PHOTO: From right; Archbishop Kaziimba Mugalu, Rev. Samuel Muwonge and Bishop Kityo Luwalira during a Crossover night at Namirembe Diocese on 31st December 2022

● Kityo Luwalira’s Term As Bishop Namirembe Diocese Ends This Year on December 8, 2023
● Saluted For Being A Preacher of The Gospel Not Just A Mere Bishop
● Rev. Samuel Muwonge’s Mission Department Appreciated For Organising A Great Crossover Night 


WHEREAS preparations for Dr. Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira to leave office as Bishop Namirembe Diocese this year on December 8, have kicked off and those who are interested in this prestigious holy seat started showing interest, Archbishop Dr. Samuel Steven Kaziimba Mugalu has sent a tough message to the House Bishops in charge of electing a new Bishop.
Speaking during a mega Crossover night at Namirembe Cathedral organised by Rev. Samuel Muwonge the Diocesan Mission Department Secretary, Archbishop Kaziimba said the House of Bishops must be very careful while electing Bishop Luwalira’s successor.
Without mincing words Kaziimba said, “We want a good successor of Bishop Kityo Luwalira who will not just become a Bishop but the preacher of the gospel. Not just a gospel or something which looks like a gospel but the real gospel of Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Master of Masters, the one who was, will, the same God yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

Amidst applause from hundreds of people of God who filled St. Pauls Cathedral Namirembe gardens to capacity, Archibishop Kaziimba Mugalu said Namirembe Diocese needs a bishop who will fit in Luwalira’s shoes and able to carry on his legacy especially in preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.
The supreme leader of Anglican Church in Uganda first saluted Bishop Kityo Luwalira for his serving God with one heart and said, “We thank Bishop Luwalira for giving us this opportunity. You know this is his last opportunity as the Bishop to gather us all here at the end of year as we cross to a new year.We should thank God for giving us life and for Namirembe Bishop who created this atmosphere that we all gather here to welcome new year. We can’t take it for granted. Some people may not like it but it’s good to spend time before the Lord when we are jubilating at the end of the year.”
Quoting a British saying that, ‘You will never know the wealth of the well until it dries up.’ Kaziimba said you may abuse the well, despise it, you may say, what kind of water is this, but when it dries up, that is when you will know how useful the well was. 
“The usefulness of Bishop Luwalira in the ministry of evangelism will be known when he retires,” Said Kazimba Mugalu.
He noted that, Luwalira is a true witness of God who, “Knew your end before your knew your beginning. The one who understands you better, who is there for you, although no body is there, but for him is around. Although others are against you, God is with you. He goes ahead of you, he follows you, he is above you, he goes below you, to supports you,  he is around you, he is our God who has been with you in 2022. He is walking with you in 2023. This is your God our Bishop and all of us witness.” 
Kaziimba appreciated  Rev. Samuel Muwonge the Mission cordinator for the job well done saying, he is really a hard-working man.

“I have been hearing his gospel and worship. Thank you for supporting Mission  department. God will not leave you unpaid. God is not forgetful, he is not unfair that he will forget what you have done. He can’t forget your giving for the mission.” Said Archbishop. Mission Department of Namirembe Diocese has put up a magnificent Mission House and Kaziimba requested for more financial support.
Reading in Numbers 23:19 where God says, ‘I am not a  man that I should lie, neither a son of a man that I should repent: who has said and shall not he not do it or has he spoken and shall he not make it good,’ Kaziimba assured the congregation that God can do everything. Nothing can defeat God. 
“One thing God can not do, he can not worship himself. We worship him. And when you worship him, you leave him with no choice other than pouring his blessings to you. God doesn’t sprinkle his blessings, he just pours his blessing. As we enter 2023, he going to pour his blessings.” Declared Archbishop Kaziimba Mugalu.

In his gospel which ushered Anglican Church into New Year 2023, Archbishop told Church of Uganda that amidst all challenges they experienced in 2022, there is hope in 2023.
Referring to a reading in the Book of Job 14: 7 which says, ‘For there is hope of a tree if it be cut down that it will sprout again and that the tender branch thereof will not cease’, Kaziimba said we have had a number of challenges, atleast there is Hope amidst everything, he is our God. 
He said the book of Job in the Bible talks about God’s greatness, God’s supremacy, and also brings Setan and his works but there is one important thing why the book of Job was written, to demonstrate God’s power and the meaning of true faith. It is demonstrated when one goes through challenges. A true believer should not expect a smooth journey. 

He said the book of Job is here to remind us that there is power in God. Job focusses on God. 
“But this book raises a question, why should believers suffer! We were not called to be in a smooth life. Jesus himself was crucified but  John 16:33 says, ‘rejoice because I have conquered the earth.’ Amidst challenges, rejoice in the name of lord Jesus Christ.” Kaziimba Mugalu asked Anglicans.

Earlier, Namirembe Bishop Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira who some people said sounded political, said in the year 2023, Jesus should open eyes of those who dont see what is happening in the country, what Ugandans are going through.
A soft speaking Luwalira who is known for his humility and incorruptible heart read in the book of Luke 18:35-48 about a blind man who was seated on the roadside begging. On hearing Jesus of Nazareth passing by, he shouted at the top of his voice, asking Jesus to have mercy upon him.
“People who were with Jesus shouted at this blind man to keep quiet but he kept on shouting until Jesus asked what he wanted from him. The blind man demanded to regain his sight. Jesus directed that this man see again and his eyes opened.” Preached Bishop Luwalira.

He said many people in Uganda are blind and don’t see what is transpiring, prayed that may God open their eyes in 2023. He also said others have eyes but still can’t see. May God help them to see clearly.
“Brethren, there is seeing but when you are not seing clearly. What do you see in our country, do you really understand the happenings? Do you see the politics in our country, the economy, healthy standards in the country, do you see and really understand them? May God open our eyes in 2023 like that blind man.” Said Bishop Luwalira who is known for his boldness against corruption in the country, abductions and political torture.
“Now if some of you say that you are not blind, you see, it’s fine. Therefore see things rightly. When you look at the way things move in the country, know that the situation is alarming! Don’t pretend that you don’t see how things are going on in our country. Be realistic. May God help you see that seasons come and go, and that may we know the seasons and what to do.” Bishop Luwalira said in parables.
Analysts say, about those who barked at the blind man to keep quiet, Luwalira might have been referring to those in power, silencing Ugandans whenever they demand for service delivery.
He assured Ugandans how God is ready to open their eyes in 2023 and country will not remain the same.
Also Luwalira thanked Mission Secretary Rev. Muwonge for the great crossover night and how it was publicised. 
He explained why Church of Uganda don’t blow fireworks at the ushering in of new year saying, theirs isnt a matter of an event but time to worship and praise God, time to forward their prayer requests for new year.

Preachers led by Apostle Victor Uchebulum from lagos Nigeria who preached about  making the name of Jesus a legal tender in 2023.
Reading Phillipians 2:5, He said, “Jesus is our purchasing power, our bargaining power, is our legal right to obtain anything from God. To do anything on earth, we need the name Jesus. It is indeed  our authority of bargain.” He led the praying and deliverance session. Other preachers were: Rev. Samuel Muwonge, Caon Abraham Lubega Kisaakye and Rev. Simon Peter Ddembelyayesu the Mission Secretary of the Province.

Praising and worshiping was led by Rev. Samuel Muwonge and the Mission choir. 
Other singers like the K brothers entertained the congregation.

Function started with Bible competition which was won by Racheal Kisaakye from Nakibizzi in Mukono Diocese. She defeated Daudi Lumala, Samuel Ssempaka, Samuel Lugayizi, Cathy Baagala among others.

News Editor Media is proud to have been part of the Namirembe Diocese Crossover night 2022.

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