Kiwanda (centre) crying after endorsing Kibedi Nsegumire (Left) his successor for MP Mityana North


YESTERDAY Thursday, State Minister for Tourism and Wildlife Antiquities Godfrey Kiwanda Ssuubi broke into tears cutting his speech short, when he was bidding farewell to Mityana North constituency NRM supporters gathered at Mutetema home, in Kalangaalo Mityana district!
Earlier, his supporters wanted to grab Hon. Ruth Nankabirwa Ssentamu and tear her apart, for declaring how their darling MP had withdrawn from the 2021 race, paving way for Moses Kibedi Nsegumire to sail through unopposed in NRM Primaries!
In a sombre mood, Kiwanda later showed up to calm down his supporters!
Endorsing Nsegumire as NRM candidate for Mityana North 2021 MP seat Kiwanda said, “Thank you Team Kisoboka for your love and support. It is true I have officially withdrawn from the MP race. In 2021, I will not run, am sorry but let me go!”
“My decision to stand down was well thought out and of good intention. I am here to show you my brother Kibedi Nsegumire who has taken over. Support and vote him as your next Member of Parliament.” Said Kiwanda amidst objection from his supporters who turned wild and vowed to defect from NRM citing pressure from NRM top leaders for their MP’s withdraw from the race.
Some of his supporters were seen wailing and the would be function to congratulate Hon. Kiwanda upon winning NRM Central Vice Chairman seat at CEC ended up a mourning fete!
His agents and all Team Kisoboka could not believe that their MP has withdrawn from one of the races, that is expected to be the hottest come 2021 polls.
Kiwanda joined his supporters in shedding tears as he was addressing them, Kibedi Nsegumire tried calm him down but all in vain.

During 2015 CEC elections, Hon. Kiwanda showed interest in the position of NRM Vice chairman Buganda region. Attempts to convince him to leave the race for Alhaj Abdul Nadduli were all futile until Party Chairman Mr. Museveni intervened and Kiwanda tabled very  tough conditions before the big man.
Don’t ask yourself why Kiwanda won 2016 polls and thereafter, again Museveni appointed him a minister.
We must all agree, Kiwanda is one of the best performing ministers in Museveni’s cabinet.
Back to 2015, an agreement was reached upon and Kiwanda withdrew for Nadduli.
In the recently concluded CEC elections, Kiwanda bounced back for the same position and vowed to oust Mzee Nadduli. A section of NRM top leaders approached Nsegumire to also pick forms for the exact slot at CEC.
This is when Kiwanda was asked to choose to either contest in the MP race and leave Haji Nadduli to tussle it out with Moses Kalangwa, Haji Sonko and Kibedi Nsegumire, or concentrate on the CEC position and forego the MP seat.
This former Buganda Caucus Chairman was at crossroads! He finally chose the CEC position and left Mityana North seat to Kibedi Nsegumire.
It is at this point that it was resolved that Nadduli leaves the race or else face embarrassment. Since it was a deal, Nsegumire also pulled out for Kiwanda.
It was agreed that, President Museveni will maintain Kiwanda as a minister, what is not known is whether this will be honoured.
There are fears that he might also be dropped just like AlhajNadduli, after Mzee realizing that Kiwanda has lost control of the people.
With Museveni, a minister can only be safer if he or she wins a parliamentary election.
This is why ministers like Beti Olive Namisango Kamya, Molly Kamukama, Lucy Achieng and others are aspiring for MP positions in 2021. This is only way to secure their ministerial positions.
With Kiwanda leaving Parliamentary electoral politics, he is likely to be dropped that is, if NRM wins 2021 elections.

Confirming our intelligence briefing, minister Kiwanda has told the News Editor Media that, “In 2015, I tried to stand for the same position (NRM Vice chairman Buganda) but I was told to stand down for Alhaj Naduli. They wanted me to retire as an MP and I refused. I decided to go back  to Mityana North Constituency and I won.”

President Museveni and minister Kiwanda

“This time I did the same thing, picked nomination papers for both MP and CEC. Unlike in 2015, this time Alhaj Nadduli was asked to leave the race. After attaining my dream of becoming a Regional leader I could not think of going back to three Sub-Counties of Mityana North.” Said Kiwanda adding that, “My next political judgement is no longer going to be based on success of Mityana North Constituency but Buganda region.”
“My exit is well negotiated with the top leadership of the land. I thank the People’s of Mityana North for having natured me to the level of a Regional leader. So Team Kisoboka just be strong Not even the sky can limit our Progress. We serve a God of Breakthrough.” Said outgoing Mityana North MP Godfrey Kiwanda Ssuubi.

Analysts say, other factors remaining constant, Hon. Kiwanda had lost ground and his chances of being re-elected were very slim.
Kibedi Nsegumire of Team Kibedi had set political ambushes all over Mityana North and there was no way, Kiwanda would survive.

Since Kibedi left Kampala Central politics, he camped in Mityana North and has been splashing money as if he is the Governor Bank of Uganda.
We are reliably told, his funders had vowed to clean all their bank accounts if need be, so that Kiwanda loses this election to city born Kibedi Nsegumire.
He is a darling mostly among youth groups and defeating him is next to impossible. From day one, all indicators showed, Kibedi was going to unseat Kiwanda.
“After winning NRM Vice Chairman Central region, there was no need for Kiwanda to go for an election to represent three sub counties making up Mityana North where be has very little hope of winning. He had to let it g
o.” Said an insider.

Kiwanda first became Mityana North legislator in the 7th Parliament at the age of 25 years. He later lost to Gordon Ssematiko in 2006. During this period, he was appointed RDC in charge of Karamoja and used this office to mobilize for NRM. He bounced back in 2011 and OVER 90 MPS in Buganda appointed him Buganda Caucus chairman deputized by opposition MP Betty Nambooze Bakireke.
When Kiwanda was appointed State minister for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, which ministry he proudly enjoys, statistics show, the ministry has since registered tremendous achievements.
He told us, “I have raised the numbers from 1.2M visitors to now almost 2M visitors a year.”
He has led different campaigns in the ministry, campaigns like Tulambule, that increases the awareness of Ugandans about their country. This campaign is still running.


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