WE DON’T KNOW HIM: Minister Babalanda disowns Kasekende Ronald (left in the photo). Says Masaka City RCC is Katende Ronald who is attached to the office of the NRM National Chairman (ONC), Kyambogo.


HON. MILLY Babalanda, minister in charge of Presidency has disowned a one Ronald Kasekende who some media reports have been misleading public that he is the newly appointed RCC Masaka City.
Minister has cleared the air that, on the list released on Thursday and signed by the appointing Authority President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Masaka RCC is Katende Ronald who has been attached at the Office of NRM National Chairman (ONC) Kyambogo not any one else.
“Public and in particular Masaka people should not be duped. There was no mistake made in the official list of RCC/RDC reshuffle released on Thursday. It is Katende Ronald who was appointed,  not any other person. You are asked to remain calm, the new RCC will take over office very soon.” Line minister Milly Babalanda told journalists today evening. 

Minister Babalanda cameout at a time when people in Masaka were being confused by Kasekende Ronald’s supporters on how their man is the rightful appointed RCC and that, it was a typo the list to have Katende Ronald.
This news website had been informed how Kasekende who had spent about 4 years on Kyeyo in Germany returned home a few weeks back to be enthroned as Masaka RCC.
There have been reports, how Kasekende Ronald got invitation to State House tomorrow Monday, to be briefed on how he will take over Masaka City RCC’s office.
Minister Babalanda says all these are lies and has warned Kasekende to desist from impersonation or else, he will be dealt with accordingly.
NRM supporters in Masaka had risen up in protest, saying they can’t allow two brothers Kasekende Ronald and Kambugu to be appointed RCC and another one as Deputy RDC Lwengo district yet both were staunch opposition members who led  goons to insult ruling party officials in last year’s General election.  
NRM Youth like Bulegeya, NRM Chairman Katumba, Ssenkungu and others had already vowed to cause havoc in Masaka City if it’s true that Kasekende is the new RCC.
“We will not allow this boy who has been insulting leaders of the ruling party to be appointed RCC. Over our dead bodies.”
NRM leaders in Masaka city vowed.

Shockingly, even in opposition, leaders including NUP’s Masaka City Mayor Florence Namayanja had stamped the ground, saying they can’t allow Kasekende to be posted to Masaka City as RCC accusing him of being stubborn.
What will surprise you our dear readers, mayor Namayanja, Kambugu and Kasekende are related. But don’t see eye to eye.
Namayanja and Kambugu share a dad while Kambugu and Kasekende are sons of the same mother. 
It is alleged, Namayanja blocked Kambugu from getting NUP ticket in last year’s election, forcing him to contest as an independent. 
The three relatives were Democratic Party members who joined NUP just months to General elections.
However, for Kasekende who was serving as a youth councilor on DP ticket last term, he did not contest in last year’s election since he wasn’t in the country.
Namayanja and her brothers are at loggerheads and the appointment of Kambugu as Deputy RDC was bad news to the city mayor.
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