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KAMPALA businessman Hamis Kiggundu is in hot soup for trying to grab Kabaka’s land in Kigo by purporting to hold a freehold title on Kabaka’s mailo land title. This news website has learnt that, Ham Kiggundu through a one David Nakibinge claims that he went to Wakiso district land board and acquired a freehold title on Kabaka’s land on which Mirembe villas and Serena Hotel Kigo are built.

On Friday March 11, 2022, Ham Kiggundu in company of a one William Matovu who calls himself an employee of UNRA and Nakibinge who is a front man of Ham Kiggundu stormed Kabaka’s Kigo land plot 38 block 273 with trucks full of sand to dump in a swamp separating Mirembe Villas and Serena hotel Kigo to create a road which they say was to lead to their land. 
As all that happened, Ham Kiggundu was reportedly hiding in a near by shrub to dodge media cameras.

Buganda Land Board (BLB), the custodian of Buganda Land stopped their ill intentioned activities and has written to Police and UNRA asking them to reign in Ham Kiggundu and his KIHAM enterprises to stop using force to encroach on Kabaka’s land illegally.

BLB has written to both SCP Stephen Tanui the Kampala Metropolitan Police commander, Central Police Station and The Director Maintenance Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) calling for an immediate intervention to stop an illegal construction of some drainage and road on Kabaka’s land comprised in Kyadondo Block 273 by Kampala businessman Hamis Kiggundu without permission from the land lord.
Mr. Hamis Kiggundu commonly known as Ham is, according to BLB, in conspiracy with UNRA staff to trespass and grab Kabaka’s land with the assistance of officers of Uganda police. BLB top boss has requested both UNRA and Uganda Police to immediately intervene and prevail their staff and officers, halt all processes to avoid unnecessary conflicts and litigations.
Buganda Land Board is an Organisation set up by His Majesty the Kabaka of Buganda to manage Kingdom land.
In letters dated Friday March 11, 2022 received by both KMP Tanui and the Director Maintenance Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA), BLB said, “Kiham Enterprise  (U) Ltd owned by Hamis Kiggundu, with the help and assistance of police and UNRA have stormed Kabaka’s land at Kigo with the aim of creating the road and they are dumping murram thereon. The land onto which these illegal activities are being done, is Buganda Kingdom land and surrounded by Mirembe Villas Kigo, a Kingdom project and Lake Victoria Serena Hotel, a Kingdom tenant.” The said land is on BLOCK 273 PLOT 3B & BLOCK 273 PLOTS 87,99,110, etc, at Kigo. 
BLB letters say, Kiham Enterprises (U) Ltd erroneously and illegally created on official Kingdom Mailo land a freehold title comprised in WAK6104 FOLIO 25 BLOCK 273 PLOT 23977 at Kigo, and the same is subject of cancellation proceedings and at the Ministry of Lands.
“So it is not permissible that land,and the subject of conflict can be used in the manner we are witnessing now.” Kabogoza informed KMP Tanui whose police boys were witnessed in company of Ham and UNRA staff during the storming of Kabaka’s land at Kigo.
Buganda Land Board told KMP Tanui that, “We request your office to immediately intervene and stop the ongoing violation plus order for the withdrawal of police on the said land. We understand that these violations are deliberately being done towards the weekend so that it can be concluded with less interference.”
In a letter to the Director Maintenance Uganda National Roads Authority, BLB said Kiham (U) Ltd with the help and assistance of UNRA staff and another former UNRA employee William Matovu stormed Kabaka’s land at Kigo with the aim of creating a road thereon. 
“They are doing that under a pretext of creating a drainage for the community which they purport to have been cleared by UNRA. We also understand that a one Frank Rutebarika, station manager Kampala purported to clear this transgression.” Reads BLB’s letter to UNRA. It said, by Friday, Kiham Enterprises (U) Ltd with assistance of UNRA officers was dumping murram to create the road on the subject land under the protection and deployment of police.
BLB reminded UNRA boss that, on all engagement and BLB relationship with UNRA, they know that UNRA follows standard procedures and guidelines including engaging and compensation of the affected parties which is not the case in this development. 
“This conduct is affecting us and our development partners and likely to affect our current and future relationship with you. It is also worth to note that, the land in subject is surrounded by Mirembe Villas,a Kingdom project and Lake Victoria Serena Hotel, a Kingdom tenant and both have not consented to your practices and violations. By copy of this letter, the Executive Director, Director legal services are required to intervene.”Reads BLB’s letter to UNRA. 
Letter was copied to UNRA ED Allen Kagina, The director legal services UNRA and also to The director road and bridge development UNRA.

Buganda Land Board is hailed for doing everything possible to secure, protect and perfectly managing Kabaka’s land. 
BLB’s campaign to all bibanja holders on Kabaka’s land to secure their tenancy on Kabaka’s land by registering their bibanja or obtaining lease, has been talked about as the best ever in fighting land evictions on Kabaka’s land.

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