Pr. Senyonga at a mega Crusade in Kagadi in Bunyoro


THE life of International televangelist Jackson Senyonga, founder and lead pastor of Christian Life Church (CLC) in Kampala, Uganda is in danger! Please pray for him wherever you are, that God will protect his servant!
Threats on his life, we are reliably informed, started after this man of God, without fear of favour continued to unmask con men in Church masquerading as Pastors, faking miracles, defrauding and cheating followers as well as depriving them of the true gospel of Jesus Christ.
He is now getting warning bells to leave their ‘business’ or they act on him, threats Pastor Senyonga is not taking for granted!
This fastest growing News website in Uganda can authoritatively report that, security for the P5 renown Pastor has been beefed up so that enemies of the gospel do not use any leakage to injure his life, thanks to the Government of Uganda.
Born-Agains in Uganda and his followers world over have been called upon to intercede for the founder of Top television, Top radio and other Christian media houses because a clique of false prophets in Uganda have ganged up and are determined to injure his life or close his mouth for good so that he doesn’t unearth their dubious acts any more!

For years, fraudsters, con men and false prophets have been invoking God’s name as a shield to defraud and cheat their unsuspecting followers as well as depriving them of the true gospel.
Senyonga, a senior Pastor with hundreds of Churches both in Uganda and outside the country chose to take a firm stance against false prophets – standing in their way, by publicly rebuking them and exposing their ungodly acts as well as rallying the public to isolate them.
These mafia pastors were living in fear since some of the crimes they have committed to their followers are catching up with them.
Irritated by his unending ‘war’ against them and his quest to have them exposed, these con pastors deployed various tactics to silence him.
False prophets in Uganda are disturbed by the fact that Pastor Senyonga has offered himself as a good Samaritan to warn the public about how dangerous they are to the society.
They allegedly hacked a plan to bankroll and ventured into a smear campaign using media to taint his name and reputation blindly thinking, he will back off! 
Followers of Pr. Jackson Senyonga believe that false prophets identified and reached out to some leading dailies to publish stories against the man of God showing that he has loans as if it’s a crime in Uganda to take a bank loan. These dailies also run stories how Pr. Senyonga takes months to pay his staff as if they are visitors in Uganda who don’t know the impact of Covid-19, an epidemic which hit the economy world over.
“Publication of the negative stories was to commence at the end of February but the topmost editors had until March not sanctioned the smear campaign against Pastor Senyonga,” says an impeccable source who attended some of the meetings. 
Source says, it was agreed that such stories are consistently written with screaming headlines in order to create an immediate and huge impact. 
The source says the false prophets want the publications to advance the false propaganda and misinformation campaign for as long as Senyonga continues speaking about them. 
Led by Pastor Jackson Senyonga, religious leaders in the born again faith in 2017 denounced three pastors declaring them as false prophets.
This declaration was made after a consultantative meeting of over 5,000 pastors from across the country gathered at Christian Life Church, chaired by the Overseer, National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches (NFBAPC), Bishop Joshua Lwere.

“We denounce the so called pastors and prophets mentioned, who totally contravene, contradict and falsify the teachings of the holy Bible and Christian church,” said Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga while addressing the media.
Pastor Senyonga said that the pastors received overwhelming complaints and evidence from hundreds of people who were victimized or witnessed the horrendous activities and crimes.
Senyonga said that the three ‘false prophets’ and their churches masquerade and disguise as Bible teachers on the surface with a soft spoken approach yet they are wrong doers invoking spirits of the dead.
“They manipulate scriptures, stage manage miracles and also commit crimes against humanity by involvement in occult worship, witchcraft, use and worship of snakes, beast worship, blood sacrifice, destroying marriages, families, human sacrifice among others,” Senyonga explained.
The spiritual leaders launched a campaign against all false prophets in the country with the aim of alerting Ugandans and causing government to take actions against such people.

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