PHOTO: Senior Presidential Advisor Hajjat Hadijah Uzeiye Namyalo (in red) having a group photo with East African Student leaders at Hotel Africana yesterday


STUDENTS from neighbouring South Sudan have begged President Yoweri Museveni to accept and become the Patron of the East African Students saying their vote is attributed to the fatherly style of leadership President Museveni exhibits all the time.
Speaking during the Uganda National Students Association (UNSA) conference at Hotel Africana in Kampala today, South Sudanese students led by a one Gum Beni Machar said no one apart from Uganda’s Head of State qualifies to be the Patron East African Students Association.
“The fatherly style of leadership HE President Museveni has exhibited all the time is unique. We vote Jjajja Museveni Patron of the entire umbrella of East African Students, “ Said Gum Beni Machar, a South Sudanese student during a students conference in Kampala.
The conference attracted students from other countries outside East Africa like Somali, Nigeria, Mali, as well wishers of the East African integration.
Last week, President Museveni fulfilled his pledge of UGX 170M to facilitate East African Students conference in Kampala hosted by UNSA.
The money was delivered through Ms. Hadijah Uzeiye Namyalo the Senior Presidential advisor, Personal Assistant Office of the National Chairman NRM and also National coordinator Bazzukulu.
Responding to a request made by the South Sudan Students, a soft speaking Hadijah said, “Thank you very much for that vote. I will deliver the message to our beloved Jjajja Museveni that his Bazzukulu in all East African schools vote him their patron. Your vote of Confidence shouldn’t be taken lightly.”
A jovial Hajjat Hadijah pledged to put Jajja Museveni on notice saying she will give feed back through UNSA leadership.

Hadijah was approached by UNSA leaders to reach out to their Patron H.E Gen.YKM who is also the National Chairperson of the NRM.She presented hope to the UNSA when she told them Jajja Museveni had always been and will continue to support the UNSA in all their activities.
Ms Hadijah noted that the integration of East Africa is rooted in Pan Africanism as a core principle of NRM.
“The regional trade as a precursor to the shared destiny and African interdependence, harbours a humanized custom’s union whose main objective is furthering the liberalisation of intra-regional trade in goods, promoting production efficiency in community, enhancing domestic, cross-border and foreign investment without forgetting promoting economic development plus industrial diversification for the youth.” Ms. Hadijah told the attentively listening students.  
She cautioned the youth not to be diverted because youth are the yesterday, the today, and the future. 
As the Office of National Chairman, Hadijah said it welcomes the opportunity to work with UNSA as part of the dynamic team in protecting the peace and security as NRM greatest commitment that has always never stayed back when Uganda’s neighbours lacked peace. 
“We are together with other African countries as we put our boots on the ground to maintain peace and security”, said Ms. Hadijah Uzeiye.

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