PHOTO: Speaker Anita Among in a group photo as Namilyango College to mark 121 years. She was franked by FUFA President also Budiope East MP Eng. Moses Magogo


RT. HON. ANITA Annet Among, Speaker Parliament of Uganda has vowed that government will not allow a “small group of people to poison our morals”.
Speaking at celebrations to mark 121 years of Namilyango College in Mukono District on Sunday, Speaker Among said the recent spike in activities related to homosexuality present a threat, noting that Uganda is a country that is held together by certain values, which must be maintained no matter the intimidation.
“We commit to remain resolute to guard what we believe in. We cannot just look on as a small group of people seek to hijack us into unnatural practices,” she said, urging students and every Ugandan to not only “stay clear but remind those trying to shovel their immorality down our throats that we shall not allow them” to succeed.

Early last week, Rt. Hon. Among revealed that she had been intimidated by groups of people she didn’t name over the passing of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.
The Bill was passed by Parliament last week and is now awaiting the President’s signature before it can become law.
The Bill had come at the height of an increase in homosexuality-related activities, with a number of people reporting being abused, while others have received cash handouts to get recruited or promote homosexuality.
Ms Among also warned students against bullying, which she said was a dangerous vice that “has already claimed lives”.
Therefore, she told students that instead of putting their energy in such dangerous things, they should focus on their books to build a better future.
“Most of us were no bodies. We were not from rich families, but because we took intentional steps and made books our business, we are here today. I have a friend who has taught me to believe that education is the best equalizer,” she said.
Ms Among also joined others in applauding Namilyango College for being an integral part of Uganda’s history, noting that it “is difficult to have a proper narration of Uganda without mentioning Namilyango College, which has nurtured a number of Ugandans over the years.
“We cannot thank God enough for giving us the best hands and the wisdom that has maintained our School at the highest level to make the school the pride of our country,” she said.

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