Mutaasa (Third from left) with Red Top Brigade officials during a presser on Tuesday


PRESIDENTIAL aspirant Charles Mutasa Kafeero, leader of The Red Top Brigade who was last year arrested together with youthful Eng. Dafala Ssenjako over diving from the Parliamentary Gallery into the plenary, protesting over acute corruption in the country, is back in action!
He has written to Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, contesting his 2021 Presidential bid!

Eng. Dafala (left) and Mutasa Kafeero listening to one of the youth leaders after Red Top Brigade press conference on Tuesday

NRM has however branded Red Top Brigade as jokers of the Century, saying Mutasa Kafeero and his colleagues are dreaming, they need to be woken up.
“Any attempt to block or stop President Museveni from contesting isn’t only joke of the Century but is unconstitutional. It’s his constitutional right to stand for any elective post provided he has the qualifications.” Said Eng. Joseph Mukasa Sewava, National Youth coordinator, NRM Party. 

President Museveni and Sewava

Sewava reminded Red Top Brigade that, “This is a nation, not a theatre where every one can put their brain to creativity. Mutasa and his colleagues have not been called upon to advise the president. So, let them mind their own business.”

In his six page letter which has been already received by the Office of the President, 34 years old Mutasa Kafeero says, come 2021 General elections, it will be a shame to tussle it out with a leader who took over power the year he was born.
“Your Excellency, am the young man you are going to contest with. I was born on the 26th day of January 1986 which is the  day you took over power and became President of Uganda.” Writes Mutasa Kafeero.” Says Mutaasa.

Mutasa Kafeero’s letter to President Museveni

“Your victorious forces took command of the Kampala Capital as I was coming out of my mother’s womb in Kayirira Health Centre, present day Lwengo District. I am therefore as old as your regime.” Says Mutasa Kafeero who has been already issued with forms by Electoral Commission Chairman Justice Simon Byabakama to collect signatures from Two-thirds of the districts, endorsing his presidential candidature.
Addressing journalists yesterday Tuesday at Speke Hotel Kampala, Mutasa Kafeero who was flanked by Red Top leaders said, he will push for President Museveni’s withdraw from the ballot paper to avoid embarrassment from the youth especially those who are as old as his regime.
Reading out a letter he sent to the President, Mutasa said, “I would like to hope that you take great interest in the fact that a child born as you were taking over power, now feels that he is perfectly able to replace you at the helm of this great Nation and it’s a shame that we are going to contest together for this great office.”
He said, his move to stand is irresistible and inevitable “On my part after watching Uganda disintegrate politically, socially and economically, courtesy of your programs and policies.”

Mutasa Kafeero addressing media

Red Top Brigade which Mutasa Kafeero commands, was started by a group of Iraq returnees youth known as The Red top Brigade who in 2016 threatened to set Kampala ablaze if Dr. Kizza Besigye is not released saying his arrest was unconstitutional.
They gave an ultimatum of seven days or else, they take action.
Those knowing Mutasa Kafeero say, he is no joker. He is a well trained soldier who returned from Iraq where he was working with security organs.
With his colleagues who are also trained to fight the enemy using fire arms, on their return, they formed the Red Top Brigade and worked under opposition with Dr. Kizza Besigye.
They are fearless, very determined and connected especially to European Union and American Embassy.
Their activities were mostly seen after 2016 elections where they had running battles with security organs putting pressure on the State to release Dr. Besigye.
In fact, they were the one who introduced Red berets before People Power joined.
Last year, Mutasa Kafeero told journalists that, “I cant tell how many times I have been arrested because of my leadership against dictatorial acts. We are not worried of the persecution and torture. We have defended and fought for peace in the foreign countries, so we should do the same for our mother land.”
They now want to mobilize youth in the whole country and join hands to block lifting age limit and land bill.

In his letter, Mutasa Kafeero highlights the following;

Unprecedented levels of corruption in the government
i)The Executive and Parliament have distinguished themselves as the poster boys of corruption. These two pillars of state have, more than any other individual or institution in Uganda, showcased grand corruption in the last three decades.
ii) This Government has taught Ugandans that leadership is only about looting national wealth and serving private interest; not about building the nation and serving the national interest. Corruption is now in our DNA because of this leadership. Our fathers tell us that when the head of the household has a hunchback, the family members walk with a stoop. Ugandans have learnt corruption because of their leaders who have infected the rest of the country.
iii) You have created institutions strategically to enhance your grip on the country’s power and resources.
iv) Your blue-eyed officers and other people have excelled at land grabbing, taking playing fields, lands of schools, churches and whatever else for themselves in the wave of greed that has swept this country.

Rigging of elections
Mr. President, you very much know that in almost all the five elections since you took over power, Ugandans have contested the results. Your leadership has excelled at skewing the electoral policy and laws to your advantage, making it difficult for your challengers to have a free and fair election. The NRM government has also been able to use the carrot and stick in equal measure to make the Judiciary find cause to keep you in power, every time your election is contested in the courts of law. A sober, impartial, un-influenced judiciary would have nullified your so-called election victories long ago, as far back in fact as 2001.

Mutasa Kafeero launching fundraising campaign

Intentional poverty and un-employment.
Mr. President, one of the hallmarks of your regime has been the rather strange tendency to use poverty as a key tool of governance. You have not wished to have a strong, prosperous citizenry because you are very much aware that such people would present a headache to you. Leaders like you all over the world know that you cannot use an iron fist against wealthy, prosperous people. You have built schools that your own children and grandchildren cannot attend because they are of low standard.  
You have built hospitals that none of your children and grandchildren can ever go to, because you know very well they do not offer anything useful. You have insulated yourself very nicely against the mistakes made and the problems created by your regime. As the citizenry we have taken notice of the proverbial cook who does not partake of his own cooking! Such a cook must be handled with care. 
Under your leadership, employment in the juicy places is limited to those who sing your praises or are related to you. The private sector is very weak and therefore unable to absorb the thousands that graduate from institutions of higher learning; meaning that the unemployment rate is high. We have got pseudo-investors who get free land, tax holidays, state-backed loans and grants to start off, as you showcase Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) attainments. The reality is that these are charlatans who have nothing to offer and as a result, the unemployment rate remains as high as 70%. We question the statistics that your government agencies bring up to create an illusion of prosperity – this nation is doing badly! We have underpaid teachers, soldiers, medical workers and that is the sober truth.

Illegal arrests and detentions, and extra-judicial killings
Mr. President, when you took over power, you promised that state-inspired violence would be no more. You promised a return to a dispensation of rule of law. The evidence on record makes it clear that you have been active in destroying the concept of rule of law. You have personalized the police, army and intelligence agencies. They are powerless and underfunded when citizens call for help. But they miraculously come up with all kinds of weaponry and tear gas and manpower to suppress anyone who appears to be expressing disagreement with your government. Many people have been arrested and detained and tortured and killed, as you shamelessly make speeches about how your government restored peace and rule of law. For the first time in history, we have many people who are getting nostalgic about former President Idi Amin! They feel he did better for this country than you have done. 
This is not a good sign and only serves to confirm that you are doing badly as president.
This is only a tip of the iceberg; but it shows just how far this nation has fallen into the abyss under your watch and it shows even more than anything else, how important it is that you step down and peacefully hand over power to the person who wins the 2021 presidential race.
It is my considered view that the prevailing conditions in the country call for launch of new beginnings; which should feature, inter alia, forgiveness, reconciliation and a determination to put the past behind us and forge a new way forward. We want you off the ballot.
In this spirit therefore, I propose that you consider stepping down from the presidency and allow new blood to take the helm and inject new ideas into the governance spectrum. I hope that you see the merit of not running again for the presidency of Uganda, so that we have a chance to begin afresh as a nation.
I am of course aware that you, quite understandably, harbor the fear of possible reprisals against you, from people that feel wronged by your regime; which makes you presuppose that the best option for you is to hold onto power until you die, rather than subject yourself to the vagaries of post-dictatorship revenge attacks. 
It is my suggestion – and indeed the wish of many forward-looking Ugandans – that you be offered immunity from criminal prosecution so that, on leaving the presidency, you retire to a life of respectability and comfort. Ugandans are too keen on a new beginning, to be interested in plucking the crust off what we consider old wounds. Common decency and African tradition demands so, and we undertake to live by precisely that. 
Mr. President, I avail myself of this opportunity to renew to you the assurances of my highest consideration. 

During the same press conference yesterday, Mutasa Kafeero launched fundraising for his presidential campaigns.

Mutasa Kafeero letter to EC

He said, “We don’t have billions like those we want to send out of power because they have misused it. We are not corrupt but we have our country at heart. We are the true liberators. Stand with us in this struggle by contributing what you have. Kindly donate to liberate Uganda from corrupt leadership.”
He gave mobile money numbers;  +256 780 649 939 or +256 752 631 656

Contacted about Red Top Brigade move to see President Museveni off 2021 ballot paper, Eng. Joseph Ssewava who is the NRM National Youth cordinator said 
He put it that, Museveni is the ruling Party candidate for 2021 presidential race and he has all constitutional qualifications to stand.
He advised Mutasa and his colleagues to first understand that NRM is a mass party and Mr. Museveni was endorsed by millions of Ugandans.
Branding him as God sent, Ssewava said, “Our president can’t be substituted. He will always be the best candidate. He is a performer. Tell those boys, leading a Country is not like leading a malwa club.”

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