PHOTO: Ms. Hadijah Uzeiye with a group of Kamwokya Ghetto youth yesterday


HUNDREDS of Ghetto youth in Kampala Central yesterday held an occasion to commemorate the belated youth day and used this function to send a tough message to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni over 2026 Presidential election.
Youth asked Hajjat Hadijah Uzeiye, the Senior Presidential advisor (SPA) who doubles as Personal Assistant Office of the Chairman (ONC) National Resistance Movement  (NRM) to inform The Head of State never to hand over power to amateurs who can easily destroy what has been built for years.
“Madam Hadijah, take our message to President Museveni the Bazzukulu from the Ghettos of Kampala will not support any one else apart from our Jajja. We shall not be subject to politics of excitement. We are for the old broom which knows and sweeps all corners of our House Uganda.” Said youth on a function to commemorate their day.
This function was attended by a number of top leaders and Hajjat Hadijah Uzeiye who is the National coordinator of Bazzukulu, was the chief guest.
Ghetto youth saluted President Museveni for identifying one of their own, Hajjat Hadijah Uzeiye and appointed her to such a big office. They said, she understands their language so they can communicate very well.
Political analysts say, if Hadijah Uzeiye continues to apply her unique approach, chances are high that NRM will sweep Ghettos come 2026 elections.  
Speaking to the Ghetto youth, Ms Hadijah Uzeiye thanked them for seeing the light and supporting Jjajja Museveni. She said they have made a right choice and asked them to take part in all goverment programs so that they together fight unemployment and poverty.
She inspected small businesses done by the ghetho youth and pledged to support them through Office of the National Chairman (ONC) where there is a Secretariat for skilling youth through more training & empowerment.
“I thank you all Bazzukulu in the Ghetto for coming in such big numbers and more so, for endorsing ‘Jajja Tova ku Main’ campaign. Our beloved president loves you so much and as your bridge to Jjajja, let’s work together to change your lives.” Said Ms Hadijah Uzeiye.

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