PHOTO: Kabaka climbing up the roof of the main hut ‘Muzibu Azaala Mpanga’ at Kasubi Tombs to place rings, in performing the ritual


AT 5:00AM on Thursday 30th September 2021, Buganda Kingdom supreme leader His Majesty Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II performed the ritual that starts the final phase of the reconstruction of the Kasubi Royal Tombs which were burnt by unknown people in March 2010. 
Kabaka Mutebi II is the first ever reigning King of Buganda to climb up the roof of the main hut to place these rings ever since Muteesa I was laid to rest under them.
State minister for lands Sam Mayanja who called himself a Muganda, attacked Kabaka for performing this ritual saying Kasubi Tombs is nothing thence condemning its reconstruction. His words were seen as provoking the people of Buganda.
Mayanja’s statement has caused him problems, Kabaka’s subjects demand that President Museveni acts. Members of parliament want him censured.
For starters, the 2010 torched ‘Muzibu Azaala Mpanga’ is the main hut at Kasubi Tombs under which four past Buganda Kings are buried. 
These are; Mukaabya Muteesa I, who initially built it as his palace in 1882, was buried there in 1884. He was followed by Kabaka Basamula Ekkere Mwanga when he died in exile in 1903 and buried at Kasubi in 1910, Daudi Chwa II in 1939 and Sir. Edward Muteesa II in 1971 who is Kabaka Mutebi’s father.

According to Buganda customs, the rituals are performed very early in the morning before day breaks.
In fact, these secret rituals are not supposed to see the light of day or to be witnessed by the public due to their sacrosanctity as the Tombs are also a place of Ganda spirituality. 

On arrival, the 36th King climbed up to the interior on a ladder, reaching the centre of Muzibu Azaala Mpanga ceiling to install three round woven rings in the support structure of the roof. 
Kabaka performed the ritual aided by his nephew, Prince Daudi Chwa, who carried the rings on his head as per the rites.
We are reliably informed, Kabaka did this as the royal drum Bantadde sounded. In Buganda tradition, this drum announces the visit of members of the royal family to the royal tombs. This rhythm is the motto of the royal family: “Bantadde, Bantadde ggwe Ngo ggwe Musota……”  
A pole known as Sserugattika was also fixed in the Tombs under the supervision of the Kabaka. 

The ritual performed by His Majesty Kabaka Mutebi was last performed in 1882 when Kabaka Muteesa I personally put up three rings in the ceiling of his Kasubi Nnabulagala palace as it was being constructed. 
These rings supporting the roof are part of the 52 rings in this Tomb that symbolize the 52 clans of Buganda. 
Reconstruction of this World heritage site, is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. 

Eight days later, State minister for Lands Sam Mayanja used a function of reopening lands office at Wakiso he had illegally closed to utter statements against Buganda’s King and the Kingdom at large, about the reconstruction of Kasubi Tombs and the rituals performed by Kabaka. 

This news Website reproduces unedited Minister Mayanja words;
“Kasubi Tombs, technically speaking is nothing that but a burial ground of four of the departed individuals. Call them Kings, call them emperors, call them anything. They are sheltered in a grash grass-thatched structure.
And you have the audacity to show us, the Mengo group going into that thatched structure at night. And If you want to go at night, go at night, but why again do you take photographs? Not to show us pictures of people performing rites in the night, in the darkness of the night.
One Hundred and fifty years since Christianity came here, you can still do those, perform those heathen rites in the dark and even take photographs. I condemn it and as a Muganda i think it put us very very far down.”

Members of Paliament led by Mukono Municipality legislator Betty Nambooze Bakireke and Lubaga South MP Aloysius Mukasa demand that President Museveni sacks his minister whose words are provocative and may lead to an uprising in Buganda Kingdom.

Nambooze has already launched consultative meetings with fellow MPs to censure Mayanja and insiders say, Buganda caucus has welcomed the move.
“We can’t just look on when some people who also claim to be Baganda are violating our Kingdom. Sam Mayanja, you have started a war which you must finish. We are ready to fight for our Buganda Kingdom.” Nambooze posted on her Facebook page.

Mawokota South legislator Counsel Yusuf Nsibambi, refering to Mayanja’s shared video, on 8th October 2021 posted on Buganda Think Tank, a WhatsApp group that, “I think my learned friend (Sam Mayanja) should consult a psychiatrist.”
Hon. Aloysius Mukasa blamed President Museveni for appointing Mayanja a minister well knowing that he has been having a grudge against Buganda Kingdom for years.
“He is a biased man against our Kabaka and Buganda Kingdom. We used to see his articles in newspapers intending to provoke Kabaka’s subjects. Let Mr. Museveni call to order his minister.” Said MP Aloysius Mukasa. Also click this and read related story TROUBLED MINISTER SAM MAYANJA IN HOT SOUP, LANDS MINISTRY DIRECTS WORKERS AT LANDS OFFICE HE ILLEGALLY SACKED BACK ON DUTY
Mayanja is already in running battles with his bosses at the Lands ministry. Permanent Secretary Ms. Dorcus Okalany has already reversed Mayanja’s orders to suspend workers and Wakiso lands offices and she directed all of them to return back to duty.

On 8th October 2021 a day to celebrations of Uganda’s Independence Kakensa Media shared on his facebook page, Minister Sam Mayanja’s video when he insulted Kabaka and Buganda Kingdom over the reconstruction of Kasubi Royal Tombs.
Here are some of the transcribed responses to Kakensa Media’s popular post and on other media forums;
Ebetta Rs: This guy looks to be disguising as a Muganda. A true Muganda can’t go against his Kingdom ritual, Tradition is what defines us all.
Mayanja Duncan: I am disgusted to see someone who calls himself ‘Mayanja’ speaking like a mad man or a drunkard!!! Dude is so bitter that he can’t even pronounce some words. Where do they get such people? Do they have families because I believe they would atleast talk to him about the words he uses towards Kabaka and Buganda. Mayanja is making bad history, his story will be told just like other stories that targeted Buganda are told.
Sebastian Bakka: I am still shocked he used to work with KAA, a reputable law firm. He might have been among the poorly performing students at the law school. Just listen to his kindergarten thinking.
Kakube Francis: Why do people like Mayanja undermine culture yet it existed even before Christianity?
Kats Delique: When you go deep into foreign religion you realize how foolish we were to actually abandon our culture. It was only brought to tame us and now here we are.. very hopeless.
Joel Muwayi: A Moslem can never lead prayers in a church just like a Priest can’t lead prayers in a mosque. So is he who is not from the Kingship of Buganda, you can never know why things are done that way. What surprised me is that my phone can’t spell the word Buganda beginning with a small letter even in the middle of the sentence. If my phone can respect Buganda how much more then is this person supposed to respect Buganda Kingdom?
Dax Kigozi: Even Jesus was crucified by his own people but he is still feared and praised. No one can erase Buganda’s history. Obote tried but show me where he is? Every generation has it’s own prodigal sons, today it’s Mayanja.
Lizzy Lauryns: Although I am not a Muganda, I don’t see anything wrong with people believing in African culture because that’s us and nothing will change. Anyway if he’s the State minister for lands, then he has nothing to do with ethics and culture, let him mind his business.
Remigious Tebajjwa: Formal education seems not to be any guarantee for good moral conduct. That is why professional organisations, institutes and companies have increasingly issued codes of conduct/ethical guidelines to provide assistance to their members in resolving moral dilemmas. We are continually seeing such educated so called elites uttering nosense in public…Sometimes you wonder how they got these jobs without being screened first. Mbu doctor… This is why we are moving backwards because of people like him holding public offices.
Luyambi Geofrey: And (President) Museveni gave him authority to do what he is doing. May be he doesn’t know history but we shall teach him what Buganda is to us.
Eddie Batista Sevume: He is failing to do works under his jurisdiction…. let him stay in his lane.
Busulwa Dennis Samson: Paid to demean Buganda establishment. But so sorry to him, Buganda is a strong institution that can’t be shaken by ill thinking individuals like himself. You might even be surprised that he’s not a Muganda like he claims to be. Despite his loose utterances, the institution won’t be diverted off its administrative rights.
Buyondo Ogah: Mbu in a dark….but some of Museveni’s ministers! Even a P2 drop out can speak English fluently than this minister!
Prince Henry Jjemba Mayanja: Shame on you Mayanja. You have undressed yourself. You can’t insult Buganda and move away with it. Ask Alintuma Nsambu. Mayanja you won’t be forgotten and forgiven. Even president Museveni respects cultural norms, who are you? Waiting for your downfall.
Kakube Francis: So sad indeed! Imagine he’s talking about Christianity of 150 years yet our culture existed before Christianity came. Sometimes I wonder whether we as Africans still have anything that we take as gold that will make us proud to show the grand kids. It would be our culture but see how the Mayanjas are fighting it!
Ssaka Mark: But all along you know some people are cheap and paid to weaken Mengo but in vain! Who on earth can destroy culture? Even the whites have their culture. And you look at this minister totally arrogant about Buganda. 
Sherinah Awori: I am not a Muganda but surely countless times we paid for trips in school to visit these amazing royal Tombs. 
Sometimes I feel certain people lost it all, they are not living in Uganda.
Jon Junior: On behalf of Baganda, i have sold Dr. Mayanja and his family to the Western region. Installments are allowed, price negotiable.
Siliva Nyemere: You bloody hell minister don’t dare try to undermine people’s cultures. If you are born again, stay in your lane.  Karimojongs walk naked because that’s their culture and it’s ok  its so long as they have not interfeared with someone’s belief. Go and ask Esther Mbayo why she was dumped after attacking Catholic Church. Mayanja stop your excitement.
Medi Mutoto: Mbu in a dark at night! Hahahaha! this Minister’s English, though. Is there a light night? Just asking.
Stanley Sebwalunyo: We need to ignore Mayanja. Just dancing on some one’s tunes. Speaking rubbish on Buganda’s independence day. 
David Mukasa: I can’t believe that his real name is Mayanja! Totally a disgrace! No situation is permanent, all these barbarians will be gone soon.
Monique Zimzim: Let him go back to his UPE school and master English language. Surely there’s a difference between grass and grash! Out of excitement that sheltered in grash! 
Hafswa Mikal: His accent is enough to tell where he comes from. We have them holding our kiganda names, some were named at birth yet they ain’t Baganda some are getting them now to work for the Junta disguising as a Muganda. The kind of hatred he displays towards Baganda like seriously no Muganda can do such. The way he loves to put an emphasis on “as Muganda” says a lot but whatsoever, nothing will work.
Muweesi Hannington: This is an unfortunate statement. For those of you and the Police who have been asking Who burnt Tombs,  i think the responsible people are now bringing themselves out. I also warn and advise our beloved leaders in Mengo to take note of that statement from that enemy. In other words extra security should be accorded to this UNESCO heritage site, other wise the enemy is ranting  and ready to destroy it again.
Kerena Lola: Buganda has been known to have enemies in and out. These enemies have always united to fight Buganda but in vain. British had gathered to fight off Luganda. They introduced Swahili and English over Luganda but lost it!
Clever Mulowoza: Hatred destroys a human soul. It is worse when you are a public figure. Any time you reach that level of hatred, better ask God to take you. Buganda is a rock, many including the British tried to fight it but has always survived. Obote thought that by exiling Ssekabaka Edward Muteesa II, he had abolished Buganda Kingdom. We fought and restored it. So leave Mayanja alone, he will be ok.
Kats Derique: He is even not eloquent in his speech, one might think he has High blood pressure the way he talks..nothing sensible has come out of his mouth in that clip. I mean for a Muganda man that’s if he is to say such…and to give praise to the white culture is nothing but a shame on him and his lineage. For those who have travelled, you can see how whites and Asians put value in their cultures.
Joel Muwayi: A Moslem can never lead prayers in church just like a Priest can’t lead prayers in a Mosque. Mayanja is not from Kingship of Buganda. He will never know why things are done that way.
Mukuye Herman: I am even lacking words to describe this man. Buganda is my identity and am proud to be one. What offends most of us, that individual is bragging to be called Mayanja, an affliation to a Mutima clan to which I belong. I really feel disgusted. Long live my Kabaka.
Nelson Mpagi: He would be right if he was saying that in a Christian church and preaching to the converted since his bashing is premised on Christianity which brands such practices paganic. But what he forgets, Uganda is not a Christian country. He proudly goes around with the title doctor for which I am not sure if he is a medical doctor. If he is just a learned doctor, then those were unfortunate remarks and inappropriate for a government minister who is supposed to serve both Christians and non Christians. These words will certainly come to haunt him many years from now.
Nnakanjakko Hellen: Who tells you Mayanja is a Muganda?
Bryan Mg: Kabaka once warned us to be careful about  those who pretend to be Baganda yet they are on a mission of abolishing Kingdom territories. Mayanja is one of them. 
Bolt Gyaagenda Alexander Chard: This man has crossed lanes. Buganda government has to do something, it’s too much
Yusuf Gitta: His ending will be worse, trust me he can not win this battle against the mighty Buganda Kingdom
Kirabo Kharel TT: Then I wonder how we can even celebrate independence when most of us are still under slavery
Asiimwe Edith: This Mayanja has a problem. This man’s family should take him to Butabika before it is too late. He has totally lost it. 
Semambo Edith: I would love to see his children
Amos Chalie: I can’t sketch him out, what exactly is he trying to say.
Sarah Damulira: He is just trying to say NONSENSE, that’s it.
Nsubuga Davis: But again who forced him to speak English?
Kisitu Kimuli: I was trying to figure out what language he was speaking but couldn’t understand it.
Edward Mayega: He doesn’t sound like a lawyer. He sounds like a drunkard illiterate man. 
Sebastian Bakka: This guy is wazzock! He is greedy and might be having psychiatric issues. He doesn’t even sound like a lawyer from KAA. He sounds like a matooke seller in Kalerwe…He is so ignorant my God! Christianity as you said, came and found us here. Do you think before the missionaries came there were no people that stayed here without practicing it? You sound like those that claim John Speke discovered River Nile as if we had no people here before he came to claim it. What you saw, was done in the wee hours of the morning just before sunset and not in the night like your parochial mind tells you. It has been always done like that just like you claim being a Muganda. Before your wedding day in your Christian Church, in the morning, the Baganda perform ‘Kaasuze Katya function’s in the wee hours of the morning before sunset.
The groom’s family visits the bride’s family and carry along s few items then leave and go back to prepare for Church or Mosque or any other way they choose to wed. The Kasuze Katya simply signifies that the bride is ready and slept well through the night. Mayanja must be ignorant about this.
Hasifah Nalule: And who told you, Christianity is a must?
Musisi Frank HP: Time heals. We shall see who will last longer, either him or the Kingdom.
Sarah Muganda: No Muganda can talk like this.
Najjemba Juliana: He will get heart attack while fighting Buganda. Look at the way he is breathing.
Ayebazibwe Clarence Kateeba: Completely defeating his purpose of sitting infront of some blackboards.
Aisha Namirembe: English, leave so called Mayanja alone. Mayanja leave our culture and mind your business. If you hate Kiganda culture, go and hang in peace.
Appelez-moi Kizza: Now I believe that, serving “Some people” in this country is a curse 
Richard Kisolo: And imagine he uses our name
Mawanda Fahard: Someone will one day regret this cheap popularity. Asirise teyejjusa.
Lutaaya Alex: Get you facts right…it was 5:00am sir.
Moses Jingo: Even if it was 2:00am, was he invited?
John Wamala: The guy is so bitter bannange. There is something more and deeper to this reaction.
Eric Exquisite Selecta: This kind of idiocy, sometimes makes me think our generation is charmed. Some things don’t add up.
Kay DeBans: This one is full of hatred! He calls them heathen…God help this African Man’s head.
Che: At first I gave this man a benefit of doubt, but I have come to conclusion that he is sick.Wish he was a Muganda like he claims, would have respect for the throne. 
Charles Marie: Ku lumbe tekubula musiwuufu. It is our saying.
Honeyfah: But the minister is out of order. He ought to respect people’s culture even when he disagrees with it. He has to apologise to Buganda and the country at large. Uganda has many tribes with all sorts of culture. But you don’t come out like that to criticize them. Such people suffer from arrivalism. 
Victor Kiweewa: Refer Mayanja to the likes of Alintuma Nsambu to take him through what befalls those who insults Kabaka and Buganda Kingdom. He is totally nothing.

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