EXEMPLARY: Mayor Mulyanyama in red shirt delivering food and basic necessities to Sis. Mildred who received them on behalf of the needy persons

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VOTERS of Makindye Municipality must be saluted for having massively elected a generous Mayor Alhaj Ali Nganda Kasirye Mulyannyama whose blessings have been today tapped by the needy elderly living at Mapeera Bakateyamba home Nalukolongo.
Accompanied by Lubaga division councilors and other area leaders who included; Omulangira Kayima Jjuuko (Nateete), Musa Lusembo (Ndeeba), Nannyange Leah, Namakula Agnes,  Ssimbwa Umar (Nalukolongo), Ronald Mutumba, Senior political activist and strategist Deo Mbabazi among others, His Worship Mulyannyama was warmly received by the Secretary and treasurer of the Good Samaritan home Sis. Abitegeka Mildred on behalf of the home Administrator Sister Lawrence Nakiwu.
The Makindye indomitable mayor donated UGX 500,000 in cash to uplift the standards of the clinic at the home, in addition to other basic necessities to help make the life of inhabitants comfortable. These included; soap, diapers, toilet tissue, bread, sugar, drinks, among others.

For starters, the Mapeera Bakateyamba home is located at Nalukolongo, Lubaga Division in Kampala. This home was put up by then late Archbishop Emanuel Kiwanuka Nsubuga of Kampala Archdiocese in 1978 to care for the elderly from war-torn areas and those who didn’t have any family members to look after them.
The home houses the needy from across the divide without consideration of geography, gender, religion and political affiliation.
This home is currently run by Good Samaritan Sisters under the Catholic Church. It has gradually moved to care for the impoverished and abandoned children, especially the disabled, and it relies on donations to provide the necessities to its residents.
A renown leader who isn’t sectarian, Mulyannyama urged fellow leaders to have cardinal Emmanuel Nsubuga named after a monumental place or get a day to hold celebrations in his honour for his contribution to the nation as evidenced by such projects.
“Late Archbishop Emmanuel Nsubuga left a legacy we must all emulate and celebrate. Finding a home for the needy people especially the elderly is no mean feat. He was a great thinker, a great samaritan who fed the needy. Such religious leaders must be remembered for their good deeds. Government should identify a day annually, to celebrate Archbishop Nsubuga. We will push for it.” Said Makindye Mayor,  who among Kampala Municipality mayors got the highest number of votes in the recently concluded elections. 

On behalf of the Bakateyamba home Sis. Mildred expressed her gratitude to Mayor Mulyannyama for such a benevolent heart.
“Thank you Your Worship for such a good heart. Thank you for thinking about the needy people in this home. Yes they have appreciated and pray to God to always guide you in your political endeavors.” Said Sis. Midred.
She asked Mulyannyama to always put in prayers the soul of the founder of this home the Late His Eminence Cardinal Emmanuel Kiwanuka Nsubuga for a visioned and a hearty idea of creating a home to cater for the needy.

The mayor, who political analysts say National Unity Platform (NUP) is set to deploy to a bigger office in 2026, has pledged to always support this home and share with them whatever God gives him.
We wish Mayor Mulyanyama the best of luck as he prepares himself for a bigger office. 

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