Kabaka and Katikkiro Mayiga at Mengo Palace on May 13, 2022


LAWYERS from two popular legal firms of Ms. K&K Advocates (Kiwanuka & Karugire Advocates) and Ms. S & L Advocates (Sebalu and Lule Advocates) acting on instructions of Buganda Kingdom, last week met and advised businessman Hamis Kiggundu to conceed cancellation of what they reffered to as fake titles and make a public apology or else, he will be left naked!
This was during a tribunal hearing at the Commissioner Land Registration officer in Kampala last week.
Buganda Kingdom petitioned the Commissioner Land Registration to cancel Kiggundu’s titles accusing him of overlapping Kabaka’s land with freehold titles.
The disputed land is situated between Serena-Kigo and Mirembe Villas land, off Munyonyo Spur Road, and extends inwards sharing common boundaries with Serena-Kigo, Mirembe Villas, and the Lake. Usable acreage is 78.086 acres whereas 15.236 acres incorporate access roads.
Kiggundu asserts that he is the rightful owner of the land and that he legally obtained it from the Wakiso district Land Board although Wakiso Land Board disowns him saying signatures were forged.

According to an insider at the office of the Commissioner Land Registration, Kabaka’s lawyers arrived at the tribunal in time for hearing, ready to expose Hamis Kiggundu who they insist faked titles on Kabaka’s Kigo land.
They petitioned for the cancellation of these fake titles so that Ham doesn’t hoodwink other people and sell them this land which doesn’t exist.
Hamis who a few days ago went to Mengo and confessed before cameras how he gave up on Kabaka’s land, shockingly ate his vomit when he changed his mind and protested cancellation of the fake titles. 
Commissioner Land Registration tribunal summoned the two parties to listen to them before pronouncing themselves on the cancellation application.
Minutes later, after the arrival of Kabaka’s lawyers, Hamis Kiggundu entered with his front man Edward Nakibinge with whom they claim ownership of Kigo land through Kiham Enterprises Ltd. 
Kiggundu who looked frustrated because of the absence of his lawyer Muwema, was seen moving up and down, making endless calls to someone whom we believe was his lawyer Fred Muwema of Muwema & Co. Advocates.
Minutes later, counsel Muwema arrived and on his arrival, he asked tribunal for adjournment to grant him more time to study his client’s titles. 
“We are asking for a two weeks’ adjournment…” pleaded Kiggundu’s lawyer Muwema, to which Kabaka’s lawyer objected saying that was too much time. There is nothing much Muwema was studying, the fact is Hamis Kiggundu’s land titles are fake, they should just be cancelled, nothing much.
Tribunal gave Muwema only one week and they are expected to return today.

After adjournment, Hamis Kiggundu approached Kabaka’s lawyers and asked them why they are tainting his name before Kabaka’s subjects yet he is a loyal subject.
In his response, one of the lawyers told Kiggundu, “You are just making false allegations. None of us has ever gone to media houses to spit fire against you like you do against Buganda Land Board officials. We have your recordings to the media blackmailing some BLB officials and labelling them as fraudsters. By the way, after this land matter, we have other instructions to sue you over your defamatory statements against Kabaka’s officials.”
While addressing media a few days ago, Hamis Kiggundu named BLB officials he wanted Katikkiro Mayiga to investigate for what he termed as being fraudster. Also click here to read this story: 10 MEN & WOMEN MANAGING KABAKA’S PROPERTIES IN BUGANDA LAND BOARD NAMED: SHOCKING DETAILS ABOUT THEIR QUALIFICATIONS!
These officials said Kiggundu is targeting them because they blocked his deal to grab over 120 acres of Kabaka’s Kigo land. 
We are reliably informed, Kabaka’s lawyers advised Hamis Kiggundu to conceed cancellation of his fake titles created on Kabaka’s land and make a public apology to His Majesty The Kabaka of Buganda, his officials and to all the people of Buganda for the plot he had crafted to grab Kabaka’s land.
“You cancel the fake titles and make a public apology. Short of this, we will leave you naked.” Vowed Kabaka’s lawyers.

On Hamis Kiggundu’s request for boundary opening to ascertain his freehold land from Kabaka’s mailo land, Kabaka’s lawyers said they are very okay with it, they have no objections.
In a letter dated May 24, Mr. Henry Opio Ogenyi the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Lands, Housing, and Urban Development
said there were overlaps between Kyadondo Block 273, Plot 38 (Mailo Title) and Kyadondo Block 273, Plots (23974, 23975, 23976, and 23977). 
The Ministry called for a boundary opening exercise to determine the exact borders of the 140-acres of land in Kigo which Hamis Kiggundu claims. 
For starters, boundary opening is a method for determining the exact borders of a piece of property. It mainly focuses on the definition of the corners of a plot. 
In a letter to CEO Buganda Land Board, Mr. Ogenyi said, “There is a need for boundary opening of plots 23974, 23975, 23976, and 23977 in relation plot 38, all Kyandondo block 273.” 
Kiggundu had also proposed that a joint boundary opening exercise of both the freehold land titles comprised of Kyadondo Block 273 Plots 23974, 23975, 23976, 23977 and the Kabaka’s Private Mailo land comprised of Kyadondo  Block 273 Plots 87, 99,110 be carried out to seek clarifications and ascertain the true location of both properties and as a way of confirming that the two properties are separate, do not overlap into one another.  Click here to read this story: KATIKKIRO MAYIGA FINALLY SPEAKS OUT ON HOW HAMIS KIGGUNDU FAKED TITLES ON KABAKA’S KIGO LAND; POLICE BOSSES, UMEME & NEMA TO BE QUIZZED

Kabaka’s lawyers said, “We also want boundary opening, however, land boundary is opened on two genuine titles but his is disputed, it’s fake. 
Let’s first put Hamis Kiggundu’s title on a test of legality. First question/procedure which Mr. Kiggundu must address, is the authenticity of his titles. How did he get them? Officials of Wakiso Land Board say their signatures were forged, and you call that a genuine title?” Asked Kabaka’s lawyers.
Secondly they asked Kiggundu to explain how Kajjansi Town Coucil land committee sanctioned him to get this land yet the disputed Kabaka’s Kigo land is in Makindye Ssaabagabo Municipality. 
“Don’t you think may be your land is somewhere else not in Kigo as you allege?” Lawyers asked.
Kabaka’s lawyers say the whole Country was mapped, if Hamis says his land is in the lake area, which is public land,
“Public land comes from crown land. Crown land was crown grant. We are asking Kiggundu for his crown grant number if he is talking about owning public land. Click to read this story: WHY UNRA WITHDREW PERMISSION GIVEN TO BUSINESSMAN HAMIS KIGGUNDU TO CREATE ROAD ON KABAKA’S KIGO LAND: THE INSIDE STORY
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