PHOTO: Busiro FC player helps MP Nsubuga (right), to wear Captain’s armband during a match against Bugerere FC on Saturday last week


UNDER the guidance of dangerman Hon. Paul Nsubuga, the Busiro North legislator who doubles as team Captain for Busiro Saza FC, Ibrahim Kasenge and Lawrence Kambugu scored two goals in an interesting match as home boys defeated Bugerere to be ranked second in Group C, below stubborn Bulemeezi FC.
In this group, Ssese FC is no. 3 with 3 points, Bugerere 4th with 3 points, Kyaggwe has 1 point and Hon. David Lukyamuzi Kalwanga’s Busujju FC comfortably in the 6th position with no point in the two games played so far. For starters, NUP MP David Lukyamuzi Kalwanga is team manager and funder for Busujju Saza FC. His boys need to pull up their sock.
To what fans referred to as making history, no serving Member of Parliament has ever played in Masaza cup, in the history of Masaza Cup. Hon. Paul Nsubuga, one of the youngest legislators in the 11th Parliament will enter in the Guinness book of records.
The MP who was the team captain and at the same time the manager bankrolling Busiro FC was superb on the pitch. His passes left Bugerere players dizzy, hence falling into Nsubuga’s slaughter chamber.

Speaking to News Editor Media shortly after Busiro-Bugerere clash, Manager Paul Nsubuga said he is happy that in the Masaza Cup 2022, he doubles as the team manager and a fully licenced Busiro FC player.
“This makes me a record making Member of Parliament in life to play Masaza Cup. I have featured in Busiro vs Bugerere in which we won 2-0. I am grateful to His Majesty Kabaka and to Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga, the Katikkiro of Buganda for such a tournament in which we are given an opportunity to display our talent.” MP Paul Nsubuga, commonly known as ‘Manager Nsubuga”, told this news Website.
By the end of this year’s Masaza tournament, Hon. Paul Nsubuga says, Kabaka’s subjects will have realised how he has made in Masaza Cup tournament. He targets a trophy and a medal.

“The most important thing is to step on the pitch and win all our games. I am here to help Busiro Saza FC lift this year’s trophy. To all my supporters, don’t miss a single match, I will be on the pitch playing and commanding the boys to victory. Who ever comes our way, will be humiliated like Bugerere. We have come for real business.” Warns Busiro FC team captain Hon. Paul Nsubuga.The NUP Member of Parliament has vowed to command the spotlight this season, will lead his side to the Masaza cup final.
Hon. Nsubuga is a man of surprises and determination. He believes in himself and always wants to be at the top.

He takes good care of himelf, pays a lot of attention to what he does, he practices very well what we refer to as work life balance.
“We have a very good team, we don’t give up, we have mental strength; a strong team that, with the help of our supporters, can turn any situation around. Busiro has young players who respect the manager and follow commands. We will bring down who ever is thrown our way,”warned Manager Nsubuga.

In 2021 Parliamentary elections, he uprooted Minister Ssozi Ggalabuzi to be crowned Busiro North MP.
Hon. Paul Nsubuga is a player with Parliament football club and during inter parliamentary games in Tanzania a few months ago, he helped Uganda Parliament team to score goals.

A renown sportsman, approachable, generous, a man of the people and very loyal subject to the Kabaka, Honourable Nsubuga subscribes to the breed of unique leaders
We can’t wait to see manager Paul on the pitch playing for Busiro Saza FC! 


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