Mr. Kagenyi (standing-left) during a security meeting with locals


KAGENYI Lukka, the newly appointed Deputy Resident Commissioner (DRDC) Manafwa district has written to the line minister Hon. Milly Babirye Babalanda, through his immediate boss, explaining his game plan to fight and end all acts of corruption, embezzlement and mismanagement of public funds in Manafwa District. 
The two paged letter was copied to the Secretary office of the President, Head RDC secretariat, Chairperson LCV Manafwa, CAO Manafwa, District Internal Security Officer and District Police Commander,  Manafwa.
Mr. Kagenyi revealed to Minister Babalanda about his plans to introduce an Accountability Day in Manafwa district in order to create a value for money system where all Government employees and contractors will openly account to the public on implementation of projects.
“The Constitution of Uganda provides that all Public Offices shall be held in trust for the people. Therefore, all persons placed in positions of leadership and responsibilities shall in their work be answerable to the people.”
Reads Deputy RDC Kagenyi’s letter.
He said this Accountability day is one of the measures that shall be taken to expose, combat and eradicate corruption, abuse of power by the holding political and other public offices.
In the same vein, DRDC Kagenyi said having an Accountability day will also act as a monitoring vehicle for various Government projects in the District and also re-activate the duty of all citizens to combat corruption and misuse or wastage of public resources as enshrined under Article 17 of the Uganda Constitution.
The different expected activities during the District Accountability day will include among others; The Presentation of the the Periodic Performance Report, Presentation of Financial Reports, Presentation of Internal and External Audit Reports, conducting staff performance Appraisal and Presentation from the public and Local leaders on the progress and implementation of government projects in the district.
He also talked about non-structured mechanism of Accountability that largely involves public participation such as community Barazas, community dialogues, public open days that will directly be incorporated in the activities leading to the Accountability day.
Kagenyi told Minister for Presidency that, “The Accountability day in my view, will help to reduce on corruption tendencies within the technical staff and the contractors and also enhence effective service delivery and timely completion of government program.” 
He ays, the Accountability day should be fixed in the first 7 days of the new month after completion of every quarter.
“The District Accountability officers and all Contractors implementing government projects in Manafwa district including; CAO, Town clerks  Subcounty chiefs and all Heads of department should be prepared and get used to this new initiative that is geared at propelling Manafwa district to greater heights in terms of development and timely delivery of Government projects and service to the people.” Reads DRDC Kagenyi’s letter.
On Friday last week, Mr. Kagenyi went to areas of Buwagogo, Buwangani and Bweswa to sensitize locals on neighborhood watch with an aim of identifying criminals and fighting criminality. 
In his address to the different wanainchi, the workaholic RDC challenged the residents to be part and parcel of the crusade that will free their communities of criminals.
“The NRM government under President Museveni ushered in peace that we enjoy on a daily basis and in return you’re able to address issues of fighting poverty. However, criminals want to destabilize our peace which we as his representatives cannot allow”, he said noting that being vigilant is all the people should do in addition to reporting all suspicious characters to the authorities in his pursuit of a crime free Manafwa district.
DRDC Kagenyi  appealed to locals to embrace government programs since it’s one sure way of being part of the beneficiaries.
In his bid to make Manafwa the model district in the entire Bugisu sub-region as regards service delivery in line with government programs of Parish Development Model, Emyooga, Operation wealth creation among others, Deputy RDC will ensure his crusade is an all inclusive campaign that will bring on board the CAO, Town clerks, Parish chiefs, sub-county chiefs such that supervision is water tight with no room for error in addition to having value for money from the government coffers.

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