PHOTO: Godwin Mabano (in a blue shirt) with directors Christopher Kyazze, John Kaliisa and one Edwin (right) who visited the abattoir


YESTERDAY on Friday January 14, 2022, Hon. Hajjat Minsa Kabanda minister in Charge of Kampala and Metropolitan Affairs was expected to release a report about her findings on the wrangles which rocked the abattoir located in the neigbourhood of Masanafu, at Nakuwadde-Bbira, Ssentema road, in Wakiso district. 
Businessman Godwin Mabano who is the landlord where the abattoir is located is at loggerheads with Wakiso City Slaughter House (U) Ltd, a company he legally and voluntarily entered with into a 25 years memorandum of understanding on February 21, 2019 to manage this abattoir through the directors of the herein slaughter company.
In less than three years, when business boomed at the abattoir, the landlord reportedly went against what was agreed upon in the MoU between the two parties leading to the arrest of Wakiso City Slaughter House (U) Ltd directors on charges of aggrevated robbery for which they pleaded not guilty saying they are tramped-up charges by a clique of people led by a one Abdul Lubega who were expelled from the company for indiscipline and incompetence.
Directors accuse Landlord Mabano for conniving with this clique to make false security reports so as  to have them arrested and their business taken over without any resistance.
Three directors and other five members of the company were brutally arrested by a group of security officials amidst gunshots which lasted for about 40 minutes at the abattoir as if they were arresting ADF rebels!
On their arrest, they were paraded in court and remanded at Kitalya Min Max Prison late last year. 
It’s unfortunate, one of the suspects Nicholas Kiridde died from Kitalya following his brutal arrest and torture! 
The three directors John Kaliisa, Christopher Kyazze commonly known as Rasta and Patrick Bampabula late last year were released on court bail, and the four Abbey Mugumba, Ethan Mukiibi, Robert Mutimula and Hamis Mubiru who were arrested on 21st September 2021, are still rotting in jail!

When the directors of Wakiso City Slaughter House (U) Ltd got court bail, they went back to the abattoir but were shocked to find a new company called Nile Abattoir formed to take over the abattoir with full support from the landlord Godwin Mabano who they accuse of betraying them.
The Wakiso Company directors however saw this as joke of the year saying they still had a 23 years running contract, there was no way Mabano could terminate it.
When they resisted, Mabano decided to close the abattoir. Traders petitioned Kampala minister who quickly intervened and directed that the abattoir shouldn’t be closed especially since  Christmas was approaching and they had to slaughter cows and goats.
Shortly after Christmas festive season, the minister on 6th January 2022 held a meeting with both parties at Wakiso district headquarters and listened to them. She gave them 9 days to come out with findings on how to resolve this impasse. After postponment, the report is now expected next week.
In this Part I of the story, the News editor intelligence team leaks what is expected in the minister’s report:

On February 21, 2019 the memorandum of understanding was made between WAKISO CITY SLAUGHTER HOUSE (U)LTD and GODWIN MABANO, the registered proprietor of land comprised in  Busiro Block 306 part of plot 4305 & 3893 measuring approximately 3 acres.
The MoU says, Mr. Mabano (the 2nd party) who is the registered owner of the land gave it to Wakiso City Slaughter House (U) Ltd (the 1st Party) to manage the same for the business of slaughtering cows, goats, sheep, renting rooms/Kiosks/stores/lock ups, stages for vehicles and motor cycles that transport meat, renting space to other persons with related businesses and other incidental business, the 1st party will manage the said land and business thereon on the terms herein contained in the MoU.
The MoU was signed by Godwin Mabano (for 2nd party) and Wakiso City Slaughter House (U) Ltd (for 1st party): John Kaliisa, Christopher Kyazze, Patrick Bampabura, Adam Lubega and Annet Birabwa, signed in the presence of William Rwabuhihi who originally acted as middle man between the two.
Counsel Mututa Martin was the advocate for the 1st party. MoU was drawn by T. ODEKE & Co. Advocates

● The 2nd Party is the rightful owner of the land and he gave it to the 1st Party to manage it through its directors for running a business of slaughtering cows, goats & sheep and carrying out other related business on the same
● The 2nd Party shall be charged with the duty to develop the above mentioned land for better running of the business by the 1st Party and the same shall be done from time to time.
The developments shall be as follows;
a) Fix the metal in the slaughter house
b) Partitioning the slaughter house in three parts – slaughter part
c) cleaning of condemn house to destroy dead animals (6ft by 6ft) 
d) Putting pavers in front of the slaughter house
e) Toilet and bathrooms
f) A house for slaughtering goats 
g) Drainage for taking waste from the slaughter house
h) Room for cleaning the legs and heads of the slaughtered cows and goats 
i) Water, electricity and other related development as shall be agreed upon by the parties herein.
● The 2nd Party shall be honest to the 1st Party during the running of this business.

● Management of all the businesses on the land mentioned herein and the welfare of businessmen and women.
● Marketing and attracting of new business persons to this business.
● Shall be responsible for monitoring the affairs of the business and ensuring harmony in the business 
●  1st Party shall ensure at all time that only lawful business is dealt in. This includes slaughtering cows  goats, sheep  renting rooms/Kiosks/stores/lookups stages for vehicles and motor cycles that transport meat, renting space to other persons with related business and other incidental business.
● The 1st party shall lay account to the 2nd Party from the rentals after one year of business 
● The 1st Party shall be responsible to attract persons to the business and market the business 
● To ensure hygiene at the place of business at all the times

● The slaughter business and all related business shall be managed by the 1st Party or his agents/directors and the 2nd party or agent
● The 2nd Party will remain in personal control of the six (6) rooms already rented out near the gate and shall continue managing the same during the existence of the  business. 
● The 2nd party shall retain space on the land herein mentioned near the slaughter house to build the warehouse to run  his private business. 
● The parties shall from time to time call meetings for the proper management of the business herein every after four (4) months.
● The utility bills, taxes and other related dues shall be  paid from the money collected from business

● The 1st Party directors and Shareholders shall jointly work with the 2nd party or is agents in collection of money from every person running business on the land occupied by the 1st Party.
● The 2nd party shall take all the UGX Six thousands (6,000) collected by the 1st party for each slaughtered cow in the 1st year of the business and the 1st party shall take all the money collected from all other businesses on the land herein described. That should the business boom in the 1st year of business, the charges shall increase from UGX 6000 (Six thousands) to UGX 12000 (Twelve thousands) and the 2nd party shall be entitled to take all the UGX 12000 (Twelve thousands) in case of any increase in the fees charged on every cow slaughtered in the slaughter house on the land herein mentioned so longer as the same is in the 1st year of the business. This money does not include money collected from the goats, sheep and other businesses on the land in question.
● After the expiration of 1st year of business, the 1st Party shall take 25% and 2nd party take 75% of the money collected from all the business on the described land herein. This shall be after deducting the expenses involved in the running of the business.
● The increase of charges paid by the persons carrying out business on the above land shall be done by the management 

The 1st Party and the 2nd Party agreed to run business for twenty five (25) years subject to renewal by mutual consent of the parties herein. The parties agreed to be meeting every after five (5) years to audit and review their business.

In the event of any dispute between the two parties, they agreed to choose a mediator to settle the matter before taking any other legal remedy.

In Part II of this story, we will dig deeper on how Mabano got the abattoir deal, who of the two parties breached the contract, how security was misled and what else is the minister looking at to resolve the impasse at the abattoir
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