From left; MP Ssewanyana, Fred Nyanzi, MP Kasibante and host Bobi Wine at Magere


ON July 31st  2020, National Unity Platform (NUP) Supreme leader Hon. Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi received two Members of Parliament at his Magere residence, one Moses Kasibante from Lubaga North and Makindye West MP Allan Ssewanyana commonly known as ‘Owa bwino’. Days later, the two were among a team of legislators who officially defected to NUP during a colorful function held at the Kamwokya Party Headquaters.
Although Magere meeting was too confidential to the extent that Kyagulanyi did not even post the photos on his popular facebook page, our sharp intelligence team has managed to get all that transpired and why Hon. Kyagulanyi strongly rejected Kasibante’s Lubaga North MP deal.
We are here to report accordingly;

The two legislators, according to our reliable sources landed at Magere ‘State House’ morning hours on Eid day.
The purpose of the visit was to crack a political deal with the Ghetto gladiator over their 2021 fate. The meeting was attended by Bobi Wine’s brother Chairman Fred Nyanzi.
A calm Bobi Wine looked on as Kasibante, who opinion polls show will lose Lubaga North constituency come 2021 polls was laying on table his deal.
“My brother, we have come to discuss a win-win deal with you. It is true we want to join National Union Platform but on condition that, we will be sole candidates in our constituencies. We do not want to have primaries  with any other NUP member.” Kasibante made his case. In the presence of his Honourable colleague Allan Ssewanya, MP Kasibante told Bobi, “Not only do I want my position secured but also, a team of my candidates on specific positions in the constituency. They should not be challenged by any other NUP candidate.”
On this, Kasibante meant his favored candidates running for local councillorship, Lord councilors, Division mayor and probably his candidate for Lordmayorship.
He wanted them to run unopposed without competing with any other NUP member.
“With my position and the positions of my team secured, I will definitely move to Kamwokya NUP Headquarters and officially declare my defection.” Said Hon. Kasibante.
By Kasibante lobbying for sole candidature, his worry was about money magnet Abubaker Kawalya, KCCA Speaker who long time ago declared his intention to contest for Lubaga North MP come 2021.
He wanted Kyagulanyi to put a stopper on Kawalya who even during KCCA Speakership race, identified with People Power.
In fact, Lord Mayor Lukwago (who is Kasibante’s close friend) went bare knuckle with Kawalya, accusing this People Power believer of standing against Doreen Nyanjura who was the Peoples’ Government candidate.
Kasibante sided with Lukwago and they fronted Nyanjura against People Power’s Kawalya.
Thank God, Kawalya defeated Lukwago and Kasibante combined, lifting high the People Power flag.
Now the same Kasibante, without shame, went to Kyagulanyi and asked him to kick Kawalya out of the MP race.

After listening to Kasibante, Kyagulanyi frankly told him, it’s a no deal!
He said, “However much NUP wants to recruit big names like members of Parliament, we won’t be any different from the dictators we are fighting. It’s every one’s right to contest. Here in NUP, we are all equal, no one is superior.”

“Speaker Kawalya has been with us during all situations, bad or good. He is our own. There is no way we can lock him out, that is impossible. Secondly, we cant restrict our members not to contest on certain positions. Please you join and we move together but anything concerning securing your seats and running unopposed, that is a difficult one.” Kyagulanyi told Kasibante.


Six days after Kasibante deal was rejected, Speaker Kawalya led a team of over ten FDC Lord Councilors to NUP Headquarters to officially join NUP Party.
Until August 6th 2020, Kawalya was one of the powerful FDC youth in Kampala who was vocal on issues concerning his Party, financially supported FDC activities and lifted many Blue Party members.
In fact, FDC had nominated him for MP Lubaga North in 2021.
However, together with other FDC councilors who included Faridah Nakabugo, the FDC Caucus Chairperson, crossed to NUP during a glamourous function. They were handed NUP membership cards.

Speaker Kawalya on receiving NUP membership card

On receiving them Kyagulanyi said, “Today, yet again it is a great pleasure to welcome many leaders at different levels into the National Unity Platform. These include the KCCA Speaker, comrade Abubakar Kawalya, several KCCA councillors, Division councillors, and leaders of other areas. I am very geatful for this harvest.”


A week later on Thursday August 13th 2020, Kasibante, Nambooze and Ssewanyana joined a group of other 8 MPs to defect to NUP.
Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba, Medard Lubega Sseggona, Betty Nambooze Bakireke, Muhammad Muwanga Kivumbi, Joseph Ssewungu Gonzaga, Allan Sewanyana, Veronica Nanyondo, Moses Kasibante, Sempala Kigozi, Florence Namayanja and Robina Sentongo.

MP Kasibante showing NUP membership card

Yes Kyagulanyi ushered them into NUP, none will run unopposed as Kasibante wanted.

A few days ago on August 20th 2020, Bobi held a meeting between Abubaka Kawalya and James Mubiru.
Both subscribe to NUP and wanted to contest for Lubaga North MP seat.
By the end of the meeting, James Mubiru had agreed to step down for Kawalya. The former will instead run for lord councillorship.
After the meeting, Bobi posted his photo with the two leaders and he wrote, “We shall either WIN TOGETHER as brothers and sisters or LOSE TOGETHER as fools. I salute you comrades JamesMubiru and Kawalya Abubaker for having the maturity to understand that the struggle is bigger than our personal interests. That is the true definition of the leadership of our generation.”

From left; James Mubiru, Hon. Kyagulanyi and Speaker Kawalya after their meeting

Now insiders say, Bobi’s heart is with Kawalya and he will do everything to make sure this young man who genuinely defected to NUP, wins Lubaga North for People Power.
Whoever thinks that People Power will front Kasibante for the job, you are day dreaming.
All red army foot soldiers in Lubaga North have received orders to rally behind Kawalya.  


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