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UGANDA Journalists through their umbrella Uganda Journalists Association (UJA) headed by their President Mathias Rukundo have threatened to take the Government to court over continued negiligence and sabotage of local innovators and researchers like Dr. David Ssenfuka.
For starters, Dr. Ssenfuka is the director LEONIA-NNN Medical Research and Diagonastic Centre in Kasubi, Rubaga division, Kampala Capital City. 
Addressing journalists at Speke Hotel in Kampala today, UJA leadership said they feel it is high time, Dr. Ssenfuka with other relevant key players in that sector domestically and externally were recognized for their remarkable  contribution towards medicinal discoveries that have turned around lives of many people, ladies and gentlemen, locals, foreigners, and people of all walks of life, to mention but a few.

Appreciating the few conventional Medical practitioners like Dr. Moses Ampairwe who has braved the stigma of collaborating with natural therapeutic practitioners, journalists called upon the government to promote the narrowing of the gap between conventional medical practitioners and complementary medical practitioners.
In a three pager press statement signed by UJA President Mathias Rukundo and read out by Secretary General Emmanuel Kirunda, journalists said, “As a community of journalists in Uganda, we are pleased to hear that our Country has registered great strides in treatment of some of the Non-Communicable Diseases (NDC’s) particularly; Cancer and Diabetes using herbal medicines by herbal researcher Mr. David Ssenfuka.”
Although the treatment remains highly costly for average citizens living with those infections, Ssenfuka’s herbal discoveries have significantly helped many of the users to live for more days by having relief or miraculous cures. 
Case in point is Mrs. Doreen Zziwa of Kasenge in Wakiso district who miraculously defeated breast cancer while pregnant after using treatment of the said herbal remedy.
Other impeccable senior citizens including among others; Hon. John Bosco Katutsi, Hon. Kasole Bwereere Llangammarch,  etc, have publicly given out testimonies of how they were liberated by Mr. Ssenfuka’s herbal medicines.
Given that journalists happen to come to the same society which has people with reported severe Diabetes and Cancer cases and they are seeking relentless cure, Mr. Rukundo said, they were forced to pick interest in Ssenfuka’s herbal solutions and start closely monitoring them through sampling the testimonies  of a few of those that have progressively been treated to properly have knowledge of what is being talked about.

“Also having amongst us fellow journalists colleagues with Cancer and Diabetes extremely affecting them, we thought it was a chance for us to further explore a lot of untold treatment experiences about the herbal remedy.” Revealed Journalists’ supreme leader in Uganda.
Prior to the May 3rd 2022 World Press Freedom Day celebrations journalists embarked on running series of humanitarian programs including among others, UJA Initiative on Environment in which they intended to protect and preserve environment-natural resources by planting One million trees with ‘My Tree Uganda’ and UJA initiative on Domestic Violence, all to be officially unveiled in July 2022. 
Journalists told public that, by agitating for support towards promotion of herbal medicines, therefore, “We are being cognizant of the need to protect and preserve eco systems from depletion to enable researchers in herbal solutions sustain their research.”

This explains as to why UJA awarded Ssenfuka the best herbal researcher in Uganda during the May 3rd 2022 World Press Freedom Day UJA Media Dinner celebrations held at Hotel Africana in Kampala, having closely monitored him.

In their letter to the Head of State recently,  journalists in Uganda asked him to consider the following;
 ● That Germany’s John Peter Frank who significantly contributed in the discovery of 
the Diabetes diseases in 1794 be recognized as he was recognized in his home Country and other Countries like the U.S.A, U.K, Russia and others. They asked that a souvenir be constructed in remembrance for his noble contribution that has given a leeway in motivating a number of local researchers including Ssenfuka, to break through the jar.
● They requested that the government scientists that collaborated in discovering the therapeutic properties of this herbal medicine notably the Director of Research at the Natural Chemotherapeutics Research Institute, Dr. Grace Nambatya and her team be recognized.This is because since the time when John Peter Frank discovered Diabetes, it is this Institute that came out with these research discoveries that were a breakthrough for a declared cure of Diabetes, therefore that their recognition and honor should transcend boarders beyond Uganda. 
● That Dr. Nambatya and her team be allocated a certain monetary benefit for their intellectual contributions as a way of recognizing their efforts but also promote their achievements worldwide as a way of appreciating their noble contributions of discovering the novel therapeutic properties of Ssenfuka’s herbal medicine.
● Journalists want Mr. David Ssenfuka’s herbal medicinal discovery formula to acquire patent rights with the aid of government to be able to protect them well and highly improve the medicinal products that have changed Uganda’s research status in the arena of herbal research treatment in the country and beyond for avoidance of fake duplications, but also to enable government realize much reasonable tax revenue collection.
● All individual players that have contributed to the discovery of herbal medicines be recognized as it will motivate many new discoveries in herbal science. For example, as Prof. Patrick Ogwang of Jena Herbal Products was rewarded for his COVIDEX medicine which is helping in the treatment of COVID 19 and other related diseases, so should David Ssenfuka for his Cancer and Diabetes treatment medicines.
Journalists’ body in Uganda in amalgamation, asked President Museveni to render all the necessary support required to enable this innovation attain the desired recognition.
“It is our considered opinion as journalists to render sincere service to the Country to inform you of the truth which we are saying to you. Unbelief is responsible for our misfortune as a third world Country and our role is to break the good news to you.” Reads UJA’s letter to the President which was read out to journalists.
Journalists requested H.E the president to underscore the importance of this innovation and give it his direct executive oversight. 
They begged, Museveni to underscore the importance of Ssenfuka’s innovation and give it his direct executive oversight. This will  most likely reduce the red tape mostly observed in Government initiatives and the corruption that usually meddles in them. 
“His direct supervision will invite hard work, dedication and timely delivery of the much-desired results of availing standardized drugs to the waiting public.” Revealed journalists’ leaders.
“As they say, ‘Brains, like hearts, go where they are appreciated’ and ‘Nothing great Was ever achieved without enthusiasm’, we implore the president to recognize these local innovators for we know so well that such monumental recognitions are an incentive to Increased productivity and engagement, national satisfaction and sense of pride, Country loyalty and retention of quality inventors.” Said journalists. 
They called upon the president to fascinate the idea of recognizing all the scientists that were at the heart of this discovery who were led by Dr. Grace Nambatya but also in a special way honor David Ssenfuka with not only national honors but with the monetary benefits and privileges befitting men of valor like him. 
This is when journalists threatened to take the Government of Uganda to court should it continue to neglect this innovation and or continue its sabotage.

Dr. Ssenfuka grew up with his grand mother, now deceased, the late Nalongo Leonia Namuganga Nakiwala whose initials are reflected in the name of his company in memory of her illustrious career and fellowship in traditional medicine. 
Nalongo Leonia’s knowledge in traditional medicine was slowly passed on to Ssenfuka through the spirit of goodwill who pursued and discovered that the story of the herbal therapeutics she used contained ingredients that have curative effects for Diabetes Mellitus and Cancer.
The journey of discovery, though was realised by coincidence, later took on the course of scientific inquiry, when analysts at the Uganda National Chemotherapeutic Research Institute (UNCRI) investigated the metabolic action of the ingredients found therein and found them effective to cure Diabetes.
This was confirmed during the trials conducted after conducting the safety toxicity tests on drugs. 


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