PHOTO: State House Comptroller Mrs. Jane Barikye signs in a book after delivering President Museveni’s pledge of UGX 170M to facilitate the East African Students’ Conference due next week. On her left is Ms. Hadijah Uzeiye the cordinator Bazzukulu


PRESIDENT Museveni has fulfilled his pledge of UGX 170M to facilitate the East African students’ conference in feeding, accommodation, purchase of stationery & facilitating the participants.
Money was delivered by Statehouse comptroller, Mrs Jane Barikye, through Hajjat Hadijah Uzeiye the SPA/PA-Office of the National Chirman (ONC) NRM to Mr. Yusuf Welunga the President Uganda National Students’ Association (UNSA).
UNSA is an umbrella Organisation for all students in Uganda. It was formed in 1988 to mobilise students, by virtue of the position students occupy. This Organisation is reorganised by the act of Parliament that aims at serving all students of Uganda at post primary level of education.
On receiving President Museveni’s pledge, students leader in Uganda saluted the Head of State for being a promise keeper which isn’t common among other leaders.
Referring Museveni to a gift from God to Ugandans and the Great Lakes region at large, Welunga said students he lead commit themselves to support Museveni for president come 2026 Presidential elections.
He said, “We commit ourselves to rally behind President Museveni come 2026 elections and beyond because it’s such a rare opportunity to be lead by leader of distinguished attributes.” 
The East African students’ conference is scheduled to take place on 29th November, 2022 at Hotel Africana in Kampala.
During their visit at the Office of the National Chairman NRM in Kyambogo about 2 months ago, Ms. Hadijah Uzeiye who is also the cordinator Bazzukulu assured UNSA leaders how Jjajja Museveni will stand with them to organise the East African Student’s conference. 
“Thanks be to Allah that UGX 170M has been delivered from our beloved jjajja. What I can always assure you, jjajja loves his Bazzukulu and will always be available for you.” Said Ms. Hadijah Uzeiye. 
She thanked UNSA boss for his bold message that the Bazzukulu he leads want Museveni back as President in 2026 urging them to spread the gospel so that Muzeeyi wins votes from Bazzukulu by over 90% in 2026.

She said, “As a country, there are still a number of things that require Jajja to accomplish like leading Uganda into commercial farming, road construction, regional markets and electricity connected to all regions of Uganda among others”.
Ms Hadijah thanked the Statehouse comptroller, Mrs Jane Barikye for being a honest messanger and delivered the money sent by the President.

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