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A MEETING which was slated to convene yesterday at the National Unity Platform (NUP) Party Headquarters in Kamwokya Kampala to confirm appointed committee members sitting on the Lubaga South Constituency NUP KUNGA Campaign was cancelled by top party leadership after petitions from supporters accusing one Faridah Nabatanzi of fronting names of people not known in NUP.
Faridah Nabatanzi who contested and lost MP seat for Buikwe district woman MP is the NUP Deputy Secretary for National Mobilisation.
She is accused of dancing on the tunes of Lubaga Mayor Zaccky Mawula Mberaze and his deputy Rehema Fugge who sent her names of their relatives and friends to head party mobilisation committee in the constituency without consultation of supporters and other leaders in the Constituency.
News editor Media reached Ms. Nabatanzi who deliberately turned a deaf ear when other leaders advised her about the names she had fronted during a hot meeting on Friday. 
The proud and defiant Nabatanzi chose to be pharoah’s parody when she hang on us after asking, “Who do think you are to question my decision?”. Nabatanzi was enraged when our reporter sought to know which criteria she had followed in appointing Mberaze and Fugge’s friends plus relatives to head party mobilisation in Lubaga South.
Party sources have revealed to this fastest growing news website that the meeting Nabatanzi had organised to officially declare the Lubaga South Kunga committee was cancelled by top party leadership to save NUP from embarrassment. 
A party top official revealed that, “We can’t allow this meeting to go on. There are issues which must be addressed first or else, we might be cornered by our political enemies. We are looking for members with capability to mobilise for the party, not rewarding friends and relatives.”
“The party is heading for a serious mobilisation, we dont want those who will try. Where Mobilisation is concerned, only the best is good enough. This assignment calls for people that understand and have what it takes, this is no child’s play” Said one of NUP bosses who asked for anonymity.

In a meeting held at Busaabala and attended by the Principal Hon. Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi, it was agreed upon that, no one should be appointed a member on the mobilisation committees if he or she is an elected leader, contested as an independent, related to an elected leader or from a camp of any elected leader. 
Before that, there was a team which had been appointed to mobilise in Lubaga but because it had names like Musa Lusembo who is a councilor, that committee was discontinued.
After the Busaabala meeting,  Chairman Fred Nyanzi asked NUP top leaders in Lubaga to identify names of those who can make good mobilisers for the party.
We are reliably informed, Rubaga South MP Hon. Aloysius Mukasa penned some names, so did Mayor Mberaze and his deputy. The committee was announced and it was led by Yusuf Buwembo, who had showed his moblization prowess  in Lubaga during 2021 elections.
Insiders say, Mberaze, Ffugge and Lusembo secretly met Nabatanzi and influenced her to remove hardworking boy Buwembo over unclear reasons.
On learning that Buwembo who had support of almost all the other leaders in Lubaga South apart from the three, this move was protested.
In fact, Mberaze and Ffugge had forwarded names of their relatives and friends, something which leaders in Lubaga strongly rejected.
A meeting was on Friday called to harmonise the situation in Lubaga and it was a hot one. Ffugge feared to enter and locked herself in Mberaze’s car.
In the meeting attended by; Hon. Mukasa Aloysius, Mayor Mberaze Zaccky, Maxencia Nakanjakko (Mberaze supporter), Lord councilor Nakabugo Farida, councilor Lusembo Musa (Fugge supporter), Councilor Kyagaba Alex (Mberaze supporter) and Kayabula a staff in Mberaze’s office, the following names were read out by Faridah Nabatanzi:

  1. Segirinya John B.(Busega)
  2. Namagembe A. (Busega)
  3. Lumala P. (Nateete)
  4. Sekalega V. (Nateete)
  5. Pastor Kakande (Mutundwe)
  6. Kisitu Moses (Mutundwe)
  7. Ddamulira C.(Najja II)
  8. Nsereko S. (Najja II)
  9. Nakanjakko M. (Kabowa)
  10. Masitula N. (Kabowa)
  11. Bunkeddeko Guluddene( Najja I)
  12. Moses Musilamu (Najja I)
  13. Wasswa Culton (Lubaga)
  14. Kakooza R. (Lubaga)
  15. John Pool (Ndeeba)
  16. Hanifa (Ndeeba Agrey)
    Leaders did not agree on some of the selected names and sought to know why Mberaze fought Buwembo’s name off the list with the help of his office attendant Kaayabula Edrisa and instead put his photographer Culton Wasswa and Fugge’s daughter Aisha Namagembe who totally know nothing about NUP. 
    They accused Mberaze of influencing Nabatanzi to include names like a one Bunkeddeko from Najjanankumbi who is a renown DP member and has been blackmailing and insulting Hon. Kyagulanyi on many WhatsApp groups.
    This Bunkeddeko guy, one time ran away with nomination papers of NUP youth councilor aspirants in Najjanankumbi lying that he was taking them to Kamwokya to be stamped. He instead took them to DP Nateete office and had them stamped as DP flag bearers.
    NUP Party leaders in Lubaga had to look for other nomination papers at the last minute, to get a NUP stamp.
    Now leaders and party supporters in Lubaga South want the National Mobilisation committee to thoroughly investigate Mr. Bunkeddeko and find out, when has he ever supported NUP and what is Mberaze’s motive in bringing a name of a DP supporter to mobilise for NUP.
    In the 2021 elections, it is on Bunkeddeko campaigned for SDP candidate Lubega Mukaaku and he strongly fought NUP candidates save for his friend Mberaze who was contesting for Lubaga Mayor. 
    Among other members questionable is a one Waswa Culton who is Mberaze’s photographer and apart from taking mayor’s photos while he is doing some activities, Culton isn’t known and can’t mobilise for the party. He was the campaign manager for Lubega Mukaaku in 2021 and their camp performed poorly. There are facts pinning Waswa Culton for blackmailing Kyagulanyi and NUP candidates during elections. Mberaze influenced Nabatanzi to include his photographer.
    Others on the list are Aisha Namagembe, daughter to Rehema Fugge, staff in Mberaze’s office and other friends.
    This is why supporters and leaders petitioned the office of the National Mobiliser to verify this list before it is declared officially, which has been accepted.

In the next story, we will bring you the naked truth and details why Mberaze and Ffugge are fighting Buwembo who was a top NUP campaigner in Lubaga South and why Party bosses should be careful while handling this issue

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