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By Waswa Tenywa

SHEIKH SHABAN Issa the secretary for Finance at Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) sheikh has warned regional secetaries against chicken being slaughtered especially in markets saying some are sometime stolen and this is unacceptable in Islam. He appealed to them to be more cautious.

Shaban said this during an induction organised by UMSC at Gadaffi National Mosque for all Halal secretaries in the Nine Muslim regions about the essences of halaal.

“Some of the Chicken you slaughter are stolen. This is Haram, you must be very careful.” Said Sheikh Shaban.

He told them that UMSC Halal Department is working closely with government through Ministry of Agriculture animal husbandry and fisheries to normalise all policies and strategies to enable Halal operations in Uganda.

“We however still have a challenge of lack of UMSC representative on the food technology committee to ascertain the Halal products in the country.” Said Sheikh Shaban, appealing to all regional Halal leaders to work closely with the people in their respective regions if they are to benefit them and maintain their leadership well.

The secretary for Halaal at Uganda Muslim supreme council sheikh Munil Sebintu expressed gratuity that 70% of the work adopted by halal department has been successful with the help of the government through ministries such as ministry of agriculture, animal and fisheries, ministry of health and ministry of local government which wrote letters to the department on behalf of uganda muslim supreme council expressing support for the department.

“UMSC Halal Department is going to embark on the process of registering UMSC Halal in International Halal certified bodies to enable Ugandan Muslim traders export their meat and foods in Arabian countries freely without interference.” Said Sheikh Sebintu.

Regional leaders who included Sheikh Abutwahiyu Abubakar Nakwasi secretary Halal for west Buganda region, Sheikh Adam Uthuman Nsubuga of Ankole Kigezi,sheikh Twaha Tamale from kampala,ismael Muhammad higenyi the halal secretary for Eastern and others said they have benefited from the induction.


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