PHOTO: Deputy Speaker Tayebwa addressing mourners in Mbarara yesterday at the burial of Maj (rtd) Fred Mugasho, husband to Hon. Margaret Ayebale, the Mbarara district woman Member of Parliament. Tayebwa was accompanied by members of Parliament


DEPUTY Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon. Thomas Tayebwa has urged husbands not to frustrate or block their wives from taking over positions of leadership, saying keeping them in the kitchen is now history and indeed hinders their contribution to development as in a family and Country to large.
Rt. Hon. Tayebwa made these remarks at the burial of Maj (rtd) Fred Mugasho, husband to Hon. Margaret Ayebale, the Mbarara district woman Member of Parliament. Mugasho was laid to rest at their home in Kashari South, Mbarara District yesterday.
Addressing hundreds of mourners, Deputy Speaker Tayebwa said, “Men stop blocking your wives from taking up leadership positions. If you frustrate your wives and step on their opportunities, it is you, it is your family, it is your country which is losing.”
Tayebwa debunked the talk that women get spoilt when they assume higher positions in politics or elsewhere by not respecting their husbands hence breaking marriages.
By giving Hon. Ayebare as an example, Deputy Speaker said she has been a good example to most women because much as she became a legislator, she remained loyal to her husband and kept the marital vows until death did the two apart.
“I want thank Hon. Margaret Ayebare for being a good ambassador for women in politics. Those who think by your wives joining politics, marriages will break up, Ayebare has disapproved you. Margaret you have relieved us of that cross because you became a politician and you remained committed to your marriage and took care of your husband as a married woman, thank you.” said Tayebwa.

He however asked some of the political big wigs who might have veered off the moral line by abandoning their spouses after rising in ranks, to reform.
Tayebwa said, “May be we have people who get spoilt on taking over higher positions in leadrship. Please, don’t hide behind the good image Margaret has showed us, reform. Love surpasses challenges and if you love your spouse, these titles can never change you.”
He also commended Ayabare for supporting his bid to become Deputy Speaker hence asking the people of Mbarara to support her stay a little longer in order to effectively contribute to development.
“Don’t just rush to vote her out of Parliament and put another person. We will lose the friends and linkages she has made. You give us Margaret consistently for 20 years” Said Tayebwa, drawing applause from the mourners.

Deputy Speaker pledged to allow Kashari South MP Nathan Itungo to raise the matter of illegal fees being charged in schools so that the Minister of Education can explain to the country on the steps being taken to relieve parents of such burdens.
Itungo had earlier requested the deputy Speaker to help fight against the extortions of parents by government aided schools which charge illegal fees inducing extra charge on candidates registering for national exams.
“Parents have narrated their pain to me that they are suffering with illegal fees. Children who are in P.7, S.4 and S.6 in government schools are not supposed to pay UNEB fees because government pays. But they told me that teachers charge other fees under the cover that it is for photographs and e-registration” Itungo explained.
He also requested the deputy Speaker to task the Ministry of Energy and Mineral development to find a solution to power distribution challenges in Kashari County where wires have taken long to be replaced after being vandalized.

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