PREMIER MAYIGA: Rallies Kabaka’s subjects against those grabbing Kingdom land


KAMPALA’s renown businessman Hamis Kiggundu is in fresh trouble over the fake freehold land titles he fraudently got on Kabaka’s Kigo mailo land, Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga, the Kingdom Prime minister has spoken out on the next step after UNRA withdrew a permission they had given to Ham to create road on Kabaka’s land.
Buganda Kingdom has instructed two feared legal firms; M/s Sebalu & Lule Co. Advocates and Kiwanuka & Karugire Co. Advocates to pursue the legal matters concerning cancellation of Hamis Kiggundu’s Kiham Enterprises (U) Limited illegal land titles and also proceed with the civil and criminal matters against Ham, that may be incidental to these acts.
In a three pager statement released yesterday, Buganda Kingdom’s Premier revealed how Hamis Kiggundu, Edward Nakibinge of Kiham Enterprises Limited and their agents invaded, trespassed and grabbed Kingdom land at Kigo, in Wakiso district.
Owek. Mayiga said, the invaders obtained approval from NEMA  (dated December 18, 2020) intended to construct housing apartments and eco-tourism projects.
“The practices by Kiham Enterprises to create freehold titles on top of Mailo titles as well as titles scratching into the reserves of Lake Victoria is a disguised land grabbing technique that is not only barbaric and an environmental concern but also a blatant illegality that has been a continuous subject of Government concern and campaign for title cancellation.” Reads Katikkiro’s press statement.

On March 11, 2022, Mr. Hamis Kiggundu and Mr. Nakibinge of Kiham Enterprises Limited and their agents invaded, tresspassed and started to dump hundreds of truckfuls of soil into a drainage channel that naturally drains water from the Munyonyo Spur road, between the Serena Kigo Golf Course and Mirembe Villas. 
This activity continued through the day and night amidst a huge presence and protection by Uganda Police Force, facilitated by an ex UNRA staff, and UMEME which provided a connection for lighting during night. 
We confronted these persons on Saturday March 12, 2022 and agreed (in the spirit of diplomacy) to halt all activities pending a meeting on Monday to resolve the impasse. Obviously, they reneged on their promise and continued with their illegal activities all through the night of Saturday March 12, 2022.
We embarked on a search and the following were discovered;
● That Kiham Enterprises Limited created four freehold titles on November 21, 2019 overlapping Kabaka’s Mailo titles comprised in Kyadondo Block 273 plot 87,99,110,161,165,167, 169, etc and Kyadondo Block 273 plot 38.
The practice of creating Freehold titles overlapping into Mailo titles is a recent land grabbing technique that targets erasure of original records and creating new records for purposes of land grabbing.

● We have also learnt that dumping soil into the drainage channel (which drainage channel is also located on Kabaka’s land registered to the KABAKA OF BUGANDA was sanctioned by individuals purportedly acting on behalf of Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) in complete violation of a COURT ORDER dated January 31, 2018.
● We are grateful that on March 15, 2022, UNRA acted swiftly and distanced itself from this violation and also rescinded previous permits that had been granted to the perpetrators. The activities were intended to create an access to other portions of land illegally created out of Kabaka’s land.
● The drainage channel is of great significance and importance to both Mirembe Villas and Serena Kigo and blocking it will affect the integrity of both projects. The channel and swamp, connecting to the lake, act as a big shove from wave action from lake, aids in reducing impacts of flooding, absorbs pollutants from the surface drainage of the Munyonyo Spur Road, among other water related ecosystem services.
● The dumping of earth in this drainage channel further violates a Consent Court order dated January 31, 2018 which was executed between Pearl Investments Group Ltd (Serena Kigo) and Uganda National Roads Authority arising out of HC Civil Suit no. 220 of 2017, wherein UNRA and Serena Kigo consented to having this drainage protected.

● Buganda Kingdom has petitioned the Commissioner Land Registration to use the powers conferred to him under section 91 of the Land Act to correct errors in the registry by cancelling the titles that were illegally issued to wit FRV WAK 104 FOLIO 25 PLOT 23977, FRV WKY 6419 Folio 22 Plot 23976, FRV WKY 6419 FOLIO 24 plot 23974
● Buganda Kingdom on behalf of the Kabaka of Buganda has further written and were presumably issued to Kiham Enterprises Limited over this land since Wakiso District Land Board has no land in this area, lacks any jurisdiction on it and couldn’t therefore give away any such land to Kiham Enterprises Limited.
● We implore NEMA to investigate the abuse and falsifications contained in the Environmental and Social impact Statement (ESIA)submitted by M/S Kiham Enterprises  (U) Limited on November 11, 2020 and other falsehoods relating to the ownership and acquisition of the land, and acquisition of the purpoted easement with the intention of rescinding any permission and taking punitive action against those criminal acts.
● We implore the Uganda Police to explain the circumstances relating to their actions in protecting and facilitating perpetrators of criminality and abuses of Court orders when in first instance, they should be keeping law and order and to bring to book any individual acts of abuse of office by members of its force or those misleading them into illegal actions and further to rescind all permissions granted in favour of Kiham Enterprises  (U)Limited in respect to the said land.
● Buganda Kingdom calls upon the proprietors of Kiham Enterprises (U) Limited, that is Mr. Hamis Kiggundu and Mr. Edward Nakibinge to respect the rule of law and act accordingly. They are advised to act within the confines of the laws governing land and the environment and further desist from misleading State Agents in perpetrating criminal activities that have characterised their behaviour since Friday last week.
● Buganda Kingdom has also further instructed M/s. S & L Advocates  (Sebalu and Lule Advocates) and M/s. K & K Advocates  (Kiwanuka & Karugire Advocates) to pursue the legal matters concerning cancellation of the illegal land titles and also proceed with the civil and criminal matters that may be incidental to these acts.


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