PHOTO: Televangelist Pr. Solomon Mwesige of Good News Church Bulenga and CEO KS TV

● Killer Poison was put in cooked food at home
● The whole family ate the poison
● Pr. Solomon Mwesige is the lead Pastor Good News Church Bulenga
● He is the CEO KS TV


UKNOWN person has poisoned international televangelist Pastor Solomon Mwesige of Good News Church – Bulenga, fast killer poison was smuggled and put into cooked food and meal shared by the whole family! Him, wife Pr. Doreen Mwesige and their children ate the poison, thank God, they miraculously survived death!
This was revealed by Pr. Solomon Mwesige during yesterday’s Sunday service aired live on KS TV, a television watched in over 54 countries world over. Pr. Mwesige is the CEO of KS TV.

Preaching to hundreds of his followers world over, Pr. Mwesige shockingly told church how he was poisoned with his family but because they believe in Jesus and they preach His gospel, death didn’t touch them.
“Some body put poison in our food and cooked. The whole family ate. We always bless the food before we eat. We ate the poison and survived. We are covered because we are believers.” Pr. Mwesige told church. He didnot however reveal who poisoned his family and what the motive was.
This is not the first time, Pr. Mwesige was attacked! He has on many occasions, by God’s grace survived such ill-inventions by the enemies of the gospel.
Citing the Book of Mark 16:17,18 which says, “These signs will accompany those who believes (in Jesus); In my Name they will cast out demons, they will speak in new tongues, they will pick up serpents, and if they drink anything deadly it will not hurt them, they will lay hands on the sick and they will get well. ” , Mwesige said, God saved his family from the deadly poison because they believe in the name of His son Lord Jesus Christ.

Dwelling his day’s sermon on the End Time Gospel, Pr. Mwesige told his attentive congregation that, “We are in the last days. We are believers. Jesus was born, he died, rose from the dead, went back to heaven and he promised that He will come again. We are in last days of his return, go out and preach the gospel on streets, in bars, in schools, go to your offices, work places and tell every one to repent and get saved, the end is near.”
Reading in the Book of Mathew Chapter 24, Pr. Mwesige said Jesus gave signs of what we can see, to help us know that the days are near.
Bible says, when they were on Mountain Olives, the Disciples asked Jesus , “Master, tell us, when are you coming back? Then what are the signs that we can see, to know that you are about to come?”
Pr. Mwesige told Church that the whole of Mathew Chapter 24, Jesus showed what the future is holding. And He talks about so many other things. 
“When Jesus was about to go back to Heaven, He commanded all of us as believers to go preach the gospel to every body. This mission is the assignment we received from Jesus of what we must be doing, until he comes back.” Noted Mwesige.

He said it’s unfortunate that most people come to church, they sit only to listen to their pastors, they go and come back the next week, they do their work, they sit until next Sunday.
“Listen, the responsibility of taking Jesus’ message to the World is on every body’s shoulders. We take it to the schools, markets, streets, families, neighbours, every where you are, that is the place God has called you to serve him, to talk about him, to introduce people to Salvation. That is the responsibility of the Church.” Good News Church head pastor informed his followers.

Highlighting Mathew 24:10, which says ‘And then many will be offended and they will betray one another, and they will hate one another’, Pastor Mwesige told Church that Jesus was predicting what was going to happen, “in our days”. “That in our days before He comes, people will be taking offence. We have so many people that have left church, because of offence. We have people that talk evil about churches and ministers, because they took offence. Jesus says, many will be offended. We have many people that don’t go to church, because they went to church and got offended.” Said Mwesige calling upon believers of Lord Jesus Christ to let people say whatever they say, but for them should avoid the offence.

Reading Mathew 24:11 which says that many false prophets will rise up and deceive many during the end times, Mwesige asked chuch how many false prophets they have been reading out in Uganda.
He said even in Bulenga, there was one calling himself ‘Yesu Muto’ (Young Jesus) who was recently arrested.
“False prophets are everywhere. Many of you have been there! And because of pressure here in Africa, people are looking for quick solutions. And they unfortunately end up in wrong places. Please watch out, the end is near.” Said Pr. Mwesige, cautioning believers to leave comfortable zones, go out and preach the good news so that people turn to Christ.

Warning his church about false prophets as End nears, Pr. Mwesige said it is no wonder, former good preachers like Creflo Dollar who recently renounced his past teachings especially on the importance of Tithing, have turned into false prophets and now decampaigning Tithing yet it is Biblical.
Mwesige told his viewers world over that, “That day I stand and deny the gospel I have been preaching, you shouldn’t consider me any more. These things are trending on facebook, others are saying i am very sorry, i was preaching this, but now, after he has collected all your money, he is extra rich, owns about eight jets, he is now preaching against tithing. People of God, that is too much greed!”
“They teach not because they are blessing people but because they want to be blessed themselves. After stealing too much, then they come to repent. And then they make it hard for other people to give and be blessed. Some of these people have very big names. I am on t.v and will speak about it. How can a man of calibre of Creflo Dollar come out and say that, ‘I am sorry for telling people to give’. Is giving our idea or it is the Bible?” Asked Good News Pastor Solomon Mwesige.
He said, greedy people are changing the Biblical teachings, misinterpreting everything, and all these are signs of the end.
“Every body is on tv and facebook, asking, should we tithe or we shouldn’t? Is this our opinion or it is in the bible? Is tithing Biblical? The answer is yes! You don’t even argue! The church of God is in turbulent last days! Many false prophets will rise and they will deceive the world. Please be aware.”
said Mwesige, urging his followers to be so careful.
He even told them, “If Solomon falls, you don’t fall with him, stand, believe the word, believe the Bible.”
He asked believers to keep their faith, if other people becomes too rich and celebrities and forget preaching the word of God, for the believers should remain standing.

Mwesige told church that because the End is near, he has decided to go back to the streets, to preach the gospel and people are getting saved.
Last week on Thursday, 81 people got saved and they lined up to be prayed for.
“We even saw demons screaming and leaving people, they got delivered just on the streets. People come, they get saved, the line up for prayer, we counsel them, we lead them in deliverance, right on the road. We need to go back to the preaching of the gospel.” Mwesige told church saying he started on the streets and he has now gone back to the streets, people are there, they need Jesus and somebody must tell them about Christ.
The mandate as church of Good News Church Bulenga is; To win souls, and to finance the Kingdom of God.
Our money is to win souls. And this is what God has called us to do.
“In Mark 16:15, You either believe or you are condemned. Let’s take the gospel to the street, to the world. People must receive the gospel in order not to be condemned.” Good News Church Pastor Solomon Mwesige rallies his followers.

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