PHOTO: Property mogul Sudhir Ruparelia and the newly appointed Deputy RDC Kagenyi Lukka are very close friends. The two were at a party recently


A RENOWN Team Muhoozi Kainerugaba (MK) coordinator for Eastern region, ruling NRM Party defender, journalist and a political analyst, Mr. Kagenyi Lukka was last week appointed by the Head of State, His Excellency Yoweri Museveni as the new deputy Resident District Commissioner (D/RDC) for Manafwa district located in Bugishu Subregion, Eastern Uganda.
He has already consented and promised to work with all leaders in the district to make Manafwa a model district.
Politicians and city tycoons in Kampala are still congratulating Kagenyi Lukka, a gentleman who is well known in circles of powerful businessmen. He is a close friend to property mogul Sudhir Ruperelia and his son Rajiv Ruparelia.
For those who remember the party organised by tycoon Sudhir a few weeks ago when he defeated Bank of Uganda in the Supreme Court, Sudhir was seen hugging Kagenyi, thanking him for standing with the family. 
It’s on record, Kagenyi a regular tv show panelist used his shows to advise Bank of Uganda not to make financial blunders against Crane Bank Ltd, but officials at the Central Bank were adamant!
Through his articles published by The Edge news website, Kagenyi who is a graduate with a Bachelors in Business Administration identified loopholes in the Bank of Uganda – Crane Bank take over deal and alerted Central Bank not to be misled, but in vain! 
His articles and analysis he made on TVs about the Bank of Uganda – Crane Bank Ltd hullabaloo won him recognition by financial experts and was therefore invited in a number of conferences as a Speaker.
In politics, if you want to test Kagenyi’s anger, attack President Museveni, his son Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba or NRM Party! You will see him with gloves off! Being a journalist has not in any way barred Kagenyi Lukka from demonstrating his support and loyalty to NRM leadership. 
He has openly spread the Team Muhoozi gospel in Eastern Uganda, reached out to hundreds of youth using funds from his pockets to support activities involving youth.
In a tweet by EALA MP Fred Mukasa Mbidde who doubles as Democratic Party  (DP) Vice President, he congratulated his long time friend Kagenyi Lukka and thanked him for his consistence is supporting a party and leaders of his choice. 
It’s true, Kagenyi has never staggered in politics since his University days at Kyambogo University. He has been a yellow boy 311.
Writing in his hard English, Hon. Mbidde tweeted, “My brother Kagenyi Lukka, my fervent and unfeigned contrafibularities to you upon your appointment as Deputy RDC Manafwa. You have always been paradigmatic to inferential deductive discourse in your defence of President Museveni, Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba and your party NRM.”

Born 41 years ago, Kagenyi is a typical Mugwere from Budaka district. He comes from the lineage of Princes known as Abakomolo which produces Bagwere Cultural leaders. Bakomolo originated from the present day Butebo district formerly part of Palisa.
Kagenyi was however born in Buganda at Mengo Hospital, Margaret ward by a Muganda mum, the late Margaret Nabukalu of Lugave clan. Mama Kagenyi was coming from Kyanuuna Parish, Namayumba Subcounty, Wakiso district.  About his late father Ephraim Mujomba Kintu, he was a Mugwere. He came to Kampala as a youth in 1950s and in 60s, got married to his love Margaret Nabukalu.
Kagenyi Lukka started his education at Bat Valley Primary School, went to Buganda Road Primary School and sat Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) from a village school.
He passed very well and was admitted at Kibuli Muslim Secondary School. He was elected Luwangula Hall prefect. Kampala Central Member of Parliament Muhammad Nsereko and Nile Post Editor Edris Kiggundu were in the same hall with Kagenyi. He was their prefect. Bruhan Byaruhanga, former KCCA Deputy Speaker, was classes ahead of Kagenyi, Nsereko and Kiggundu.
Kagenyi Lukka sat for his UACE at Old Kampala Secondary School from where he was admitted at Kyambogo University.

After his graduation, he went for Kyeyo but things didn’t work out as he expected.
He returned to set up a media empire and Kagenyi Holdings which deals in Project Proposals, Work Plan and Property Management.
Because he was so vibrant in promoting President Museveni at Kyambogo University, in 2001 Dr. Kazza Besigye who was contesting against President Museveni sent for him.
We are reliably informed, Kagenyi was in company of John Kikonyogo and veteran journalist Tony Geoffrey Owana.
Dr. KB wanted to sign the three gentlemen but Kagenyi openly told him how he can’t serve two masters at ago.
“I am a staunch supporter of President Museveni. I will never betray him. Sorry Doctor, I have to go…”
Said Kagenyi.
He picked his note book and left Kasangati home, Besigye’s residence.
He was followed by Tony Owana, leaving John Kikonyogo behind, who until today, is FDC’s deputy Spokesperson.
Since then, Kagenyi has been an ardent NRM member and a supporter.
In 2020, he contested in NRM MP Primaries and narrowly lost to Robert Kasolo for Ikiiki County in Budaka district. 
During primaries, Kagenyi organized sports events, supported education and gave out free spraying pumps to farmers’ groups in his district.
When he lost, Budaka people wanted their son to contest as an independent in the general elections saying the party primaries were not free and fair.
Kagenyi however refused saying, he will go with the party position. He in fact campaigned for Robert Kasolo and he won to become area MP. That shows how loyal Kagenyi is to the NRM Party. 

Talked about as a performer, Mr. Kagenyi has committed himself to serve the people of Manafwa district without discrimination.
Speaking to this investigative news website, Kagenyi saluted His Excellency the President for identifying him and promised to serve all people with one heart.
“I am not only going to monitor government programs but with all leaders in the district, we will make sure implementation is observed.” Said D/RDC Kagenyi Lukka. He revealed to us the approach he will apply to make sure Manafwa becomes a model district. 
“I am going to use the approach of See, Look, Observe, before I put into Action.” Revealed Kagenyi.
He told us that, in his first 100 days as D/RDC Manafwa, he will liase with the district security committee to meet all LC leadership, identify their problems especially pertaining security. 
This will involve Secretaries for Defence and LC 1 chaimen from every village. Then the local councils mobilise locals around the district.
Secondly,  Kagenyi is looking at carrying out boundary opening to know the Manafwa district boundaries versus those of theor neigbours. This is intended to analyse the securiry threats to the district.
Addressing the pertinent issue of Parish develop fund, D/RDC Kagenyi says, the 81 parishes which make up Manafwa district will each get its money.
“And not only getting it but we will make sure we do follow up so that money given is used strictly for the intended purpose.” Said Kagenyi.
His other priority is one concerning accountability of tax payers money. He plans to start and launch an accountability day in Manafwa district.
He wants who ever gets government money, to give accountability. “We want to have value for money in Manafwa district. I want to make manafwa a model district, We have gone to work.” Said Kagenyi, a very calm and generous young man but very strict if it comes to work.

News Editor Media Team wishes to congratulate our colleague Kagenyi Lukka and thank President Museveni for identifying one of our own. Mr. Kagenyi, expect full support from this fastest growing news website.  

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