PHOTO: A police officer leads Hon. Aloysius Mukasa at Nateete Police Station to write a statement


LUBAGA South legislator Aloysius Mukasa was today Wednesday arrested by Nateete Police alongside area KCCA councilor Rose Nalubwama on accusations of leading residents of Kabaawo Zone, Nalukolongo in Lubaga to demolish a wall fence an indian illegally built blocking a water channel.
According to Police, the area MP Mukasa and Lord councilor Nalubwama allegedly committed this offence on 31st, after a heavy down pour which saw off 2021.
His aide Mr. Ssegirinya today afternoom told this news website that, “Police want Hon. Mukasa to write a statement about what happened on 31st December 2021 concerning demolishing of a wall fence owned by an Indian in Kabaawo Zone.”
We are told, the MP was quizzed for some good minutes but all he told police officers was that, this Indian should instead produce permission he got from KCCA to construct a wall fence in a drainage channel which causes floods when ever it rains. 
Hon. Mukasa said his people are in danger because floods sweep away their homes and property due to an illegality made by such a stubborn Indian.
After writing a statement, the MP and Lord councilor were released on a police bond.

Kabaawo zone was impassable! It had turned into a lake, floods swept away houses, shops and children are said to  have been taken by the water.
That day, angry residents in Kabaawo who for long have been asking this Indian to voluntarily demolish his fence in vain, decided to demolish it themselves to allow water flow.
As soon as they had started bringing it down, Hon. Mukasa who was called by the people he represents in Parliament, arrived together with Lord councilor Nalubwama.
The MP consoled his people who had been affected by the floods and without mincing words, told them how he has received reports about some leaders in Lubaga who were bribed by this Indian not to demolish the wall fence he illegally raised.
He said, “My people I want to sympathize with you for the damage meted on you by the floods because a reckless indian built in the water channel.”
“As your MP, I feel your pain but we will not allow corrupt leaders who conspired with this Indian to keep a closed eye on this illegal construction.” Said Hon. Mukasa.
Whereas he did not clear residents to demolish this wall fence, they were by themselves busy cutting pipes connecting the fence to bring it down.
This is when Police arrived and started firing in the air to disperse residents who were defiant.
They were heard saying, “We are tired of losing lives and property due to this Indian who blocked water flow as KCCA physical planning and some leaders in Lubaga keep mute because this Indian wet their beaks. We are here to clear the water way.”
Hon. Mukasa who was already on the side of his people asked police to stop firing bullets since this was like adding salt to the wounds of Lubaga South people. Police listened and ceased fire.  
The MP took some police officers around who also came to a conclusion that the wall fence was the main cause of the flooding.
There and then a meeting between residents and the Indian was convened in the presence of police officers and MP Mukasa.
This is when word moved around that the Indians had  bribed some Lubaga leaders have them cleared to continue building this wall fence.
The MP vowed to pick this up, engage these leaders and make vomit the indians’ cash or else,  he would take the matter up to Parliament.
Because these leaders we are going to expose very soon, don’t want to vomit what they ate, we are told they connived with the Indians to open up a case against Hon. Mukasa and Lord councilor Nalubwama.

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