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SLAVICS or Soviets are killing each other…Ukranians and Russians are both Soviets or Slavs…the war is killing Russian and Ukranian soldiers!
Ukraine is fully destroyed and I doubt the looser is Uganda, America or Whites, it’s the Slavs/Soviets. 
Russian President Vuldamir Putin a powerful leader could have been misled by CIA to go to a war with a commedian! 
Putin has a short temper, ego and emotion, his enemies exploited that to lead him to a useless war.
Just like here in Uganda, Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s enemies who were once in security, wanted to incite our President to wage a war on our neighbour Rwanda. This war would be costly, useless and it would lead to the fall of Museveni’s regime.
However, President Museveni is unique. He is not like Putin, he decided to ignore and kept quiet. Today Mzee is a winner without a single bullet.
Back to the Russia-Ukraine war, Arabs in Yemen are fighting Arabs in Saudi Arabia.
Arabs in Yemen are fighting Arabs in UAE, Arabs in Iran are fighting with Arabs in Saudi Arabia.
In Lebanon, Hezbollah is fighting against the regime, In Khartoum, Arabs are fighting each other, in Korean Peninsula, North Korea are at war against South Korea.
Go to the far East, China fighting with Taiwanese and one day they will go to full scale war.
NOTE that all the groups I have mentioned are of same blood, same race and same history. Why are these fellows killing each other?
Answer is, all of them are promoting, propelling, bolstering and deepening the US Foreign Policy either knowingly or after being misled into silly wars and hatred. How could Russia fall in USA trap
In every region where people of same blood are fighting, there are American industrial military firms selling weapons, world bank and IMF expanding, reconstruction programs going on,etc..
To an excited person, it’s ofcourse complex to comprehend these things.
In nutshell, The Russia – Ukraniane War is a useless war. Putin, a great leader was tricked into a war thinking that it will reduce on NATO Influence and deployment, but instead the war is a precursor to further NATO expansion in the furthest part of Eastern Europe.
For purposes of defending NATO, USA and NATO Military are now expanding into polland, Romania and Estonia.
Estonia is just 860kms from Russia. When putin declared war, USA expanded it’s military base in Tallin city Estonia which is not far from russia. USA is now expanding it’s naval base in The Baltic Sea which is in Tallin, Estonia near Russia.
With war in Ukraine, the USA foreign policy strategy has changed in the baltic sea to now focus on deploying Naval warships. Baltic sea region for some of you who have no idea is bordering Russia and it has countries like Estonia, Lithuania and Lativia. All those three are in NATO and after Russia invasion of Ukraine, they have called for USA to expand bases.
Russia invasion of Ukraine, countries like Finland and Sweden are going to join NATO. Finland connects to the Baltic Sea region.
The overall strategy of the USA is to create instability at the Russian border using Russia itself. USA has now succeeded. It tricked Putin to attack Ukraine hence the birth of hatred and permanent instability. We will start from here….

The Author Adam Luzindana Buyinza is an NRM youth, a graduate from Makerere University, who likes to be referred to as a Substance farmer in Butakoola Village, Kayunga District. He focuses on small scale trading and subsistence farming.

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