaire


FUFA boss Hon. Eng. Moses Magogo is deeply saddened by the unfortunate news of the passing on of the 24th FUFA President, Hajj Twaha Kakaire.
In his condolence message to the deceased’s family and the football sport lovers in Uganda, Hon. Magogo has said, “On many occasions, Hajj Kakaire stood tall for FUFA and generally Ugandan Football for the achievements we celebrate today. He is notably celebrated for having supported the birth of the FIFA Financial Assistance Programme in 1998 and also the Serie-A and Serie-B league arrangement for the Uganda Premier League.”
Hon. Magogo said, “Whereas we grieve for the passing on of the football administration icon, we also celebrate his contribution to the game of football today. Death is a must and a destiny for all of us. It is just a matter of when not if.”
“May the Almighty Allah judge his earthly works with mercy and strengthen those left behind to be strong in these trying times.
Inalilah wa Inalilah Rajihun.” Signs FUFA President Moses Magogo. In a brief statement released by FUFA communications manager Ahmed Hussein Marsha has said, “Hajj Kakaire played a key role in the development and growth of football and the Institution during his leadership. We grieve in honour of his football works. Burial Arrangements will be communicated.”


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