PHOTO: A man identified as Bukya who was beaten to pulp by Kigaba’s men when him and others were attacked in their house at night. Case was reported at police but nothing was done.


ALOYSIUS Kigaba Bukenya who we recently reported about trespassing on the land owned by Kampala businessman Haji Ibrahim Lumu with impunity, his days of taking the law in his hands are now numbered!
Goons including his three children that he has been using to batter residents with pangas have been identified and they are set to pay for their sins.
This news website can exclusively report that, the office of the President has picked interest and is closely following this matter in which Haji Lumu and other residents petitioned President Museveni, accusing Aloysius Kigaba Bukenya and his sons of grabbing his land, beating up residents and grazing his animals in people’s gardens yet Luweero Police bosses are keeping a closed eye. 
Residents pin Kigaba on evicting them from their land and grabbing it by force saying, whenever they run to Luweero police for help, it instead turns guns against the victims, they get arrested and a big number of them, it is comming to a full year when they are still rotting in cells.

Among those arrested, are the people working on Haji Lumu’s farm on which Kigaba trespasses and by press time, he was illegally fencing off part of this land he has no ownership over!
Authorities have kept on demanding that Kigaba produces documetary evidence showing ownership of the land he claims to be his, something he has totally failed to abide with.
His people are instead attacking residents at night, beat, batter and torture them so that they run away from their land and he takes it away. Luweero police is aware of this but Kigaba and his men, who brag around to be connected, are untouchable.
On Kigaba producing proof that he is the rightful owner of the said land, we have been however informed that, he doesn’t posses even a single document. He is only misinforming Luweero police that he owns this land which also shieldes him as he torments the rightful owners of the land. 
Now residents have vowed to demonstrate and fight for themselves is Police has decided to side with Kigaba to evict them from their land.
A few days ago, residents living in Kyampologoma village, Nakasejere zone, Kamira sub county in Luweero district ran to police for their dear lives saying how they were living in fear after Kigaba threatened to evict them from their land.
Led by businessman Haji Lumu, residents revealed that Kigaba is grazing his animals in their gardens which eat their food crops and whenever they complain about this, he turns a deaf ear.
“We are tired of Kigaba’s impunity. For a number of times, we have reported him to Luweero police but all in vain. He boasts around about how he is untouchable. As residents, we can not tolerate this any more.” Haji Lumu, together with a group of residents told police officials who had visited the affected villages on a fact finding mission.
Residents asked police to act professionally and call Kigaba and his agents to order before they are tempted to fight for themselves and protect their land from this sturbon man.

During this meeting, businessman Lumu noted how money magnet Kigaba is bragging of bribing police officers and that no court of law can manage him because he is rich.
“Even if you report or file any case against him or his agents, no arrests are made. That is why we decided to seek help from the President.” Said Haji Lumu.
The land with wrangles is measuring 221 acres and residents say that they have been leaving peacefully on their land for years until Kigaba moved in to grab it.
One of the police officers identified as Lule applauded residents for being peaceful, not involving in any violent acts thus vowing to work tooth and nail to ensure that the matter is settled.
Land wrangles in Uganda are common now days and they are being mostly done in Buganda region.

All started with Haji Ibrahim Lumu refusing to sell his land to Kigaba Aloysius Bukenya who had offered to buy it. Haji Lumu excused himself saying his land wasn’t for sale. It is said, Kigaba then chose to use force and connections to grab Haji Lumu’s land.
Lumu says, “Whenever Kigaba’s goons attack my people, they cut them with pangers and demolish my houses. During the recent 42 days Covid-19 lock down, he grabbed a piece of my land and built on it a two roomed house. I have reported this matter at Luweero Police Station where I have not received any help. I highly suspect that the police officers also fear him or have been compromised in a way. They just look on as him and his workers continue to terrorise people they find at my farm.” 

Lumu lodged a complaint to PSU at Kireka about the conduct of Luweero Police but by the time he decided to run to officials in President’s office, he had not been helped.
According to investigations carried out at the Ministry of Lands Luweero zonal office Bukalasa, it was discovered how the white page was tempered with, white washed and the true land owner’s name fidgeted with, to indicate that late Mikayiri Kalibwamu who sold this land to late Matayo Mpanga Kibimbo grand father to Haji Ibrahim Lumu was actually the owner of the land.
Lumu’s father, late Kafumbe was the heir to Matayo Mpanga Kibimbo.
This was a typical fraud since Mikayiri had sold land to Matayo Mpanga as far back as 1930 and the two are dead.
“I advised that the file be taken to Kampala to ascertain how a dead person resurrected to re-own the land he sold about 90 years ago. Bukalasa land Registrar agreed with us in the presence of Haji Lumu’s lawyers to bring the file to Kampala.” Princess Namirembe Bwanga, an official from State House who intervened to follow up this matter.

At Kampala, Mr. Karuhanga, the land commissioner advised that Lumu’s lawyer writes a letter requesting for the cancellation of the tempered with land title and reinstate the true owners.

Originally, Mikayiri Kalibwami had 342 acres. He sold off 20 acres to a one Bafiirawala Muganga and another 20 acres to a one Awakulennume.
He remained with about 304 acres and when Mikayiri Kalibwami in 1930s, sold this land to Matayo Mpaga Kibimbo, title shows ownership continuity to the new owner (Matayo Mpanga Kibimbo) grand father to Haji Ibrahim Lumu.
Matayo Mpanga distributed his land amongst his children leaving out 62 acres for himself and his successors.
Each of his three girls got land. Luci Mwenyango got 69.60 acres, Esteri Nambi got 20 which is Block 488 plot 8 and Lukia Bansuna got 70 acres. Plot 11 is the land for Bansuna and Mwenyango.
About 80 acres are said to be occupied by a one Musoke Ssalongo and Haji Lumu says, he is not aware how this one came to own part of their Land.
Lumu got letters of adminstration for his two aunties, Lukia Bansuna and Luci Mwenyango. The original plot 9 became plot 10 which is the land for successors. 

Aloysius Bukenya Kigaba owns land near Haji Lumu’s land. Kigaba took over his grand father Nkwanga’s land on plot 5.

On 30th September 2019, Musan Associates wrote to the The Registrar Bukalasa, Luweero Lands introducing Mr. Lumu Ibrahim as the Administrator of the Estate of Lukia Bansuna, Lusi Mwenyango and Esteri Nambi of Kaswa Bulemeezi.
Lawyers Said, “We act for and on behalf of our client Mr. Lumu Ibrahim the administrator of the above captioned Estate with instructions, we introduce him to you.”
Letter says that Mr. Lumu is the administrator of the Estate of the Late Matayo Mpanga, whose daughters are Esteri Nambi, Lukia Bansuna and Lusi Mwenyango.
That sometimes, a one Kigaba Aloysius Bukenya approached Lumu Ibrahim and informed him about the Estate land in issue belonging to his predecessors.
That at the time having been told by Kigaba, Lumu Ibrahim made a follow up and approached the registrar in Bukalasa land office a one Koreta at the time. Our client was told that he can not be given any document for lack of authority ( Letters of Administration).
Having acquired the letters of Administration, Lumu Ibrahim went back to Bukalasa and found out that the blue pages were available, that is to say, Esteri Nambi, Lukia Bansuna and Lusi Mwenyango all being derived from the same MRV 103/12.
However, when he opted to process the titles of the same, he was told that the blue pages of Lukia Bansuna and Lucia Mwenyango were missing, and that the only one present was that of Esteri Nambi.
Mr. Lumu struggled to acquire title of the land belonging to the successor of Matayo Mpanga whereof he is the administrator vid Block 488 Plot 4 Kaswa Luweero. 
We therefore request your authority to authorise Mr. Lumu Ibrahim open boundaries and acquire a survey report to allow him process for the land title belonging to the Estate which is plot 11 as the residue left. We await for your cooperation and quick response with regard to the same. 
On 11th March 2020, lawyers of Musan Associates wrote to the The Commissioner Lands about the Area schedule vid 103/12 of Kaswa Bulemeezi. It was received on 12 March 2020.
The letter reads, “Reference is made to the above subject matter. We write to you with regard to the issues discussed verbally in your office with regard to the same.That you requested for an area schedule of the same so as to enable you conduct an investigation and make a bolstered decision in reference to the missing blue pages of Lukia Bansuna and Ruth Mwenyango.”
“We therefore request you through your office to respond accordingly by allowing our client process the title of the missing blue pages. Hope our request shall be put into your consideration.” Wrote Musan Associates 
On 17th August 2021, Musan Associates acting on the instructions of Lumu Ibrahim the administrator of the Estate of Lukia Bunsana and Luci Mwenyango, wrote to the Registrar Bukalasa Land Office requesting for research of Block No. 488 plot 11 at Kaswa Bulemeezi in Luweero. They wanted to ascertain the status of the above captioned plot. They wanted this office to provide them with an official search letter thereafter.
On the same day, the same lawyers wrote to the Registrar Land Bukalasa, Re: Complaint on Block 488 plot 11 at Kaswa Bulemeezi in Luweero district.
We act for and on behalf of Lumu Ibrahim on whose instructions we address you as follows:
That the above captioned number is derived from MRV 299 Folio 9.
That on the 27th July 2020, a detailed area schedule was issued with information reflecting plot 11 as residue.
That it was reflected in the same area schedule that Lukia Bansuna and Luci Mwenyango are entitled to survey from plot 9, from which the residue is generated. 
That Mr. Lumu is the administrator of the Estate of Matayo Mpanga, Lukia Bansuna and Luci Mwenyango.
That Mr. Lumu Ibrahim acquired title plot 10 in 2016 as the successor of Matayo Mpanga as reflected by the MRV title. 
That Mr. Lumu is in the process of acquiring the title of Lukia Bansuna and Luci Mwenyango respectively.
That given the comprehensive distribution of land as indicated in the MRV, Mikali Kalibwame having been the first proprietor ceased to have part or any of the Estate whatsoever as reflected in the MRV.
That our client was surprised having been  told that plot 11 as residue belongs to Mikari Kalibwame and that title to the whole residue was issued in 2018 as indicated by the district staff surveyor. Whereof, we verily believe that this was fraudulent transaction that took place without our client’s knowledge.
That when you add up the Estate of Lukia Bansuna and Luci Mwenyango, it automatically adds up to the total hectares (56.4) as indicated in the area schedule.
We therefore request for the following;
1) The permission be granted to survey the said residue conducted by a surveyor.
2) Cancellation of the title of Block 488 plot 11 that was fraudulently acquired/issued in 2018. 
3) That title to the respective Estates be processed and issued to the administrator of both estates.
On 18th August 2021, Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban development, Luweero Ministry Zonal office wrote to Musan Associates about statement of search of Bulemeezi Block 488 plot 11 as at 18th August 2021.
The following entries appeared on the Title register;
Area: 56.4000 hectares 
Owner: Mikaeri Kalibwani of Kaswa registered on 1st October 2018 at 9:24 am under instrument no. BUK174279
Incumberance/s:  None
“It is for you to satisfy yourself that this land is the property of the person whom you are interested in and not of someone else of the same name.” Wrote Jamirah Lunkuse, Registrar of Titles, for commissioner land Registration.

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