EMBATTLED junior minister Sam Mayanja’s woes are not about to end! In fact, Mawokota South legislator Counsel Yusuf Nsibambi has without mincing words said “I think my learned friend should consult a psychiatrist.”
A few days after Kabaka’s subjects roasted Mayanja alive for his attacks on the reconstruction of the Kasubi Royal Tombs International heritage site, his superiors at the Lands ministry have reversed his decision to suspend over 30 workers at Wakiso Lands office saying he has no powers.
The lands ministry has warned Sam Mayanja to stop his excitement saying, he might land the ministry into useless legal battles which will cost tax payers billions of shillings.
This news website has been reliably informed that, Lands ministry has directed, with immediate effects, all workers, Mayanja suspended illegally to report back for their respective duties.
Those who were brought by Mayanja to replace the ones he sacked, have been ordered to vacate or face arrests because they are masqueraders.
Junior minister Mayanja accused workers he sacked of demanding for bribes to transfer land titles and other transactions. He replaced them with new people.
All started when Mayanja closed Wakiso lands offices to pave way for investigations and reopened them a week after, with new staff.
The Lands ministry has strongly condemned Mayanja’s illegality saying, this junior minister has no powers to sack public servants fearing that if they sue, government will definitely lose billions in costs. There was also worries that titles might easily get lost during this confusion asking whether the minister is aware of the repercussions.
According to a letter written by Ministry of Lands Permanent Secretary Ms. Dorcas W. Okalany who is the Accounting Officer and Chief Executive Officer of the Lands Ministry, all workers Mayanja had sacred are ordered to report to their work stations at the Wakiso Lands office.
“The minister has no powers to sack public servants. All he did was illegal. You are all ordered to immediately return to your work at Wakiso Lands office.” Ps. Okalany’s letter intepreted.
Top bosses in the ministry have also directed the minister to first consult if he doesn’t know his functions. He must be helped to know his limits so that he doesn’t land the Lands ministry into trouble.
PS. Okalany said, if any lands office staff is to be sacked or reshuffled, that is not the work of Mr. Sam Mayanja. 
First of all, there are procedures to be followed to enable those who have been in the affected office write reports about what they have been working on before they are replaced. 
The lands ministry said, it was wrong for Mr. Mayanja to return workers who were legally sacked due to their involvement in fraud and this make the public question this minister’s hidden motive. 
Sources say, since he was elected lands Junior minister, Mayanja has been conducting uncoordinated activities without consent from his superior minister, Hon. Judith Nalule Nabakooba.
Mayanja is seen to be using his docket to fight personal wars especially against Buganda Kingdom yet it has never been the official position of the Lands ministry in general.
Ps. Okalany had to put a speed governor into Mayanja’s activities or else, he would most likely to crush the ministry.

While reopening Wakiso Lands offices which he had closed, Mr. Mayanja took about three minutes insulting Buganda Kingdom and Kabaka’s loyal subjects who are reconstructing Kasubi Tombs which were torched by unknown people, about 11 years ago.
Mayanja said, “Kasubi Tombs, technically speaking is nothing but a burial ground of four departed individuals. Call them Kings, call them emperors, call them anything. They are sheltered in a grass-thatched structure.”
“And you have the audacity to show us, the Mengo group that thatched the structure at night. If you want to go at night, go at night, But why again do you take photographs? Was it meant to show us pictures of people performing rites in the night, in the darkness of the night.” Said Mayanja whose roots are believed to be in Buruuli, Nakasongola.
According to a recorded video which trended on social media, Mayanja who totally looks to be ignorant about the Ganda culture and norms said, “One Hundred and fifty years since Christianity came here, you can still perform those rites in the dark and even take photographs. I condemn it and I think this puts Buganda down.”
Public who interpreted Mayanja’s words as attacks on Buganda Kingdom’s supreme leader Kabaka Mutebi’s recent visit to Kasubi Royal Tombs to perform cultural rites, said this minister has a problem and he needs urgent help.
Mawokota South legislator Counsel Yusuf Nsibambi, refering to this shared video, on 8th October 2021 posted on Buganda Think Tank, a WhatsApp group that,  “I think my learned friend should consult a psychiatrist.”
This week, there was a two-day orientation of all ministers especially for those who are new like Mayanja to be trained on what they are supposed and not supposed to do. President Museveni closed this retreat at Kololo Independence ground.
In our next edition, this news website is going to transcribe what over 200 people posted against Minister Mayanja’s outrageous comments on Kasubi Royal Tombs reconstruction.

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