St. Mark Kakumba Kyanja Church of Uganda leaders at church land which caused Ven. Kabanda and Rev. Mpoza interdiction. In the background is Sulaiman Kiggundu’s apartments said to have been built on church land


SULAIMAN KATO Kiggundu who is in controversies over trespassing and building apartments on the land owned by St. Mark Kakumba – Kyanja Church of Uganda has shockingly revealed to this News Website that he commenced constructions without a complete land lease process!
In Part 1 of this story, we entirely look at what Sulaiman Kiggundu told us and questions about this land bad transactions which forced Christians to seek for court redress.
In an interview with our senior investigative editor, to find out, how did he acquire Church land without the owners’ consent and started building on it apartments amidst protests from the church members, Sulaiman Kiggundu who has been in news for allegdly conspiring with a one Venerable Herbert Paul Kabanda and Rev. Stephen Mpoza to grab Kyanja Church of Uganda said he rightly got this land.
Namirembe Diocese Bishop Rt. Rev. Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira has since interdicted Kabanda who was the Archdeacon of Gayaza Archdeaconary and Rev. Stephen Mpoza then Diocesan Estate Secretary Namirembe Diocese. They were acused of the fraudently carrying out transactions on this church land.
On how he acquired this land, Sulaiman Kiggundu says these ‘men of God’ were in the deal.
“I didn’t acquire that land fraudulently as it is alleged. I went through the right channels and requested for a lease offer from Namirembe diocese.” Reveals Sulaiman Kiggundu.
He in fact told us, “I paid a deposit for a lease and I am waiting to be told what balance I have to clear. You need to ask yourself why the same Bishop (Rt. Rev. Kityo Luwalira) never came out to stop my developments. The Diocesan Secretary wrote to these complainants restraining them from publishing these matters in the media nor taking them to court. I have a copy of this letter.”
However, according to letter dated March 30th 2021 from Rev. Canon Henry Segawa the Diocesan Secretary wrote to Ven. Kabanda then Archdeacon of Gayaza asking him to halt on-going development on St. Mark Church of Uganda Kyanja land by a one Sulaiman Kiggundu Kato. 
Letter said, “We want the developments on this land at Kirowooza particularly on the portion which is allegedly to have been sold to Mr. Sulaiman Kiggundu Kato pending clear clarification on the matter.”
The Diocesan Secretary said, this was the resolution of the meeting in the Bishop’s office which was attended by among others; Five members from St. Mark Kakumba Kyanja Church of Uganda led by the Head of Laity, the Estates Department staff and the Diocesan Secretary.
Rev. Canon Segawa wrote to Ven.Kabanda that, “The Diocesan Land Policy requires that all administrative levels of the Diocese should endorse any transaction  (agreed upon) over Church land and apparently, the ‘alleged sale’ did not comply with the said policy. The process which allegedly was taken in the transaction of the said land sounds quite unconventional of Church of Uganda land policy.”

What we have gathered, Rev. Mpoza before he was interdicted by Bishop Luwalira over Kyanja land fraud, he said to have received only UGX 20M commitment fee from Sulaiman Kiggundu to get the land lease. No where he mentioned how much is this lease and the minute is no where to be seen and the Bishop said he wasn’t aware of this money and they don’t know anything about the lease offer, Kiggundu must have been duped.

Sulaiman Kiggundu has however conceeded how he started constructions on this land without a lease.
“It was not an outright sale/purchase of this said land but I requested for a lease offer and the Estates department at Namirembe (Diocese) is processing my request.” Said Sulaiman Kiggundu whose apartments built on Kyanja Church of Uganda land are almost done awaiting for tenants! 
When asked why did he comence building on Church land before the completion of the lease process, Sulaiman Kiggundu whose transactions of this land are highly questionable, in a WhatsApp message he sent to us said, “My (lease) request is being processed and because the process usually takes long I was allowed to commence construction.”
We asked him to tell us, then how did he acquire a building plan clearance from the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Physical Planning Directorate before getting a complete land lease process, he instead threatened us not to write about this land scandal.
Sulaiman Kiggundu wrote to us and said, “There is no professionalism in negatively portraying my project in the media. I have invested millions of shillings. These are rental units that need occupants on completion. They are using you to dissuade potential tenants from occupying them. I am not a criminal, not a fraudster nor a trespasser at that (land). Please beware of the consequences of your actions.”
Asked to comment about allegations that him and Venerable Kabanda’s wife are related that is why the two are said to have land deals, he totally distanced himself from this relationship. 
He said, “This is hogwash to say the least. I don’t know Ven. Kabanda’s wife and I am sure she has never met nor seen me.”
Kyanja Church of Uganda filed an application for an injunction stopping Kiggundu from any further construction, however court did not stop the construction until the main suit of trespass on Church land is heard.
By press time, there was an urgent meeting on going between St. Mark Kyanja church leaders, their lawyers and the Provincial Chancellor.
We are told, The Provincial Chancellor is desirous of getting all the facts or background about this church land and all transactions made. This is likely to put Kabanda in more troubles are Kyanja church leaders have vowed not to spare any one who had a hand in this transaction. They have threatened to sue who ever participated in dealings on church land.
“The background was given to him and he has requested that I organize a meeting with him and the lawyers, Chancellors, the Bishop and the Witnesses to represent those at Kyanja. This will take place at his chambers on the 30th at 2.00pm ( today).” Reads a leaked message to the Canon.

We are working on a detailed story about this land,  how St. Mark Kyanja Church of Uganda got it and why Kabanda’s name is cited in the fraud on this land.  We will bring you the issues Church members took to court and why they want Kiggundu to remove his property.

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