PHOTO: From left, Gaster Kiyinji and Anthony Wolimbwa


CIVIL Society Organizations (CSOs) advocating for forest conservation are worried that by 2050 if there is no significant intervention, the country will not have a single forest.
They are concerned that the rate at which country is losing forest cover is a threat to future generations. 
Uganda’s forest cover dropped from 4.9 million hectares in 1990 to 1.9 million hectares in 2020 which they say has been severely deforested and also degraded at a very fast rate.
For many years Uganda’s protected areas are under increasing threats from deforestation and degradation, owing to an increasing human population and industrialization.
Speaking to journalists in Kampala, programs officer at Ecological Christian Organization (ECO) Anthony Wolimbwa explained that, “There is need for a better policy to guide on how best the country can protect the available forests and other natural resources. We are worried about the speed at which forests are cut.”
At the same press briefing, Gaster Kiyingi, a team leader at Tree Talk Plus says that the government lacks the political will to protect the natural resources which is discouraging.


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